By T. Berry Brazelton, m.d. and T. Berry Brazelton, m.d.,NEW YORK TIMES SPECIAL FEATURES | July 8, 2001
Q. My 4 1/2 -year-old grandson has a bad temper. For the most part, he's lovable and kind, popular and plays well with others. The problem seems to arise when he's pestered by a child at day care. When he becomes so angry, he has kicked or even thrown books. He's an only child, so he doesn't have siblings with whom to interact and to experience the picking / pestering. There's always going to be a bully who enjoys getting a reaction from him. How do you explain this to a 4 1/2 -year-old?
By Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun | April 7, 2014
Gamblers dropped some serious cash at Hanover's Maryland Live casino last month, generating the bulk of a record-breaking $77.9 million haul in statewide casino revenue in March. The $61.8 million monthly take at Maryland Live — a 38.5 percent increase over March 2013 — continues the Anne Arundel County casino's regional climb to dominance and helps account for the best monthly performance by Maryland's four operating casinos to date. "You just see the continuing ascension of Maryland casinos into a higher orbit in the Mid-Atlantic gaming market," said James Karmel, an industry analyst and history professor at Harford Community College.
By Edward Lee and Edward Lee,Sun reporter | May 24, 2008
Ben Rubeor's heroics were rooted in anger. By now, lacrosse fans everywhere have watched replays of Rubeor, a senior attackman for Virginia, curling around the right post and depositing a shot past Maryland goalkeeper Jason Carter with 31 seconds left in overtime a week ago to send the Cavaliers to a 19th semifinal appearance in the NCAA tournament. What people might not know is that Rubeor's third game-winning goal of the season was fueled by his anger over being stripped of the ball by Terps midfielder Bryn Holmes just minutes before.
By Childs Walker, The Baltimore Sun | October 16, 2013
King Leatherbury won't pretend he knew what he had in Ben's Cat. If the legendary Maryland trainer had seen the brown gelding's potential, he never would have stuck him in a $20,000 claiming race, there to be snatched by any other enterprising horseman. Ben's Cat came from an obscure stallion and a mare with a short resume. He wasn't ready to race as a 2-year-old and had to sit out his 3-year-old season with a broken pelvis. So when Leatherbury, Maryland's winningest living trainer, ran him in that first race at Pimlico, he expected little.
By Dale Austin and Dale Austin,Sun Staff Correspondent | October 14, 1990
LAUREL -- The outlook for the $100,000 Northern Dancer Stakes changed abruptly in midafternoon yesterday when Baron de Vaux, the odds-on favorite, was scratched out of the 1 1/8 -mile race for Maryland-bred 3-year-olds.Baron de Vaux's trainer, Charlie Peoples, was reported to be suffering from a stomach ailment, and besides, Bayard Sharp's colt does not run well in certain kinds of footing when it rains.Rain Friday night and most of yesterday left the main track at Laurel Race Course rated muddy.
By SAM SESSA | October 11, 2007
Hometown -- Baltimore Current members --Valerie Bernsten, vocals and guitar; Edward Keith, guitar and vocals; Randall Miller, bass; Michael Kuhl, drums Founded in --2006 Style --indie rock Influenced by --the Pixies, Nirvana Notable --Keith said the group draws inspiration from the early '90s, when mainstream listeners latched onto no-holds-barred rock 'n' roll. Though Red Headed Temper's music may change, that feeling will probably persist, he said. An EP should be finished by the end of the year.
By Vito Stellino and Vito Stellino,Staff Writer | December 3, 1992
ASHBURN, Va. -- Gary Clark says he knows what his teammates think of him."They think I'm crazy for some reason," the Washington Redskins wide receiver said yesterday.He pleads innocent to the charge."I'm not [crazy], I'm hyper. I yell at everybody," he said.Clark, noted for his fiery temper, did nothing to change the image that he's somewhat different Sunday when he kicked over a bench behind the sidelines after catching his first touchdown pass since Oct. 18 in the 41-3 victory over the Phoenix Cardinals.
By DAN BERGER | February 25, 1994
Temper the indignation. It's not as if we haven't been spyin on Russia, too.Croatia and Serbia ceased fire with Bosnia so they can have another go at each other.
January 4, 2006
Saved from death row by a temper-tempering drug, a psycho (Ray Liotta, above) has gone off his meds in Control (9:15 p.m.-11 p.m., Showtime).
October 25, 1993
THIS country can never have too many curmudgeons, and one of its best is 84-year-old Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican nominee for president and originator of the movement that has pushed the GOP farther right -- make that farther to the religious right -- than he can stomach.In a recent interview with the Arizona Republic, old "Mr. Conservative" made some pointed observations:On the religious right: "A bunch of nuts and crackpots. . . I've said before that Jerry Falwell should be kicked in the ass, and I meant it. He has a big one. You can't miss it."
