By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun | July 21, 2010
Five boaters spent hours stranded in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay after their 14-foot power boat capsized Saturday, floating in the water before they were rescued by the crew of a sailboat returning from a regatta. Though a child on board was wearing a life preserver, none of the other passengers were. The boaters broke no laws, but state officials said the incident should serve as a reminder that everyone is safer when wearing a life vest. Jose Reyes and four others were aboard the 1967 Appleby returning to Sandy Point State Park when a large wave caught their boat, causing it to flip around 9 p.m. Saturday, said Sgt. Art Windemuth of the Department of Natural Resources Police.
By Paula Yoo and Paula Yoo,Seattle Times | January 14, 1993
V is for versatility ... and for vest.The vest has become the new must-have basic staple in any wardrobe. Forget those stiff three-piece suits that almost made the vest obsolete.Say good-bye to the severely cut, menswear-only vest of yesteryear. Today's vests mix '70s menswear with '60s bohemia, and are popular among both men and women."A vest makes an individual statement," said Kristin Flor, co-manager of The Limited at Westlake. "Each one has different patterns, added-on accessories. It's much more versatile."
By Peter Hermann and Peter Hermann,Sun Staff Writer | December 5, 1994
The city police union, prompted by a Park Heights billboard that advertised bulletproof vests, wants to make it illegal for most Baltimore residents to own or sell body armor.The Fraternal Order of Police said it was outraged by the $H billboard, which carried a toll-free number and touted vests as "life insurance for the '90s." The sale of bulletproof vests should be limited to ensure that criminals are not as well protected as police, the union said."They are kidding themselves if they think the average citizen is going to spend hundreds of dollars for body armor so they can go stand on a corner and wait for a bus," said FOP President Gary McLhinney, who asserts that the ad was aimed at drug dealers.
By New York Times News Service | April 15, 1993
When vests were first taken up by women, they were designed pretty much as a novelty item. Either they were patterned after those worn by men or, more often, they were made more shapely and decorated with bows, medallions, dangling pins and such.Now simplified, with the frills removed, it is made in every fabric and every length from midriff to mid-calf.These new vests function like a jacket or even a coat. But because they are sleeveless and usually only fasten -- if at all -- with a button or tie at the breast, they are lightweight and floaty, a perfect component in today's fluid silhouettes.
By Jim Henneman and Jim Henneman,Staff Writer | May 20, 1992
There's a theory in baseball (if it wasn't written by Earl Weaver, he certainly was a believer) that if you play for one run that's usually all you get.John Oates played that theory for double its value last night and got what he wanted, temporarily at least. He played for two runs in order to get close to the Oakland A's, but that was all he got.The end result was a 5-3 loss, the third in a row for the Orioles, matching their longest losing streak of the young season. They managed to remain in first place by a half-game because Toronto lost for the fifth straight time.
By Jules Witcover | June 20, 2003
WASHINGTON - In the hotel corridor outside a meeting of the New Democrat Network the other day, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, as slim and erect in a dark blue suit as he was in his four-starred uniform, chatted easily as he awaited his turn to address the pointedly partisan group. I asked the former supreme NATO commander and leader of U.S. forces in Kosovo whether his appearance was a tip-off on his party affiliation, which so far he has resolutely declined to declare in so many words. He smiled and said benignly, "I'm just here to give my ideas."
August 7, 2008
This year, The Sun will ramp up its live blogging from the Virgin Mobile Festival with six writers on the scene for the music, the masses and, maybe, some mayhem. Look for dispatches from Pimlico Race Course starting Saturday afternoon at Rashod Ollison The Sun's pop music critic for the past five years, Rashod has covered the Virgin Fest since its start in 2006. This year, Rashod will be back in the hot and dusty Pimlico infield reviewing headliners like Kanye West and Foo Fighters.
Gus G. Sentementes | October 10, 2012
Imagine a world where you feel the "likes" of your Facebook friends on your body? It's one vision of a future in wearable computing, in the form of a vest that inflates to squeeze your body with a "hug" each time someone "Likes" your Facebook status update, photo or video. The smarty-pants students at the MIT Media Lab, along with students at Harvard, designed a "wearable social media vest, according to the They call it the "Like-A-Hug" vest, and it was created for a class project.
By Dan Rodricks, The Baltimore Sun | April 21, 2013
A preliminary report on the deaths of two anglers on the opening day of the Chesapeake Bay rockfish season says all six persons aboard the boat that capsized off Point Lookout had life vests, but not all wore them, according to the Maryland Natural Resources Police. David Fletcher, 43, and David Chase, 55, both of Lexington Park in Southern Maryland, died Saturday morning when a friend's fishing boat took on water and capsized. Four persons, including the owner-operator of the boat, were rescued.
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