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July 23, 1991
Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration of the Department of Transportation recently has increased fees.The most significant increasewill be the renewal of a driver's license, which is good for a four-year period.The cost will be $16.
By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun | October 20, 2012
The two men wore body armor with "POLICE" written across the chest and spilled out of their unmarked car, weapons drawn, ordering Christopher Dukes and his passenger out of their vehicle at a South Baltimore gas station parking lot. When Dukes pulled off, they embarked on a high-speed chase down Interstate 295 until catching up and placing the pair under arrest, charging documents show. Then it was time for the real police to take over. The men in the body armor were not Baltimore police officers or federal agents, but instead a little-known classification of security guards known as "special police," who are commissioned by the city or state to arrest and detain citizens - but only on specific properties.
November 12, 1997
The state Motor Vehicle Administration in Glen Burnie has expanded operator-assisted hours for customers.The hours of the Customer Service Center are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays.The toll-free number for Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington is 1-800-950-1MVA; for Glen Burnie residents, 410-768-7000.Pub Date: 11/12/97
By Rebecca Huppman and The Baltimore Sun | March 19, 2014
You've flipped through the magazines, you've set up wedding boards on Pinterest -- and you've maybe even watched a wedding reality show or two (it's OK; we all do it). Four months after my big day, I'm here to give you the rundown on the things that no one will tell you about getting your big day together. You can't do it all It's OK to ask for help. In fact, it's necessary for your sanity. My crafty crew helped with everything from making chocolate-covered pretzels and hand-painting table numbers to constructing paper flowers and tracking down 6-inch white, unscented pillar candles.
By Jessica Valdez and Jessica Valdez,SUN STAFF | August 21, 2003
Rattling off bids in a singsong chant, auctioneer Tom Henline moved along a line of impounded vehicles yesterday followed by a swarm of bidders, each clutching a small scrap of paper imprinted with a number. "Show me the number! Show me the number!" he said after each successful bid as Pied Piper-like he led the buyers to the next car for sale near the Pulaski Highway impound lot. With Henline, a West Virginian, doing the rapid-fire hawking, Baltimore officials offered a record number of cars, minivans, and trucks, more than 900, in two auctions.
By Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun | August 1, 2011
Imagine showing off your new car to friends and family only to get a call from the dealer — sometimes weeks later — saying your financing has fallen through. You're given the option of returning the car or signing a new sales agreement with terms that are likely less favorable. If you're like many buyers, consumer lawyers say, you will be too embarrassed to send the car back and opt to pay more instead. Consumer lawyers call this yo-yo financing, when dealers let buyers leave with a car and then reel them in again to say the agreement has changed.
BY A SUN STAFF WRITER | January 21, 2004
Branch offices of the state Motor Vehicle Administration could not complete some transactions for about an hour yesterday morning because a glitch kept them from connecting with the agency's mainframe computer, officials said. The glitch was the result of a software update over the weekend and was discovered when branch offices opened at 8:30 a.m. yesterday. The problem was fixed and the system was back up by 9:35. MVA offices were shut down for a day in August when the agency's computers crashed because of a computer virus.
April 3, 1994
Rosemarie C. Critcher, a 1991 graduate of Towson State University, won the 1992 Graduate Voice Competition, which provides a full-tuition music scholarship for a master's degree in voice pedagogy-computer voice at the Westminster Choir College in Princeton, N.J. She was also selected by the college to sing in the 40-member Westminster Choir.*Michael Eder of Bel Air, an instructor with the Office of Business and Employee Training at Anne Arundel Community College, received the outstanding instructor award for developing a complete curriculum for personal computer training for the Motor Vehicle Administration.
By Tricia Bishop | January 9, 2009
MVA employee indicted in illegal IDs production A federal grand jury yesterday indicted a Motor Vehicle Administration employee on charges that she illegally produced and transferred multiple Maryland driver's licenses for profit while she worked at the Glen Burnie branch. If convicted, Tenisha Byrd, who lives in Edgewood, faces a maximum of 15 years in federal prison. According to the indictment, the 25-year-old scanned in other people's driver test results when making the phony documents, which she exchanged for cash and unidentified "services."
February 2, 2011
Gov. Martin O'Malley thinks that if you don't pay taxes, you shouldn't get an auto license ( "Driver's licenses, vehicle registrations may be denied over owed taxes," Feb. 2). Result: many drivers without licenses, unregulated by the Motor Vehicle Administration and without liability insurance. Maybe there's a good reason why Maryland would be one of the few states to approve such a law. Jim Astrachan, Baltimore
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