Lorraine Mirabella | May 29, 2012
Restaurateurs expect the summer tourism season to be better than the past few summers,  Nation's Restaurant News is reporting. Easing gas prices and growing consumer confidence bode well for travel and tourism, which should help restaurant sales, the report says. To accommodate increased business, restaurants are on track to post the highest summer employment numbers in nearly two decades. According to National Restaurant Association projections released Thursday, restaurants could add 450,000 jobs this summer, a 4.6 percent increase over the March employment level.
By David Hanlin | October 2, 2014
Comptroller Peter Franchot, by starting a petition drive, has embarked on a policy initiative to require all Maryland public schools start the school calendar after Labor Day. His policy proposal is given political cover through a commission report from the "Task Force to Study a Post-Labor Start Date for Maryland Public Schools. " That commission report is flawed, and I believe misguided. It will have deleterious consequences that have not been fully considered. The tagline for his campaign, "Let Summer Be Summer," speaks volumes.
by Carson Porter | April 28, 2011
Kmart has a 5,000 BTU Frigidaire window AC unit for just $100 with free shipping code FREESHIP. This is the lowest price I could find by about $20. Also, shipping would normally be $18.95. This unit should be enough for small to medium rooms under 300 square feet, or about a third of my little rowhouse. Summer's coming and do you really want to go through another summer with that old, bulky, squeaky, leaky AC unit with the sharp vents at the bottom?
By Kevin Rector and The Baltimore Sun | September 13, 2014
More than a million visitors were expected to land in Baltimore this past week to commemorate the bicentennial of the writing of "The Star-Spangled Banner," many of them from out of state and in need of a place to stay. Across the city, hotels have pushed deals and patriotic specials, leaned on their staffs to memorize long lists of Star-Spangled Spectacular events, and brushed up on their own place in Baltimore history in an attempt to lure the War of 1812 buffs streaming into town.
July 13, 2011
When I hear the words “The lockout is over.” That will be my favorite event this summer. james blondell via facebook ARTSCAPE! Great food, beautiful art, awesome entertainment ... It’s always a must every year! p00kums via twitter Not an event per se, but it isn’t summer without a concert [at Merriweather Post Pavilion] kittykate19 via twitter Otakon and Artscape Neko Konnichiwa via facebook I would say going to O’s games but damn they suck!
July 1, 2010
The way Susan Reimer writes about spending the summer with kids, it's no wonder that many parents cringe at the thought of it. While reading her column ("Moms fight against summer of chaos," July 1), I was struck by how much my summertime experience with my children differs from the "summer of chaos" that Ms. Reimer depicts. It's all about attitude and if the prevailing attitude is that maintaining a functioning household is a foolhardy goal that will soon be run asunder by the daily rigors of "real" life, then it's no wonder that many parents regard spending two months with their children as a daunting and unpleasant task.
April 11, 2012
6 weeks to a better body We are now six weeks (!) from the beginning of pool and beach season. But fret not. The plan below details how, by making small changes each week, you can have your body looking leaner and ready for outdoor summer festivities. View the photo gallery Each week, you will be given a new piece to the overall exercise and nutrition plan. As we add new pieces each following week, do these in addition the everything from the previous weeks.
By Kurt Ullrich | July 7, 2010
Forty years ago this summer, I was physically as buff and fit as I would ever be. A relatively well-muscled 165 pounds, I spent my days 30 to 50 feet closer to the sun, a confident Icarus with hammer in hand and a couple of galvanized roofing nails hanging like unlit cigarettes from my 18-year-old lips. Nailing asphalt shingles onto the roofs of sturdy pre-Depression, eastern Iowa barns was one of the few ways a young man could make a good income. It was my final summer before diving into the abyss we like to call higher education.
December 18, 2009
Personal income in Maryland was 0.3 percent higher in the summer than the spring, the same increase felt nationwide, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated Thursday. That was significantly smaller than the state's 1.2 percent increase in the spring, but better than the 2.8 percent drop felt in the winter. Personal income includes wages, benefits, government payments such as unemployment checks and other income, including rents and dividends. Marylanders' wages and benefits by themselves rose 0.5 percent in the summer, the agency said.
By Liz Atwood and Special to The Baltimore Sun | June 5, 2012
School is almost out and I don't know who will be more relieved - the kids or me. Now that my children are older, I don't have to worry about finding summer babysitters or day camps, but I still want to strike the right balance between relaxation and boredom. I used to believe that kids needed to stay busy to stay out of trouble. But I've come to appreciate the need for a little boredom to stir the imagination. I've taken away the video games until school is out in hopes of getting them to concentrate on their lessons.
