June 23, 2010
I agree with the Safe Surrender program ("Hundreds seek Safe Surrender," June 20). First of all, it provided a comfortable environment for the people with nonviolent crimes to get their lives back on track. Second of a, it provides a safe haven for people. Finally, everybody who turned themselves in received " favorable consideration." The program gave everyone a chance to do what is right and make better lives for themselves. People will have a second chance. One of the people mentioned in The Sun, Nakia Parrine, was wanted on drug charges for about four years and finally decided to turn herself in so she could get a job to support her family.
By Justin George and The Baltimore Sun | September 15, 2014
Montgomery County police investigators suspect a Clarksburg mother killed two young children who have been missing for more than a week, police said on Monday. Sarah Hoggle, 3, and Jacob Hoggle, 2, have been missing since Sept. 8. Authorities are investigating their mother, Catherine Hoggle, 27, in their possible deaths. Hoggle had also gone missing for a few days after her common-law husband became suspicious about the kids' whereabouts. "We keep a ray of hope that Sarah and Jacob will be reunited with their family," Police Capt.
April 7, 2010
President Obama's new policies on nuclear weapons definitely will make us less safe. He just virtually tossed our nuclear deterrence out the window, as he is counting on the so-called good will of our potential enemies. His new strategy renounces the development of any new nuclear weapons and is also overruling his own defense secretary's policy. This faulty strategy is a severe change and shift from those of his predecessors as he seeks to revamp our nations nuclear posture, and this comes in a time in which rogue nations and terrorist organizations like Iran and North Korea have become a greater threat than traditional powers like China and Russia.
By Aaron Wilson and The Baltimore Sun | September 9, 2014
Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin displayed his sense of humor Tuesday when asked if Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones needs to watch out for him on the kickoff team Thursday night. "No, I won't be," Tomlin said with a laugh during a conference call with Baltimore reporters. "Tell Jacoby he's safe. " Tomlin was fined $100,000 by the NFL last season for sideline interference when he nearly collided with Jones, jumping out of the way at the last moment to avoid colliding with the Pro Bowl return specialist.
By Peter Hermann, The Baltimore Sun | June 3, 2010
Diana Pilleris said Jeff Cupp broke into her apartment and stole $200. Baltimore police arrested him, charging him with burglary and destruction of property, and he spent three days in the city jail. The day after he posted bail, Cupp jumped on an airplane and flew to Germany with his girlfriend. He failed to appear for his trial, and a judge promptly issued a warrant seeking his arrest. That was Sept. 15, 1981. The warrant was never served, and most of the paperwork appears to have been lost.
By Amy Watts | April 10, 2013
The show opens with text telling us that last night was about the best year of their lives, but that tonight will be "The worst night ... " I really hope that's not true for any of these people. The opening number is all the female pros and troupe members dancing to "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce. This routine singlehandedly keeps the red fringe industry going for another year. Tom comments, looking over at the women taking their bows, "I love this job. " And we love you, Tom. Quick clip montage of last night's dances.
March 15, 1991
Police are investigating the apparent theft of $500 from a safe in aLinthicum convenience store Tuesday.A clerk at the High's store,in the 400 block Camp Meade Road, told police she counted the $500 in the safe when she came to work at 5:15 a.m.She said when she went back to the safe at 1:30 p.m., the money was gone. The clerk and another worker were the only employees with access to the safe that day, the police report says.Both clerks denied taking the money and a search of their cars turned up nothing, the police report says.
By Mike Farabaugh and Mike Farabaugh,Sun Staff Writer | January 22, 1995
A North East man is accused of shooting at police during a two-county chase after an attempt to tow away a store's safe, authorities said.Harry George Deaner III, 29, of the first block of Cypress Drive, posted a $100,000 property bond on three counts of attempted murder and handgun charges and was released from the Cecil County Detention Center Wednesday, a jail spokeswoman said.Harford deputies promptly arrested Mr. Deaner on burglary, theft, destruction of property and handgun charges.
By Nancy Jones-Bonbrest and Nancy Jones-Bonbrest,Special to the Sun | January 10, 2007
Bob DeWeese Locksmith/owner Bear Lock and Security Service, Dundalk Salary --$65,000 a year Age --47 Years on the job --26 How he got started --Before becoming a locksmith, DeWeese worked as a mechanic and tow-truck driver. A locksmith company - now out of business - used the gas station and garage that DeWeese worked for to store its company vehicles overnight. DeWeese said he would occasionally ask if they were hiring. When a job opened, he jumped at the opportunity. He worked as a locksmith for eight years before starting his own business in 1988.
By SUSAN REIMER | March 19, 1995
My children are not permitted to watch television during the school week. Unless, of course, they are driving me crazy. Then they can watch all the TV they want.But it has to be public television.I imposed this condition when I found my 8-year-old daughter watching VH1 and reruns of "Golden Girls." "At least I'm not watching MTV," she protested.Well, I thought, it's only a matter of time before they are watching Oprah and Ricki Lake while I'm trying to get dinner on the table. So I gave them a choice: public TV only.
