By Elsa Klensch and Elsa Klensch,Los Angeles Times Syndicate | January 15, 1998
My wife claims to be a "nose," someone with a discriminating sense of smell. Last week I found a bottle of one of my favorite after-shave lotions in the back of my closet. It has probably been two years since I received it as a gift.My wife says it smells stale and claims fragrances go off after a time. It smells OK to me, and since fragrances have a high percentage of alcohol I'm wondering how they could go stale. Who's right?Annette Green of the Fragrance Foundation tells me that a fragrance kept in a tightly closed bottle in a cool, dark closet should be OK for three to four years.
By Kit Waskom Pollard, For The Baltimore Sun | April 1, 2014
Although she has a full house — two dogs, one cat and twin 2-year-old daughters — Erin Proctor's Roland Park home smells great, she promises, even in the dead of winter, when the heat is cranked up and fresh air drifting through open windows is a distant memory. For about 15 years, Proctor has been a regular customer of Theresa Cangialosi, an aromatherapist who now owns SoBotanical aromatherapy bar in Federal Hill. Using diffusers and humidifiers, Proctor scents her home with the shop's essential oils, infusing the air with a variety of scents, from citrus to eucalyptus, and lifting her mood at the same time.
By Knight-Ridder | December 4, 1990
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A California woman is savoring the sweet smell of success after getting the first trademark for a scent -- a landmark ruling that may have makers of everything from Bazooka bubble gum to Old Spice after-shave scrambling to lock up their lucrative aromas."
By Jamie Smith Hopkins, The Baltimore Sun | June 17, 2013
Create a fragrance that smells heroic with a touch of villainy - that's what Andrew Levine's Lutherville company set out to do. Considering the name on the bottle, it makes sense. The new Stan Lee's Signature Cologne trades on the geek popularity of a comic-book-industry icon who had a hand in creations spanning the good-evil continuum - from Spider-Man, the Avengers and the X-Men to Loki, Magneto and Doctor Doom. Lee wanted the fragrance to smell like they would smell.
By Maria Blackburn and Maria Blackburn,Sun Staff | May 7, 2000
Flowery or fruity, spicy or sweet -- it doesn't matter what kind of mom you have. Chances are, someone will be buying her perfume for Mother's Day. With thousands of perfumes out there, from Accenti to Yvresse, knowing which one to give Mom isn't easy. Here's our take on some of the new women's fragrances on the market: Emporio Armani By: Giorgio Armani, $38.50 for 1.7 ounces The packaging: Tasteful, understated, expensive-looking Described as: Flowery and refined We say: Bellissima!
By Kevin Cowherd | March 30, 1992
Let me begin by saying that I am not a man who is overly concerned with his scent, OK?Which is not to say I'm oblivious to my scent, or that every once in a while I don't think of splashing on something with a sandalwood base instead of the same old after-shave.It's just that I don't dwell on my scent the way I dwell on, say, the NCAA basketball tournament.Now, if my scent were offensive in some way, I would, of course, take appropriate steps to correct the problem.But as far as I know, people don't notice my scent.
By ALICE STEINBACH | May 21, 1992
Every once in a while I'll stand next to someone who's wearing Shalimar perfume and the scent of it will stop me dead in my tracks. Really: dead in my tracks.I will stand there, impaled on the past like a trophy butterfly, quite unable to think of anything except my mother who wore only Shalimar perfume. It's the smell that woke me up in the morning and put me to bed at night when I was a child. And it has the power to evoke my mother's essence more sharply than any photograph ever could.
By Leigh Behrens and Leigh Behrens,Chicago Tribune | December 26, 1990
Scent has become essential.American women now spend more than $2.5 million annually on fragrances, and more than 80 percent of women polled recently by Opinion Research Corp. reported that they regularly use perfume or cologne, and apply it more than once daily.The research, commissioned by Self magazine, also found that the average woman owns five scents and is also likely to indulge in body creams and bath gels perfumed with with their favorite fragrances.How are scent selections made? Simply on the aroma rather than the cachet of a designer or celebrity, the research found.
By Newsday | October 22, 1992
Now, perhaps the greatest discovery since air conditioning first freshened a summer scorcher.Did you know some magazines offer subscriptions that come free of those scent strips?You want an unscented New Yorker? Call (800) 825-2510.A scent-free Mirabella? Dial (800) 283-0484. A New York magazine whose presence doesn't linger? (800) 678-0900.The toll-free numbers to magazines' subscription departments, located around the country, typically appear in microscopic type near the front or the back of each issue.