By Jonathan Pitts and The Baltimore Sun | September 12, 2014
As 7-year-old Zara Cheek packed her bags for her first sleep-away camp this summer, she found herself looking forward to more than just swimming, going on hikes and eating S'mores for two glorious weeks. To her, the experience meant a chance to live like a normal kid for a while - and even, quite possibly, to help thousands of others afflicted with the illness that has shaped her life. Zara, who lives in West Baltimore and started third grade this fall, is one of about 2 million Americans who suffer from Type 1 diabetes, a chronic and potentially lethal disorder of the pancreas that leaves the body unable to make insulin or turn blood sugar into the energy it needs.
By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun | September 3, 2014
The statistics are in, and one of Baltimore's coolest months of August on record helped make it the mildest summer here since 2000. The average temperature at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport in August was 72.5 degrees. That made it the coolest month of what was a chilly summer overall, though on average, it is typically the second-coolest month of the year behind July. It was Baltimore's coolest August since 1992 and the fourth coolest on record. August 1927 and August 1903 rank as the first- and second-coolest, respectively.
By Alexander E. Hooke | September 1, 2014
Ask some neighbors or colleagues about their Labor Day weekend tomorrow, and prepare to hear how busy it was. Several malls featured back to school sales, kids had a baseball tournament, lots of e-mails to catch up with at work, and the house needed some cleaning. We're too busy, goes the lament, to enjoy free time. Yet social scientists claim that the average work week for full-time employees since 1970 has fluctuated between 39 and 41 hours. This claim does include a range of variations.
By Jon Meoli and The Baltimore Sun | August 28, 2014
Navy's football team will be wearing its summer whites in Saturday's season opener against Ohio State. The team's first Under Armour uniform will also feature each midshipman's class rank on the sleeve and leg. The school unveiled the uniforms Thursday, with white helmets inspired by the Midshipmen's white covers, plus white gloves and white cleats to match the summer dress staples. Check out some more photos of the uniforms here . The varying design on the shoulders marks the first time in school history such a feature has been displayed on Navy jerseys, the school said.
By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman, The Baltimore Sun | August 28, 2014
Ocean City officials voted earlier this week to draft a law to restrict smoking on the beach and boardwalk beginning May 1, 2015. The proposed ordinance, which passed on a 4-3 vote at a work session for the town council on Tuesday, identifies a number of designated areas for smoking along the boardwalk and on the beach. Police will be responsible for enforcement of the law through verbal as well as written citations ranging from $25 to $1,000, a "worse-case scenario" for non-compliance.
By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun | August 28, 2014
The Coast Guard rescued three people near Ocean City 's inlet Wednesday when their 17-foot boat capsized, and a Virginia teen drowned in a rip current there Tuesday as town officials limited beachgoers to wading as Hurricane Cristobal continues to churn up Mid-Atlantic waters. This summer has been the deadliest in years for swimmers at Maryland's oceanfront resort, with the first reported drownings while lifeguards were on duty since 2007, according to the Ocean City Beach Patrol.
Jacques Kelly | June 24, 2011
The last Saturday in June was the day we said goodbye to Baltimore and packed it up for the summer. As a child, it was a day I anticipated all year, then remembered for its unforgettable set of rituals. By the end of June the pace of our domestic life was slowing. The heat had set in, and, as a neighbor once observed, there was never an electric fan in our home. Baltimore was just different in the summer. The downtown department stores closed at noon on Saturdays. As you walked the streets you heard Orioles games on radios through all the open windows.
By Jill Rosen, The Baltimore Sun | May 27, 2010
The morning sun is just beginning to warm the sand along the boardwalk, which, save for a few power-walkers and seniors riding bicycles, is quiet enough to hear the surf and the day's first popcorn starting to jump and crackle at Fisher's. Near the inlet, a tractor-trailer backs up behind Trimper's amusement park and shirtless young men start tossing out and piling up the giant plush bears and gorillas — prizes for those who can meet a midway challenge. Games manager George Richie, who has worked the boardwalk long enough to know the signs that point to a successful summer, thinks he's going to need more bears.
By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun | August 27, 2014
While it hasn't felt like a typical summer in Baltimore, the season will end with hot, muggy weather and possible storms over Labor Day Weekend here. Sunshine is meanwhile forecast in Ocean City. Slight storm chances are expected Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Baltimore, increasing each day to about 40 percent chances on the Labor Day holiday. Party to mostly cloudy skies are forecast. High temperatures are forecast in the upper 80s and lower 90s, and it will feel uncomfortable because of high levels of humidity.
Susan Reimer | August 27, 2014
Wow. That was fast. I distinctly remember thinking during the cool, wet spring that summer would never arrive. Now I flip open my calendar and see that Labor Day is Monday. My Facebook feed is filled with back-to-school pictures of children. Summer is over, and not just for the kids. I remember waiting for what seemed like forever for summer, for that distinctive smell of warming earth, for signs of life in the garden. For those first nights on the deck, watching for fireflies and the dark shadows of bats, flying and feeding.
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