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March 2, 1993
POLICE LOG* Town Center: 10500 block of Little Patuxent Parkway: Someone broke the passenger window on a 1987 Nissan 300ZX between 8:45 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Thursday, and stole several items including a $25 purple gym bag, an $80 pair of purple Nike shoes and two T-shirts valued at $10 each.* Hickory Ridge: 6500 block of Freetown Road: Someone stole $235 in cash, an $800 video camera and a $780 video camera from the coaches' locker room at Atholton High School between Feb. 18 and 4 p.m. Wednesday.
By Mary Gail Hare, The Baltimore Sun | February 17, 2011
An Edgewood man was sentenced to 40 years in prison Thursday after he pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault of a 4-year-old Harford County girl who lived in a house where he was temporarily residing. Jhugh Joshua Metcalf, 28, was charged in November 2009. The assaults took place in the girl's bedroom from October to November of 2009, according to court papers. Harford County Circuit Judge William O. Carr sentenced Metcalf to a total of 60 years, with 20 years suspended.
By Michael Hill | October 22, 1990
Even if it were a mediocre film, you would want to give NBC's "Extreme Close-Up" some sort of critical pat on the back. It's not often that the networks venture onto even semi-experimental turf, and such journeys need encouragement.But, it's easy to praise "Extreme Close-Up," which will be on Channel 2 (WMAR) tonight at 9 o'clock, because along with its cutting-edge mixture of film and videotape and its impressionistic montage of images that mix up time and place, this film delivers solid drama and genuine emotional impact.
By New York Times | July 8, 1991
NEW YORK -- After her husband had been knocked out of his wheelchair and robbed of his video camera, and after her son had chased after the thief, all Paulette Pastre could scream was, "Parlez-vous francais?"Fortunately for Pastre, a French tourist on the final day of a weeklong vacation in New York City, a police car happened to be passing by. And fortunately, Officer Samuel Joseph-Pauline happened to be inside."Oui," said Joseph-Pauline, a nine-year police veteran whose parents came to this country from Martinique and who grew up speaking French.
By Algerina Perna and Algerina Perna,Sun Photographer | October 14, 2007
At 7:30 last Sunday morning, the 10-story Mercy Medical Center parking garage that filled nearly a block at the northwest corner of Calvert and Pleasant Streets in downtown Baltimore vanished behind great billowing clouds of ivory dust to the accompaniment of a jarring series of percussive blasts. A few minutes later, when the air had cleared, the garage was gone, reduced to a massive heap of broken concrete, twisted steel and mangled wire destined to be cleared to make way for construction of a new hospital building.
By Algerina Perna and Algerina Perna,Sun Photographer | December 16, 2007
When I got a positive answer to my request to photograph the annual holiday lighting of the historic Washington Monument in Mount Vernon and the spectacular display of fireworks that accompanied it, I was both excited and a little apprehensive. The pressure was on to record this Charm City ritual for the front page on deadline, and to shoot video for The Sun's Web site. I set up a tripod for the still camera in an 11th-floor room at the Peabody Court Hotel at the west side of Mount Vernon Square, an often-used vantage point for photographing the monument.
ROME - Five men in the northern Italian city of Bologna were arrested after their behavior inside a basilica aroused police officers' suspicions that they were plotting a terrorist attack, Italian law enforcement officials said yesterday. The men, who were arrested Monday morning, included four Moroccans, according to the officials. Police at the San Petronio Basilica, which is one of Italy's Gothic treasures, had been on alert because it contains a fresco with a depiction of the prophet Muhammad among demons in hell that has drawn complaints from Muslims.
April 6, 1995
Three men were arrested on narcotics charges Tuesday morning after police stopped their car, authorities said.Officers Brian Fleig and Anthony Tortorici saw a 1984 Ford Tempo with 15-day inspection tags heading west on Route 100 about 12:35 a.m. They stopped the car near the Oakwood Road rTC exit and asked the driver and two passengers to get out of the car, police said.One of the men jumped over the guardrail and tried to escape, police said. Officer Fleig caught him and found a bag of cocaine hanging from his left pocket, police said.
By Bill Husted and Bill Husted,Bill Husted writes for the Atlanta Journal Constitution | August 13, 2001
ROBERT HARDIN is a special agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. When he goes out these days, he is careful to look over his shoulder. He's seen his share of bad guys. So there's nothing wrong with a little caution. But, Hardin isn't so worried about a gunman. Instead, he's concerned about the growth of do-it-yourself spy equipment that ranges from wireless cameras to audio bugs to phone-tap equipment. Maybe you should be looking over your shoulder, too. If you use the Web, there's almost no way you could avoid seeing ads for the X10 wireless spy camera, being sold for $ 79.95.
By Carol Kleiman and Carol Kleiman,Chicago Tribune | March 30, 1992
Everyone knows men's rooms in offices and factories nationwide rank even higher than golf courses as the place where some of the best business deals are made. Many women believe if they could only get in the men's room, they would be well on their way to running the company -- or the world.But in the 1990s, the women's room also is becoming known as an important facility for the exchange of information among female members of the staff.The fact is, in our competitive society, washroom facilities for women and men are more than what they seem.
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