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By Lorraine Mirabella, The Baltimore Sun | February 13, 2013
Customers lined up outside Rheb's Candy early Monday, even before owner Wynn Harger opened the doors of the Southwest Baltimore shop his family has run for three generations. People, mostly men, crammed into the tiny, cottage-like store for much of the morning for one purpose - securing the handmade chocolates for Valentine's Day. "It's what my wife wants," said Dennis Eder, who traveled from Dundalk to Rheb's on Wilkens Avenue to purchase a two-pound box of assorted chocolates for his wife, Isabel.
By ALICE STEINBACH | February 11, 1991
THE ASSAULT BEGINS WHEN I GO to the drugstore. There they are, everywhere: rack after rack of glossy Valentine cards and big, heart-shaped boxes of candy.I open the newspaper and there they are: page after page of advertisements for heart-shaped diamond pendants or a romantic dinner for two or a dozen long-stemmed roses delivered by a kid dressed as Cupid.I turn on the radio and it's all I hear: the sounds of "Endless Love" and "When a Man Loves a Woman" and "We've Only Just Begun."Yes, dear reader, as Valentine's Day fast approaches, they're playing songs of love.
By MARYANN JAMES | February 9, 2008
I despise Valentine's Day, and yet I end up celebrating it: The rampant commercialism works. We're bombarded with commercials, e-mails and fliers, all sharing the best way to show our love. I noticed that a pizza franchise is even getting in on the act -- selling heart-shaped pizza for a limited time. Katrina Birrell, 33, of Patterson Park agrees with me -- at least on the heart-day hate. "I'm a little bitter and twisted when I'm not with someone," she says. "I like [Valentine's Day] in theory.
Everyone knows Virginia is for lovers. And Hershey, Pa., claims to be the "sweetest place on Earth." We don't doubt that, having gotten a whiff of the heavenly chocolate air. Then there's the town of Valentine in New Jersey - now that's a state that doesn't get a lot of love. But what about Maryland? Do we have any claim to romance? While the state may be known for its hard-shell crabs, Maryland has a softer side. You just have to know where to look. With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, we asked readers to tell us the most romantic places in Maryland.
By Kevin Cowherd | February 10, 1993
Valentine's Day used to be a wonderful time in the heady days before romance entered into its sordid relationship with Big Business.Back then a man could dash into a drug store after work and pick up a sappy Hallmark card and cheap box of candy, and be relatively certain that the woman in his life would just about turn cartwheels at this incredible thoughtfulness.Then, I don't know . . . something happened.Suddenly, it wasn't enough to burst into a Rite-Aid 10 minutes before closing time and bark at the startled Whitesnake freak with the nose ring behind the register: "The little, y'know, chocolates in the, uh, sampler thing . . . YOU GOT ANYMORE OF THEM?
By Rob Kasper | February 7, 1996
SOME PEOPLE, I am told, book tables months in advance for romantic Valentine's Day dinners in dark restaurants.Some home cooks, I have read, plan elaborate Valentine's Day seduction dinners that begin with raw oysters and end, more or less, with souffles.Just the other day I learned that the hot item this Valentine's Day is chocolate body paint. You call up an 800 number, and order an 8-ounce jar of sweet milk chocolate and a brush.Such Valentine's Day doings are fascinating, but foreign to me. I feel pleased with myself if I remember before sundown Feb. 14th that the day is Valentine's Day.I find Valentine's Day a slippery, hard-to-keep-track of holiday.
February 2, 1999
Valentine's Day is that perfect time to make up to your sweetie for going cheap at Christmas. Our advice? Make 'em pay. Give us a call and tell us about your dream of dreams for a Valentine's Day surprise. The only limit we put on your dreaming is that you keep it in the metropolitan area. Give us your neat ideas, funky ideas, dreamy ideas, funny ideas and unusual ideas. We might be able to use them all. Leave a message at 410-315-8933 or e-mail Date: 2/02/99
By Mike Himowitz | February 7, 2000
Gentlemen, we'll start this column by stating our major premise: Valentine's Day is important. Not to you, maybe. But to your spouse, girlfriend, significant other or some person who's not in one of those categories yet but could be someday if you're smart and lucky enough, Valentine's Day is a National Holiday, big time. To half the human species, it's the day that the other half has to prove that it's sensitive, caring and affectionate enough to be considered worthy of the first half's notice during the other 364 days of the year.
By Liz Atwood and Liz Atwood,SUN STAFF | February 5, 2003
In the mood for love If you're planning to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one at home, here are suggestions from for making a romantic meal: Set the table by a fireplace or a window with a view. Use candles and fresh edible flowers to decorate the table. If you really want to splurge, buy a mold to create a tabletop ice sculpture for $56. Set the chairs side by side to give you the chance to get close with your valentine. Keep the food light; stick to tender, lean meats and avoid heavy pastas.
Love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Step into any card shop or drugstore, and you won't be able to avoid the rows of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, the miles of red and pink cards and the many soft and cuddly stuffed animals smiling back at you. The day, of course, is mainly for lovers, but it does see its share of popularity among other segments of the population, including friends, children / parents, teachers / students, classmates...
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