By Carl Schoettler and Carl Schoettler,Evening Sun Staff | April 25, 1991
GRANTSVILLE -- Sgt. Malcolm Deuser pushes his bloodhound puppy's nose down onto the orange glove like a downhome preacher dunking a sinner and then sends the dog off with an explosive "FIND HIM!!"The puppy, whose name is Scud, "casts" around the meadow, trotting back and forth in the gathering dark, searching for the scent, nose down, ears dragging, tail twitching. Then he lunges into the pine grove at the edge of the grassy field, pulling Deuser along with him at the end of a 30-foot leash.
The Baltimore Sun | September 27, 2012
Other than paint, what are some things that I can do to give my home a fall makeover? Throws are a wonderful way of making your home cozy and warm for the fall. We are loving chunky woven knits and amazing faux fur throws from Fabulous Furs — we have several in the store plus all of the samples. Along with the chilly fall weather I look forward to adding extra layers to my beds. Stuffing your duvet covers with heavier weight down inserts and adding a soft matelasse over your sheet makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning.
May 31, 2012
On the wave of unwanted publicity over unruly youths downtown, owners of businesses around the Inner Harbor were probably none too thrilled to have the smell of dead fish wafting through the air last weekend. Naturally, they brushed it off as having no impact on tourism - but you can bet that the odor was about as welcome as another Pat McDonough press conference. The likely culprit was mahogany tide, an algae that feeds on excess nutrients. This creates huge blooms that eventually die, rot and suck the oxygen out of the water, leaving other forms of aquatic life to suffocate.
By John-John Williams IV, The Baltimore Sun | January 19, 2012
Lately, it seems you don't have to be anywhere near a garden to stop and smell the roses. Smell is the latest way that businesses are attempting to woo customers, whether it be the scented candles at Hampden shop In Watermelon Sugar, the vanilla and cloves wafting through the air at Williams-Sonoma, or the pungent smell of colognes at trendy clothing chains. Technology to spread the scents have become more elaborate and includes a device that pumps fragrances through ventilation systems.
By Marissa Gallo | October 26, 2011
This week, we got to see the girls creativity first hand when they had to create their own fragrances and then two went home after a photo shoot where they had to embody two well-known reality TV stars. Smells juicy right? It was. Find out who won and who reaked of failure. SPOILERS AHEAD! Au de model Atop the Roosevelt Hotel, the girls meet with the founder of Hatch Beauty to come up with their own fragrance because everyone and their mom - and Justin Bieber - has to have a fragrance nowadays.
By Mary Gail Hare, The Baltimore Sun | August 11, 2011
More than 60 chefs arrived in Bel Air pulling trailers loaded with grills, seasonings, marinades, rubs, injectors, utensils and — of course — meat. Downtown Bel Air will be sizzling during the 10th annual Maryland BBQ Bash, the annual street festival and competition with $12,500 in prizes. The two-day event, which opens Friday, has attracted the four-time world champion griller, several chefs with the coveted "pitmaster" title and dozens of others, all determined to take the state title.
June 1, 2011
If winter is about cold and dark, autumn is about color and summer is about sweat, then spring, at least to me, is about smells. It hits me just about every May, though the specific day varies from year to year depending on the weather, but there's no mistaking when it hits. Stepping outside puts me in a sweet cloud of the flowers my wife, Anne, and I have planted outside our home. It's kind of strange: in our era, the easiest way for me to describe the smell is by comparing it to inexpensive perfume.
By Lesli Hicks and Lesli Hicks,San Antonio Express-News | November 21, 1994
Brigitte Saidi is allergic to some of the most popular perfumes on the market. So the management consultant who also owns two office complexes recently became part of a national trend when she urged her tenants to go scent-free."
By Vida Roberts and Vida Roberts,Staff Writer | November 26, 1992
While many retailers have taken a bath in the uncertain economic climate of the past few years, purveyors of bath and body products are splashing in success. And the number of specialty stores and lines continues to bubble up in malls and department store corners devoted to getting clean and smelling nice.In the holiday season, bath products and gifts have the same essential function -- they make people feel good. And as gifts, the pampering potions found in bath boutiques have much to recommend them.
By Jamison Hensley and Jamison Hensley, | November 13, 2009
The Ravens' pass defense has allowed big plays in the past. The biggest difference with the defensive backs this year is they don't make big plays in return. The Ravens are tied for 17th in the NFL with seven interceptions, but that number is misleading. They made four interceptions against the Cleveland Browns two months ago and have picked off just three passes in the other seven games. In fact, the Ravens have only one interception in the past five games (it was Ed Reed's 52-yard interception return for a touchdown)
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