By Edward Lee, The Baltimore Sun | February 13, 2013
No one in men's lacrosse might be happier than Rick Sowell, who watched his Navy team wallop VMI, 20-7, in the season opener for both teams last Saturday. The 20 goals was the program's largest output since a 23-4 thrashing of Holy Cross on April 18, 2004, and the 13-goal margin of victory was the widest since a 16-3 demolition of Holy Cross on March 15, 2008. But the Midshipmen coach cautioned against overly excited about the squad's offensive production in what is the first game of 13 on the schedule.
By Andrea K. Walker | February 1, 2013
The dean of the University of Maryland School of Medicine wants his staff to celebrate the Baltimore Ravens as they head to the Super Bowl. E. Albert Reece just doesn't want them to celebrate too much. Reece sent an email to staff this week asking them to stay professional as they root for the home team. The email read:   We are very proud of the performance of the Baltimore Ravens' team, and we are clearly  "rooting" for their success.   However, many may choose to wear a purple accent on their clothing.  I would request that we maintain the professionalism of our choices and deportment.
January 30, 2013
As Muhammad Ali once observed, "It's not bragging if you can back it up. " Thus, even his most caustic critics will have to concede that Gov. Martin O'Malley's State of the State address may have been the most heavily footnoted piece of braggadocio in Maryland history. Here's the CliffsNotes version of what Governor O'Malley had to say this afternoon: In the economic downturn, Maryland had to make tough choices, but they were good decisions - better than made elsewhere - and now things are looking pretty good.
By Eduardo A. Encina, The Baltimore Sun | September 9, 2012
It takes a lot to force Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis from a game. He's played the past few days with a deep purple bruise on his left bicep from taking a pitch there last week in Toronto. When he was recovering from surgery on his right wrist, manager Buck Showalter's toughest task was making sure Markakis didn't sneak off and start swinging a bat prematurely before the stiches from his surgery healed. So when Markakis walked off the field just moments after taking a 92-mph fastball to his left hand, the Orioles dugout knew something was wrong.
August 9, 2011
TEMPER TEMPER: Tuesday's practice featured the team's first scuffles of training camp. The first brouhaha occurred during a rushing drill on the far end of a practice field away from the eyes of the media. But the second flare-up involved offensive tackle Andre Ramsey and outside linebacker Albert McClelland, who actually threw punches at each other. After the dust-up was cleared, Ramsey walked back to the locker room clenching and unclenching his right hand. NICE TRY: Rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith nearly made the play of the day when he tried an over-the-head catch of a long bomb by quarterback Joe Flacco.
By Tribune Newspapers | July 31, 2011
— When the news broke in early June, the public vitriol aimed at NASCAR driver Kyle Busch burst into view. Reports had surfaced that NASCAR team owner Richard Childress, fed up with Busch running into this drivers in recent races, grabbed Busch in the Kansas Speedway garage and punched him. NASCAR then levied a $150,000 fine on Childress. But in the court of public opinion, it was Childress, 65, who was presumed innocent and the temperamental Busch, 26, who had it coming.
By MICHAEL OLESKER | February 5, 1991
I am starting to worry about William Donald Schaefer, the profane pen pal of Maryland, who needs to get a grip on his temper as well as his typewriter.Schaefer is a very unhappy man these days. He's unhappy being governor of Maryland instead of mayor of Baltimore, and he's unhappy that more people don't love him as governor the way they loved him as mayor, and he's taking out his exasperations on the most unlikely people.He's writing letters to constituents who dare to express their opinions, and he's using some breathtaking language.
By Michael Olesker | February 22, 2001
WE LEARN in our favorite newspaper that Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has occasional lapses when trying to surround an idea with the English language. Also, that Mayor Martin O'Malley has a bulldog temper. We learn these things within a certain context: Are these people capable of becoming the next governor of Maryland? Thus, of C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger, we learn nothing at all. The Baltimore County executive is vacationing in the Dominican Republic with his wife, building castles (but presumably not State Houses)
June 1, 2011
A generation of lobbying is about to pay off as the new North Laurel Community Center is set to open June 3 on Whiskey Bottom Road. The celebration of this long-awaited resource, however, contrasts sharply with a chronic problem on that very same road. Whiskey Bottom Road has been the scene of many accidents, and last week county officials got an earful from residents pleading for measures aimed at slowing auto traffic and making the road safer for drivers and pedestrians. A county traffic engineer at the meeting told residents the county would prohibit trucks on the road, post an additional speed-limit sign, install reflectors in the median and conduct a traffic study at the entrance of the community center to determine whether a traffic light is warranted.
By George Diaz | May 11, 2011
Kevin Harvick vs. Kyle Busch sounds like a pretty good main event for NASCAR's "Boys Have At It" pay-per-view extravaganza this weekend at Dover. But what an exciting undercard too. In this corner we have a cool kid from El Cajon, Calif., a five-time defending champion. In the other corner, the challenger (boo!), an interloper from open-wheel racing (boo!), a foreign import at that (boo!). Jimmie Johnson vs. Juan Pablo Montoya. It's on. Montoya can't seem to get enough of his favorite game — bumper cars.
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