September 29, 2007
On September 27, 2007 Eldred G. Swan Friends may call at the family owned Kirkley - Ruddick Funeral Home 421 Crain Hwy. S.E. Glen Burnie on Sunday from 3-5 & 7-9 P.M. where Funeral Services will be held on Monday at 11:00 A.M. Interment Meadowridge Memorial Park.
By Marie Marciano Gullard, For The Baltimore Sun | September 3, 2014
On Maryland's Eastern Shore, 6201 Swan Creek Road in Rock Hall reaches new heights in property ownership. A classic 19th-century farmhouse and a charming waterfront cottage sit on a private peninsula consisting of 177-plus acres of farmland. With gorgeous views of the Chesapeake Bay, the main farmhouse has been meticulously restored by the owner from the foundation up - including a major addition completed in 1998 that nearly doubles the living space. This has allowed for a modern kitchen, family room, guest room and an office.
Zach the swan can't seem to catch a break. The rare trumpling swan has graced a 37-acre lake in Columbia for seven tumultuous years, enduring the loss of his unrequited love interest to a more aggressive male -- and her subsequent slaying by a BB-gun toting teen. Now 11-year-old Zach has been run out of his own neighborhood: In March, the same feisty mute swan that stole Zach's late object of affection roughed him up so badly that he ended up in rehab at a Virginia wildlife laboratory.
By Mary Johnson, For The Baltimore Sun | February 27, 2014
Two weeks ago, we could only preview the coming attraction of the Ballet Theater of Maryland's full-length production of "Swan Lake. " Now, after seeing its debut performance last weekend, it's safe to say artistic director Dianna Cuatto has made good on her goal to redefine innovative choreography and dance artistry at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. Viewing Cuatto's study of the enchanting mythical characters battling evil and discovering the power of love, it's easy to see why this ballet ranks high on every balletomane's list.
By Laura Lippman and Laura Lippman,Staff Writer | September 10, 1992
The women twisted forward from the waist, arms outstretched as if to perform a bizarre, ceremonial dance. An incredibly tiny woman sounded a sharp whistle blast, the dancers became paddlers, and a battered boat surged through the Patapsco River's brackish waters, bound for Thailand.Well, not directly. But over the past eight months, 20-plus women and their male coach have spent what little free time they have preparing for the first international women's swan boat competition in Thailand.
By Robert Lee and Robert Lee,Staff writer | May 23, 1991
The man who developed Pointfield Landing, Pointfield West, Bluff Point, Kilmarnock, Cape McKinsey, Cool Pond and "a few other odds and ends" says he may have found the "last great building site in Severna Park."W. Calvin Gray Jr., through his Cornfield Landing Inc. corporation, has begun selling 36 1-1 1/2-acre lots on the 48-acre Sonneborne Tract.Gray is calling the heavily wooded tract Swan Point. He has already received approval to subdivide and build 36 homes along two cul desacs on the property west of the Ann Arrundell Historical Society's Jones Station Antique shop and the B & A Trail.
By Larry Carson and Larry Carson,Evening Sun Staff | November 21, 1990
Ruth O'Connor sat patiently in the audience at the final meeting of the current Baltimore County Council, clutching the strings of several Mylar balloons she brought to tie to the chair of defeated Councilman William R. Evans.The balloons bore messages saying "You're the greatest." O'Connor, Evans' private law office secretary, had hoped to cheer her favorite councilman as he and four other incumbent members presided at their last official legislative session Monday before leaving office Dec. 3.But council secretary Tom Toporovich forbade any such breach of council decorum, so O'Connor had to be content to watch quietly, balloons in hand, as the council unanimously approved a bill declaring Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs to be pets.
By Betsy Diehl and Betsy Diehl,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | January 31, 2002
Call this the season of the swan in Columbia -- there have been articles in recent months about an unlikely swan coupling, an untimely swan death and a unique brood of hybrid cygnets. Now, thanks to the professional theater company Rep Stage, The Swan is coming to the stage at Howard Community College's Theatre Outback. What happens when a swan comes crashing into your life and gradually morphs into a man? That's the launching point for the single-act, full-length play by Elizabeth Egloff, which opens tomorrow and runs through Feb. 24. Like a real swan -- a rather aggressive creature despite its serene appearance -- the play is not exactly as it seems to be on the surface, says director Kasi Campbell.
By David Kohn and David Kohn, | December 22, 2008
No pool. No spa. No concierge. No room service. Not even a restaurant, unless you count the Burger King a few blocks away. But the Swan Creek Inn and River Lodge at Aberdeen Proving Ground is the haute place to stay, anywhere on the planet, at least according to the Army. Last summer, the hotel won the Army's highest hotel honor, Lodging Operation of the Year, beating military inns and lodges from Japan to Texas. Swan Creek has won in its category - large hotels - three times in the past decade, an impressive feat, given that military lodges are ineligible for the contest for two years after winning.
By Chris Guy and Chris Guy,SUN STAFF | January 30, 2001
GRASONVILLE - State and federal wildlife officials are looking for someone who killed a trumpeter swan Sunday that was part of a research project in which ultralight planes are being used to teach the birds to migrate to the Chesapeake region - where they have not been seen for more than 200 years. In an effort that mimics a successful experiment with Canada geese depicted in the 1996 movie "Fly Away Home," scientists coaxed 10 of the rare swans to the Horsehead Wetlands Center near Kent Island from upstate New York on Jan. 18. The birds, all fitted with collars and transmitters to allow scientists at the center to track their movements as they gradually learn to feed in the wild, were seen by researchers in a secluded area along Cabin Creek in Queen Anne's County around 11 a.m. Sunday.
