By Liz F. Kay | and Baltimore Sun reporter | February 11, 2010
People from all but 10 vehicles that were stranded overnight on snowy roads in Frederick County had been rescued by 2 p.m., the director of Frederick County fire and rescue services said. The last 10 cars are believed to be abandoned, based on initial information, "but we're going to make sure we get to all 10 to verify that's the case," said Tom Owens, director of Frederick County's fire and rescue services. With high winds and whiteout conditions forcing state and county plows to stop running, about 39 cars were stuck on Frederick roads, Owens said.
By Catharine Hamm, Tribune Newspapers | June 12, 2014
Richard Dunn was alone overnight in Las Vegas' McCarran airport, so he did what any bored passenger would do: He produced a five-minute music video featuring Celine Dion's “All By Myself.” He told the Las Vegas Weekly that he procured a roll of luggage tape from someone at a ticket counter and taped his iPhone to the pole of a wheelchair for the selfie shots at the Vegas airport. “Then I would put it on the moving walkway for a dolly shot,” Dunn wrote on his Vimeo page , the Weekly reported.
February 21, 2007
Airline passengers have been willing to put up with an awful lot in recent years. Squished-in seating, roulette wheel pricing, delayed or lost baggage, protracted security screening based on the latest terrorists' crackpot scheme - all were tolerated because to get someplace far away fast, there is no alternative to flying. But holding passengers hostage aboard planes stranded on tarmacs for as long as 10 hours - as though they were just so much cargo - exposed a level of insensitivity to human needs that cannot be excused.
By Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun | April 18, 2014
Traffic backed up on I-95 near Havre de Grace Friday afternoon after a Megabus bus carrying 68 passengers struck a guardrail and temporarily closed all northbound lanes, Maryland State Police said. Five passengers were taken to Harford Memorial Hospital as a precaution, but police said there appeared to be no visible injuries, MSP spokesman Greg Shipley said. Two of northbound lanes reopened by 5 p.m., and all were open about an hour later, although traffic remained slow during the time investigators remained on the scene, police said.
By Joe Nawrozki and Joe Nawrozki,Staff Writer | September 11, 1992
After being stranded aboard their cargo ship in the Baltimore harbor since July 14, at least 14 Yugoslav sailors decided to head back to their war-torn country today.The other half of the crew was scheduled to stay with the ship, the Dormitor, to help maintain the vessel, according to Rep. Helen Delich Bentley, R-2nd."They grew tired of waiting to see if the court appeal would free them and their ship," Mrs. Bentley said. "They were very anxious, they felt like prisoners."The frustration and anxiety they felt was understandable, Mrs. Bentley said.
By Norris P. West and Norris P. West,Sun Staff Writer | March 4, 1995
A year-old harp seal, found stranded on Assateague Island at least 500 miles south of its natural habitat, was in critical condition yesterday at the National Aquarium.T. David Schofield, a senior mammalogist at the aquarium, said the seal was found Monday, weighing 76 pounds -- about 35 pounds below normal -- and was dehydrated and possibly stricken with parasites. Its condition has improved only slightly since it was found, he said."We're watching this animal closely," Mr. Schofield said.
By Rich Scherr and Rich Scherr,Special to The Sun | May 22, 1994
Their chances were many.Their rewards . . . too few.For the host Towson Generals, stranding seven runners in scoring position in the final five innings yesterday against Elkton proved to be a luxury they couldn't afford.After scoring two runs in the bottom of the seventh to force extra innings, the Generals allowed three runs in the ninth and went on to lose their Class 2A, North Region final, 5-2."We just couldn't get the big breaks," said Towson coach Paul Becker, whose team left the bases loaded in the fifth and seventh, and two runners on in the sixth against Elks starter Stefanie Birney.
BY A SUN STAFF WRITER | March 24, 1998
A Baltimore man was robbed shortly after midnight yesterday after offering to help a man who appeared to be a stranded motorist in Ellicott City, according to Howard County police.The 53-year-old victim told police he was flagged down in the 5600 block of Waterloo Road. He got out of his car and was confronted by the man who demanded money and punched the victim in the face, police said.The robber fled in a small black car with an undetermined amount of cash, police said.Pub Date: 3/24/98
By Frank D. Roylance and Frank D. Roylance,Evening Sun Staff | January 4, 1991
A young male harbor seal stranded this week on a Virginia beach was fighting for his life today at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.The 45-pound animal was reported to be in guarded condition, suffering from pneumonia, malnutrition and worms."
August 31, 1992
"We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by."-- Will RogersToday, we clap for what one reader calls our "highway angels."In a world where communities grow impersonal, where political campaigns seek to capitalize on our fears, where crime forces us to barricade our doors, it's time to applaud those daily acts of decency we often take for granted.Hail, the Good Samaritan.Each year, hundreds of thousands of motorists break down on Maryland roads.No definitive statistics are kept on the subject but the American Automobile Association averages about 200,000 emergency service calls a year -- and that doesn't include the Washington suburbs.
