By CLARENCE PAGE | May 5, 1995
Washington -- If you think slavery is a thing of the past, guess again.A vigorous market in human beings continues in Mauritania and Sudan, according to a variety of investigators for the United Nations, the State Department, private human-rights organizations and, increasingly, concerned African-Americans who think Africa's dirty little secret has gone on long enough.A number of black newspapers and broadcast talk shows have spotlighted the issue, most prominently the New York City Sun, a black-owned Brooklyn-based newspaper that recently ran a five-part series on the problem.
By William Styron | August 5, 1994
Vineyard Haven, Mass. -- IMAGINEERING, an adroit neologism, is the Walt Disney Co.'s name for the corporate unit involved in developing Disney's America, the projected mammoth theme park in northern Virginia.Not long ago, the chief imagineer, Robert Weis, described what would be in store, among other historical attractions, for hordes of tourists."We want to make you feel what it was like to be a slave, and what it was like to escape through the Underground Railroad." He added that the exhibits would "not take a Pollyanna view" but would be "painful, disturbing and agonizing."
February 13, 2013
The Hays-Heighe House at Harford Community College will host Emancipation and Its Legacies, a national traveling exhibition on display through Feb. 25. In conjunction with the exhibit, the Hays-Heighe House is sponsoring free programs and other events for the public. Developed by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in partnership with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Emancipation and Its Legacies marks the sesquicentennial of President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.
By David Zurawik and The Baltimore sun | October 11, 2013
Apparently quoting Vladimir Lenin to explain the deeper meaning of Obamacare, and stopping just short of calling President Barack Obama a communist, isn't inflammatory enough for Ben Carson in his new role as a paid Fox News contributor. After leveling the Joe-McCarthy-like charges against Obama on Megyn Kelly's show earlier this week, here's Carson raising his game and introducing "slavery" into the already fevered debate over the Affordable Care Act. I wonder how Johns Hopkins is feeling now about that "emeritus" title they gave Carson when he resigned in July.
By Glenn McNatt and Glenn McNatt,Sun Art Critic | May 22, 2007
Britain's deputy prime minister told a Baltimore audience yesterday that his country regretted its part in the African slave trade. He called on other nations to redouble efforts to combat modern forms of slavery. Deputy Prime Minister John Leslie Prescott made his remarks at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture, where a major exhibition about slavery in Maryland is on view. "We recognize the active role Britain played in the slave trade," Prescott said, noting that millions of African slaves were forcibly transported to British colonies in North America and the Caribbean during the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries.
By Carl T. Rowan | June 18, 1997
In every social system there must be a class to do the menialduties, to perform the drudgery of life. That is, a class requiring but a low order of intellect and but little skill.Fortunately for the South, she has found a race adapted to that purpose at her hand. A race inferior to her own, but eminently qualified in temper, in vigor, in docility, in capacity to stand the climate, to answer all her purposes.We use them for our purpose, and we call them slaves.A5 -- Sen. James Henry Hammond, South Carolina, 1861 WASHINGTON -- Thomas Jefferson called slavery ''this abomination.
By Susan Hansen and Susan Hansen,Washington Bureau of The Sun | October 25, 1990
WASHINGTON -- A growing debate about whether black Americans are entitled to reparations for wrongs suffered under slavery and decades of racial discrimination found a new forum in Congress yesterday.After clearing their first legislative hurdle, those seeking a new federal commission to study slavery's impact on African-Americans say it may be an idea whose time has come."We just can't slam the door on these questions," said Representative John Conyers Jr., D-Mich. "It's a matter of healing for the country."
By GREGORY KANE | August 6, 1997
The Great American Dialogue on Race may have already begun, no thanks to President Bill Clinton, who so far has given us nothing but platitudes on the subject after declaring it an imperative for this year.But dialogues must begin with tough or uncomfortable questions. One caller posed one Sunday."What if," he asked, "there had been no slavery? Black people are much better off with slavery than they would have been without slavery."This man, judging from the tone of his voice and his question, was no snide, babbling racist.
By Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun | April 2, 2011
Maia Woods had long wondered about the strange-looking house on Rolling Road in Rockdale, the one that sits off Liberty Road, boarded up and neglected. On Saturday, she found out about its years as a station on the Underground Railroad, how it's been moved twice in its 200-plus-year history by family members well aware of its historical importance, and how it was bought by a couple 30 years ago determined to see it preserved — even though it's been so contaminated by pesticides that no one will ever be able to live in it again.
July 9, 2003
President George Washington issued orders in his will that his slaves be freed after his death; President Thomas Jefferson did not. Twelve presidents owned slaves. President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, effective Jan. 1, 1863, which freed very few slaves because it affected only those held in rebellious states - and those states ignored it. Those in states loyal to the Union could keep their slaves, and slavery was ended only by the passage of the 13th Amendment.
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