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By Michael James and Michael James,Staff Writer | August 8, 1992
A 22-year-old dancer from The Block, once convicted of kidnapping an infant, was charged yesterday with abducting two babies after telling their grandmother she was taking them for a walk at the Inner Harbor.Rosetta Regina White of the 1600 block of Poplar Grove St. was arrested at 8 p.m. after a tip led investigators to a second-floor apartment in the 3700 block of Parkside Ave., Baltimore police said.Police had charged her in a warrant with kidnapping LaAcosta Laleisha Cousins and Tavon Clinfard Graves, city police said.
By Gerard Shields and Gerard Shields,SUN STAFF | July 28, 1998
Her face.I need to see Annie's face for it to be over.My wife works in the halls of our nation's Capitol. Not in an office, mind you, but right in the halls, where she stands for the C-SPAN cable station interviewing Congress members during their votes on legislation.So as I sit at my desk at 3: 40 p.m. Friday, my eyes fix on the CNN television footage showing the Capitol steps emblazoned with the logo: "Breaking News."As is newsroom tradition, reporters and editors have gathered around the television, arms folded, watching the drama play out. Two Capitol police officers have been shot in the halls, along with a female civilian.
By Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun | May 12, 2012
Standing before some 30 activists and Union Square neighbors Saturday in a neon orange T-shirt with the words "I am Baltimore," 16-year-old Antonio Ellis recited a gritty poem about how the city appears through his eyes. "Born and raised in the city, where youth are always misunderstood. / Being judged based on skin color or because they're from the 'hood," the Reginald F. Lewis High School sophomore said in a lyrical rhythm. "Living in the city, where there is little chance to succeed.
August 5, 2001
Stoop Reading program to be launched Thursday An effort to increase reading among young children in Baltimore's neighborhoods will be launched at 1 p.m. Thursday on the steps of The Sun. The 2001 Stoop Reading program -- sponsored by The Safe and Sound Campaign, Baltimore Reads and The Sun's Reading by 9 Program -- will encourage community centers to organize Read Aloud sites throughout the city, asking them to recruit neighborhood readers and kids....
Staff Reports | April 7, 2013
The Carroll County Sheriff's Office and the Hampstead Police Department on Sunday called off a Silver Alert that had been issued for a 76-year-old man. Police said Jerry Leroy Bowman was found safe and sound. A resident of Hampstead, he had been missing since Saturday afternoon and his family had been concerned. Police issued a statement early Sunday that he had returned home.
November 16, 1999
In honor of National Philanthropy Day yesterday, the Maryland Chapter of the National Society of Fund Raising Executives recognized a Baltimore philanthropist, a foundation and students at four schools for their charitable work.Suzanne F. Cohen, a member of numerous local nonprofit boards, was named philanthropist of the year for her support of institutions like Goucher College and her work creating the Safe and Sound campaign, a program to improve life and reduce violence for Baltimore children with after-school programs and other initiatives.
By Matt Vensel, The Baltimore Sun | September 15, 2013
Joe Flacco's phone started buzzing a little bit before noon Sunday. As teammates pulled on their pads and bobbed their head to whatever music was bumping in their headphones, the Ravens quarterback interrupted his pregame routine to answer the call he had been waiting for. It was his wife, Dana, who was at a hospital in New Jersey. She had just given birth to their son, Daniel, and wanted to let Flacco know that both she and their second child were safe and sound. The cellular reception in the locker room, deep in the bowels of M&T Bank Stadium, was spotty, but Flacco heard exactly what he needed before jogging out on the field for pregame warmups.
By DAN RODRICKS | May 10, 2007
Baltimore needs a town meeting, and it's getting one this Saturday from noon until 5 p.m. at the Baltimore Convention Center. You might want to stop by and bring your sense of future with you. What comes out of this town meeting will go a long way toward making Baltimore a better city, particularly for its children. The event is called the Opportunity Summit, and it presents a chance for the citizens of all social classes to have a say in where this city goes in the next 10 years. Baltimoreans will pick a new mayor in September, but Saturday's summit might be just as important because it will set priorities that the next mayor won't be able to ignore.
By Ernest F. Imhoff and Ernest F. Imhoff,SUN STAFF | December 15, 1998
George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist and financial speculator, pledged $6.25 million yesterday for better after-school programs for Baltimore children -- provided the money is matched by $12 million over the next three years.Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke promptly offered $1 million in city funds for the first year's matching requirement, thus leaving $11 million to be raised from public and private sources.The funds are designated for the Safe and Sound Campaign to expand after-school activities.
By Eileen Ambrose, The Baltimore Sun | May 31, 2013
At one point during the three years that Harbor Bank of Maryland operated under heightened federal scrutiny, a regulator asked CEO Joseph Haskins Jr. why he stuck it out. Why not just retire? But for Haskins, one of the founders of the Baltimore bank in 1982, walking away was not an option. "I've grown up not running from a challenge, but facing it head on and looking to find a solution," said Haskins, 65. "And so, it isn't in my DNA to wilt under pressure. In fact, it only strengthens my resolve.
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