By Mary Johnson, For The Baltimore Sun | February 17, 2014
Ballet Theatre of Maryland is starting its 2014 season in history-making fashion, offering its first full-length production of "Swan Lake" in three performances over the Feb. 21-23 weekend at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. Artistic director Dianna Cuatto is relishing the challenge after twice offering a shortened version. She calls "Swan Lake" "perhaps Tchaikovsky's finest ballet score" and "the last great romantic ballet from the golden era. " The masterwork is considered more symphonic than other ballets of the era and a romantic work overflowing with beautiful melodies.
May 13, 2013
Tiger Woods, Microsoft and the Tea Party are all reasserting themselves. Welcome to your post-weekend trends report for May 13, 2013. Woods won his 78th PGA event Sunday in Ponte Vedra Beach, showing further recovery from a series of injuries and marital scandals. The IRS, meanwhile, was hoping to nip its own growing scandal in the bud, as allegations that the agency engaged in political harrassment were backed up over the weekend by leaked portions of an official report. At least one office of the agency actively targeted conservative groups' applications for nonprofit status, according to the report, which put the Obama administration into message-control mode over the weekend.
By Jill Rosen, The Baltimore Sun | March 31, 2013
Deep in the cellar beneath the Recher Theatre , Buddy Hilsberg curates a museum of sorts. He's got boxes filled with the silly rider demands of every band that's headlined the Towson club. He's saved pieces of wall signed by everyone from Paul Reed Smith to the English Beat to Dick Dale. He's even got the autographs of bus drivers who brought all these musicians to play. "It's history to me," said the silver-haired manager who's been with the York Road concert hall since it opened 17 years ago. And it's history for everyone else now, too, as the Recher, one of Maryland's smallest but best known live music venues, held its last concert Sunday.
By L'Oreal Thompson | December 6, 2012
When we left off last episode, Marley had faceplanted at sectionals, causing all of the glee kids to drag her to a back room in the middle of her performance and basically get disqualified. So the Warblers win...and now New Directions' season is over. Umm..what do we do now? Is there even a season left? Hellooo , Ryan Murphy, what the heck is going on here?! Cut to New York and we learn Kurt is auditioning for NYADA...again. We also learn about the school's prestigious winter showcase.
October 11, 2011
Editor: Pay attention, folks. We are trashing the world and hurricanes and the ensuing floods are throwing it back at us. Making a wreck of our world is not like making a wreck of our childhood bedrooms; Mother Nature, unlike our own mothers, cannot pick up the garbage we strew and the municipal, county, state and federal services are either unwilling or unable to take care of the mess.  Delighted by the perfect autumn weather this past...
By John-John Williams IV | July 27, 2011
Like the fancy Ravens wings that model Haley Higgins wears on the cover of this week's b ? The look requires a little imagination, a lot of patience and a very willing participant. I've been in love with the haunting image of Natalie Portman in the “Black Swan” promos since I first saw them last year. When I heard that my editors wanted to use face paint, I knew I had to try to do this look. Luckily, I had a fantastic makeup artist in Leah Sarah Bassett, and a equally fantastic and willing model in Haley Higgins.
BY A SUN STAFF WRITER | March 31, 1998
One of three trumpeter swans that learned to migrate at the wing of an ultralight airplane last fall appears to have begun her spring migration to Airlie, Va., on her own.Bob Ferris, of Defenders of Wildlife, said Yo Yo was spotted Sunday on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay, at a Patuxent River spot where the birds rested during their fall flight to the Eastern Shore. "She is going back the same way she came," Ferris said.The other two trumpeters remain at the Dorchester County wintering grounds.
By Mike Farabaugh and Karin Remesch and Mike Farabaugh and Karin Remesch,Staff Writers | February 28, 1993
Before dawn, police crept from door to door, rousing people from their sleep and ordering them out of their homes.The decree sent some of the 175 residents police evacuated into the frigid Thursday morning air clad in nightgowns or pajamas.Nearby, police said, a 47-year-old woman held her paraplegic boyfriend hostage and repeatedly fired a .22-caliber rifle. Two of the bullets tore through the wall of an Aberdeen duplex and landed in an adjoining house on Defense Drive.More than eight hours after it began, the standoff ended about 1 p.m., when police stormed the house and captured Mary Ann Garrison, who allegedly had held 59-year-old Edward Sawyers hostage in his home about four hours before releasing him.Ms.
By Robbie Levin, The Baltimore Sun | July 21, 2011
After more than three decades at the pinnacle of collegiate volleyball, Greg Giovanazzi has called it quits. Luckily, the celebrated coach saved his best for last. Giovanazzi has coached at every level, from community college to the U.S. National Team, but he says his most enjoyable experience may have come this past year, when he coached the Comets, an 18-and-under girls club team in Columbia. "It was the complete lack of attitude [that made the Comets special]," Giovanazzi said.
By Michael Sragow, The Baltimore Sun | February 24, 2011
Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky often tells interviewers that "The Red Shoes" (1948) is the one film comparable to his own "Black Swan. " How modest of him! Aronofsky was right to say that the classic by British masters Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger "captured the human drama and sacrifice" of the ballet world. He was wrong to consider his film in the same class — downright daffy to think that "The Red Shoes" expresses a "realistic point of view" any more than "Black Swan" does.
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