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By Chris Kaltenbach | July 31, 1997
What if Elvis Presley had stayed Elvis Presley and never become Elvis, the Vegas headliner who frittered away gobs of talent to become a kitsch icon? That's the question asked in "Heartbreak Hotel" (noon-2 p.m., USA), a surprisingly effective little film that's purely, and unabashedly, a fantasy.David Keith plays Elvis, and the plot has him kidnapped by high-schooler Johnny Wolfe (Charlie Schlatter), who's convinced a real-life encounter with Elvis is the only thing that will shake his mom (Tuesday Weld)
By Dan Morse and Dan Morse,SUN STAFF | February 13, 1996
An article in yesterday's Howard County edition inaccurately reported that a new library is to be built on Cradlerock Way in East Columbia. In fact, that library opened in 1994, but the county still faces litigation expenses stemming from the project.The Sun regrets the error.Cameras perched on traffic lights to snap pictures of people who run red lights. More jogging and bicycle paths. A new library in East Columbia.In years past, Howard County could afford these and other proposed projects that were discussed at a Planning Board hearing last night.
By DAN RODRICKS | September 5, 1994
Anybody want to buy a boat? And not just any boat, either, but a ferry that traversed the Chesapeake BTB (Before The Bridge). The Governor Harry W. Nice, built in Baltimore in 1938 and assigned to Chesapeake crossings until the early 1950s, is sitting out in the state of Washington, dark, locked up and for sale.The 207-foot-long ferry was sold for $226,000 by the Maryland State Roads Commission in 1953 to Washington. It was one of a handful of Chesapeake ferryboats sold off that year. One went to a Venezuelan company, another to a transport business on Lake Champlain.
Heard much talk lately about Maryland's ''Saturday Night Special'' law? Can you recall a lot of discussion on how the law has contributed to the reduction of violent crime in this state? Probably not.No such reticence characterized supporters of the law when it was placed on a state referendum in 1988. One Sun editorial said that the law ''would make ours a model state insofar as dealing with the special threat of the Saturday Night Special.'' In a column, Barry Rascovar put it bluntly: ''Get rid of the Saturday Night Special and the crime rate should fall.
By GEORGE F. WILL | November 25, 1993
Seattle. -- In October 1900, when this was a raw town of 80,000, across the continent in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a Harvard philosopher, George Santayana, addressed an undergraduate literary club, delivering a pointed poem, ''Young Sam's First Wild Oats,'' which began:Mid Uncle Sam's expanded acresThere's an old, secluded gladeWhere gray Puritans and QuakersStill grow fervid in the shade;And the same great elms and beechesThat once graced the ancestral farm,Bending...
By Amy L. Miller and Mary Gail Hare and Amy L. Miller and Mary Gail Hare,Staff Writers | December 21, 1992
Everybody had a Christmas wish.Commissioner Donald I. Dell said he was hoping, but didn't expect, the county would receive a "nice big present from the state.""Something to lift our fiscal restraint," he said.For himself, however, Mr. Dell had more altruistic desires."When you get to my age, you stop wishing for material things," he said. "I want to have a nice time with my family and enjoy my children and grandchildren. And, I want everyone in the county and across the country to have a very happy holiday."
By PETER SCHMUCK | February 2, 1992
The Baltimore Orioles are playing a dangerous game with MVP shortstop Cal Ripken, and the stakes are getting higher.It is no secret that Ripken is about to enter the final year of his contract. It is no secret that he was the Most Valuable Player in the American League last year and is the most valuable person in the Orioles organization.It also is no secret that the price of doing business in baseball has gone through the roof, which is why no one laughs when you hear talk that Ripken will become the game's first $7 million man.There really is only one secret, and it is being kept by the Orioles, who are at a loss to explain why they have let the Ripken contract situation back up almost to spring training.
By Thomas Easton and Thomas Easton,New York Bureau of The Sun | June 18, 1991
NEW YORK -- If you think money is scarce now, wait until you retire.That's the message from Merrill Lynch, which, as the nation's largest brokerage, has a vested interest in solving the problem by encouraging more investments in stocks and bonds.Merrill projects that the number of elderly living in or near the government-designated poverty level ($7,500 in 1989 dollars) will grow from 6.1 million today to 7.8 million in two decades, creating "indigence on a scale previously unseen in the United States."
January 31, 1991
Wishful thinking on abortionIn your Jan. 24 editorial, you asked: "What is abortion, if not a last resort when birth control has failed?" More than 50 percent of all abortions are second, third and subsequent abortions. That sounds to me like abortion being used as birth control.The statement, "If a young woman is old enough to make decisions to become sexually active, she is old enough to decide how to handle the consequences of the choice," is totally wishful thinking and just not true.
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