Dan Rodricks | December 7, 2013
I suppose it is possible that, in 2010, when Ford sent safety recall notices to 492,000 owners of Windstar minivans because of a rear-axle problem, it missed Mr. Philip George of Ocean City , Md., whom everyone calls "Bill. " It is equally possible that, a year later, when Ford mailed 425,000 recall notices because of another Windstar safety problem, it missed him again. When a big company has problems on the scale of Ford's flawed Windstars of 1999 to 2003 — there were six recalls on the 2002 model alone — some customers just might never get the memo.
By Scott Dance and Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun | September 12, 2013
Lightning struck Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport's air traffic control tower, injuring one person and shutting down the airport for nearly three hours Thursday afternoon, delaying or stranding thousands of travelers. A bolt struck the tower about 2:30 p.m., shocking a controller as he was flipping a switch to turn on a generator that powers backup runway lights, said John Dunkerly, president of BWI's chapter of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.
By Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun | July 19, 2013
A mechanical problem stalled an Amtrak train south of Baltimore Friday evening, stranding its 404 passengers for about 40 minutes, an Amtrak spokeswoman said. The Northeast Regional train, number 83, was headed from Boston to Newport News, Va., when it stopped south of Baltimore's Penn Station, Vernae Graham said. The power may have gone out in the cars for a short time, she said, before the passengers were taken to a MARC train that took them to Washington. There, they transferred to another southbound Amtrak train to continue the trip, Graham said.
By Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun | July 16, 2013
Last year, the Strand Theater Company , "dedicated to providing opportunities for women actors, designers, directors, and writers," scored quite a coup with the appointment of noted writer and performer Rain Pryor as artistic director in time for its fifth season. Unfortunately for the company, Pryor's own career took off anew during the season, with a popular run of her one-woman show in New York, and she decided it was best to step down from the Strand post. Pryor will be succeeded by Elissa Goetschius, a director and dramaturg who has worked in the area with Glass Mind Theatre, EMP Collective and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company.
By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman, The Baltimore Sun | October 29, 2012
If you were hoping to escape the misery of Sandy's looming impact on the Mid-Atlantic, it's too late. Major air, rail and bus carriers have canceled most trips into Tuesday. Delta Airlines offered the last scheduled flights out of town Monday morning from Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport, where most airlines have canceled service for the rest of today. BWI officials said late Sunday that it would offer a "very" limited number of flights on Monday. Southwest Airlines suspended service at the airport effective at 10 p.m. Sunday night.
By Eduardo A. Encina and The Baltimore Sun | August 4, 2012
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -  There was plenty of blame to go around after the Orioles' 2-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Friday night, but very little of it could be placed on right-hander Tommy Hunter. Yes, Hunter's biggest problem this season has been his inability to keep the ball in the park. But Hunter pitched well against the Rays, falling just one out short of a quality start. He made two mistakes, a pair of solo home runs that - combined with the Orioles' continued struggles with runners in scoring position - proved to be the difference before an announced 18,410 at Tropicana Field.
By David Michael Ettlin and David Michael Ettlin,Staff Writer | January 13, 1993
A blind harbor seal rescued a decade ago from a beach stranding has taken up residence at the National Aquarium's outdoor pool in Baltimore, accompanied by the pup she gave birth to in June.The story of the blind seal, named Clarisse, illustrates a problem facing aquariums across the country -- finding homes for the large number of seals that are found stranded and injured or ailing.Although only seven stranded seals have been tended so far in the National Aquarium's marine mammal hospital, the New England Aquarium has been helping out with hundreds of seals found stranded each year and providing medical care for many of them.
By Meredith Cohn and Meredith Cohn,sun reporter | August 31, 2007
It has been a month since 120 passengers on Continental Airlines Flight 1669 were diverted during a storm to BWI airport and stranded on the tarmac for more than five hours with no food, water or toilet paper. Since then, the group that gained notoriety for tapping on the overhead bins in unity to protest the conditions has done something other stranded, offended and otherwise poorly treated airline passengers have not done. The passengers - who live throughout the world - have stayed unified.
April 16, 2012
As long as the General Assembly's top leaders are planning a special session to pick up the state's budget where last they left it, here's another item to add to the agenda: No MTA fare hike unless it's part of a broader agenda to revive the financially-depleted Transportation Trust Fund. Little noticed in all the debate in Annapolis over spending cuts and new taxes was an instruction added to what's known as the BRFA (the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act), the bill that each year accompanies the budget, that requires the Maryland Transit Administration to raise fares on bus, light rail and subway services every two years to meet a 35 percent farebox recovery rate and keep up with the Consumer Price Index.
March 21, 2012
On March 12, my wife and I entered Catonsville, via Frederick Road, traveling east to a doctor appointment at 4 p.m. Suddenly, our car was enveloped in a cloud of steam coming from the engine, forcing us to stop on the side of the road. An urgent call to AAA assured us that assistance would arrive in 30-45 minutes. Some 15-20 minutes later, as I was examining the engine, a gentleman, approaching from behind, tapped me on my shoulder to ask the nature of our problem. I assumed he was the AAA service contractor.
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