By David Horsey | September 9, 2014
With my job as a cartoonist and columnist for one the nation's biggest newspapers comes a modicum of minor celebrity, but I can't imagine a big market for naked pictures of myself. This is not the case for true celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, who, along with as many as 100 others, had private nude photos of themselves stolen from Apple's iCloud storage system and posted for public perusal online. Whether the hackers who did this were out to make money or simply to prove their technological prowess, they caught the attention of the FBI, which is now investigating.
Susan Reimer | September 3, 2014
The reaction to the online publication of nude photos of actress Jennifer Lawrence, model Kate Upton and dozens of other beautiful celebrities has run the bandwidth from moral outrage to moral outrage. Actress Lena Dunham of HBO's "Girls" called it no less than a sex offense. But some men who wanted to see even more of the photos were furious an any attempt to remove them, calling it a violation of their right to free speech. They believed they were entitled to see these women naked.
By David Tayman, D.V.M | August 21, 2014
Q: Howard County now has two dog parks - one in Ellicott City and one in Columbia. What do we need to know before taking our dog? A: I think dog parks are a great idea, especially in urban and suburban areas where it's not safe to let dogs run and play off-leash. Still, dog parks are only as good as the humans who take their pets to play there. It all starts with the rules, which promote safety for both humans and pets. Howard County's dog parks prohibit the following within the fenced off-leash areas: kids under age 12, smoking and eating, dog treats, glass containers of any kind, dogs in heat, puppies under 4 months old, and animals other than dogs.
August 7, 2014
Opening the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf to geophysical activities represents a unique opportunity for the nation to assess available resources and to do it in an environmentally responsible manner ( "Some Md. lawmakers oppose seismic testing," Aug. 4). Seismic survey activities are temporary and transitory and are the least intrusive way to explore the earth's geology and its dynamic processes. Seismic surveys provide the needed information about the value and location of key resources, enabling the government to evaluate the information and make informed decisions.
By Tim Wheeler and The Baltimore Sun | August 6, 2014
The crisis may have eased in Toledo , but the toxic algae in Lake Erie that contaminated the water supply for 500,000 people in Ohio continues to plague lakes and rivers across the country, including here in Maryland. Lake Williston, a swimming hole for a Girl Scout camp in Caroline County, is off limits this summer because of  dangerous levels of a toxin in its water.  So is 75-acre Lake Needwood in Rock Creek Regional Park in Montgomery County.  Same for Northwest Creek, a 100-acre impoundment on Kent Island in Queen Anne's County.
By Meredith Cohn | July 28, 2014
Farmers Market Week begins Aug. 3, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and an independent public health organization wants consumers to remember a few things about food safety. Uncooked produce is twice as likely to make you sick than meat because fruits and vegetables can attract bacteria from the soil or water where it's grown, notes NSF International , citing data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here are some tips from the group and from , a site maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: +Look for produce that isn't bruised or damaged.
By Anne Haddad and Anne Haddad,SUN STAFF | January 16, 2000
If only the bank had lasted as long as the safe. First National Bank of Hampstead opened in 1910 and closed during the Great Depression. But the 6,000-pound cannonball pedestal safe sat there until last week, when a demolition crew hauled it away to make room for a new police station. After protecting money and treasures for decades, the elegant sphere could end up as scrap metal unless someone comes forward with a very strong concrete slab and a lot of cash to haul the safe. "There's no place in town we can put it," said Hampstead Town Manager Kenneth Decker.
By Jill Hudson and Jill Hudson,SUN STAFF | April 1, 1997
Howard County police are looking for a man who acted as if he had a weapon when he held up an Ellicott City bowling alley Friday afternoon.According to police, a man walked into the Normandy Brunswick Bowling Alley in the 8400 block of U.S. 40 at 12: 45 p.m. and asked a manager about reserving lanes for a party.The man then asked the manager to see the establishment's safe and he raised his left hand, which was covered by a newspaper, police said. Although no weapon was displayed, police said it was implied that he had one.The manager took the man into the back office area, where the safe was kept, and the suspect demanded money from it.A police report said the manager put an undisclosed amount of cash into a bank bag that was on top of the safe, the man took it, left the office and fled the building.
By Thomas Neas, The Baltimore Sun and By Thomas Neas, The Baltimore Sun | July 26, 2014
If you're worried about auto theft, parking in the Cedarcroft neighborhood in February might be the safest spot in the entire city - but be wary if you need to park in Frankford in July. In any large city, auto theft is a persistent problem, and in Baltimore, nearly 4,000 vehicles are stolen each year. According to the recovery systems producer LoJack, Maryland ranks seventh in the nation in vehicle thefts and recoveries, and certain trends become more apparent in thecity's crime data.
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