July 30, 2012
Aberdeen Family Swim Center celebrated recent renovations with a ribbon-cutting July 14. The facility was rededicated after extensive renovations to the bathhouse and pump room, which were done thanks to the generous support of The Home Depot, WAVE, Ferrell Fuel, D&P Electric and Dependable Electric.
By Liz Bowie and The Baltimore Sun | September 30, 2014
Six public schools and three Catholic schools in Maryland were named Tuesday as National Blue Ribbon Schools, a designation given to the most successful schools in the country. The public schools honored this year included Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, a magnet school in Baltimore County, and Linthicum Elementary School in Anne Arundel County. Three Baltimore-area Catholic schools also were given the award: The School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore, Immaculate Conception School in Towson and Our Lady of Grace School in Parkton.
By Olivia Hubert-Allen and The Baltimore Sun | May 17, 2013
“Let's try that one first,” I said, pointing to the craziest wedding gown the saleswoman had selected for me. It was tight through the hips, with geometric ribbon designs that started on the bodice and trailed down through the choppy tulle skirt. It was an avant-garde kind of wedding dress you might wear if your reception was at Sidebar in Downtown Baltimore or the Renaissance Festival - a little punk, a little medieval. It wasn't remotely my style, but I wanted the first dress I tried on to be memorable and this certainly fit the bill.
March 28, 2014
HCPSS joins the family and friends of Grace McComas in the grieving process, understanding that it is ongoing and particularly difficult during milestones in students' lives such as graduation. Our graduation procedures manual states that items worn on caps and gowns are limited to academic achievements. We believe there are other visible and meaningful ways to express remembrance of students who have passed. The school system has reached out to the McComas family to consider options such as the awarding of a posthumous diploma and a scholarship from the Glenelg High School Active Minds student organization in Grace's name.
By Patricia Meisol and Patricia Meisol,SUN STAFF | December 9, 2004
Jody Hale is in the throes of bow season. The give-away is her fingers: Swollen, from regularly turning ribbons into loops and loops into bows that decorate houses in Baltimore and beyond. The 38-year-old chief bow maker at Valley View Farms can make a Christmas bow in under two minutes. She's made 30 bows in an evening in front of the television before calling it quits, hundreds of bows in a weekend and, though she can only guess at the number, thousands in a Christmas season. "It's crazy," she says, "but it's a short season."
By Sherrie Clinton and Sherrie Clinton,Evening Sun Staff | March 6, 1991
WELCOME OUR RETURNING heros with this festive yellow ribbon cake.Use your favorite cake recipe and icing and top it with this easy to make yellow ribbon.The ribbon is made from candy coating, available in cake decorating and candy making stores. The ribbon can be eaten.Check your phone directory for candy and cake decorating stores that sell candy coating.This recipe will make enough candy to create several ribbons. Make extra ribbons for friends or store the extra candy in the refrigerator.
By Stephanie Shapiro and Stephanie Shapiro,Staff Writer | May 3, 1993
Have a cause? Get a ribbon.You may be leading the charge against murder, mayhem and deadly disease, but if it's not color-coordinated, it's invisible.Ribbons of many hues, most perceptible on the lapels and bosoms of politically correct celebrities on televised awards programs, are high concept, tasteful and to the point.One hitch: What is the point?"I think it's getting very confusing to people," says Andrew A. Barasda, executive director of the Health Education Resource Organization (HERO)
December 8, 1996
David Laurence Meltzer staged a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week for the third and largest project in his growing business of acquiring, renovating and managing Baltimore apartment buildings under the name of Laurence Holdings.City Council President Lawrence A. Bell cut the ribbon to formally open the Laurence McCormick Apartments at 2200 Maryland Ave., in the South Charles Village neighborhood, and praised Meltzer's efforts.The name for the large, end-of-row brick building comes from the spice-connected McCormicks said to have owned it around the turn of the century.
February 10, 1991
If you are a county employee who drives a county government vehicle during your workday, be advised there are now guidelines to follow ifyou want to decorate the vehicle to show support for the troops serving in the Persian Gulf war.But if you drive a school bus, don't bother decorating the outside of it, school administrators say. It's prohibited.The proper decor on county-owned vehicles allowed by the new county director of administration: A small yellow ribbon or a small American flag may be displayed on the outside.
By Karen Nitkin and Karen Nitkin,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | October 21, 2002
THE ORIGINAL plan was to have Ravens quarterback Chris Redman cut the ribbons on a new multimedia center and playground at the Norbel School in Elkridge. But that plan had to be changed because the school, like others in the region, is not letting children on the playground because of the sniper shootings in the region. Then the plan was for Redman to show up about 12:30 p.m. to have lunch with a group of students before cutting ribbons in the multimedia center. But that plan had to change, too, because last-minute obligations kept Redman from arriving before 1:45 p.m. Despite the changes, the event was a success, said Krys Renzi, the school's advancement assistant.
Susan Reimer | March 26, 2014
Grace McComas would have graduated this year from Glenelg High School, but she took her own life two years ago after months of brutal cyber bullying. Her friends want to remember her by wearing a small blue ribbon pinned to their gowns, but they have been told they will be pulled out of the ceremony if they do. School officials say they don't want to "celebrate" her death. The students say they just want to celebrate her life. And blue was Grace's favorite color. Jillian Reilly and Liana Fitzgibbons met with Glenelg Principal Karl Schindler and a guidance counselor for 45 minutes to ask about the ribbons and if they could hang a banner for Grace.
January 31, 2014
On Nov. 10, the Blue Ribbon 4-H Club stuffed and wrapped several shoeboxes and donated them to Operation Christmas Child.
By Liz Bowie, The Baltimore Sun | December 11, 2013
Two Baltimore-area schools, Western School of Technology and Environmental Science in Baltimore County and Linthicum Elementary in Anne Arundel County, were among the six named state Blue Ribbon winners on Wednesday. The designation, which is given by the state Department of Education to the highest-performing schools as well as those with a high percentage of minority and disadvantaged students who beat the odds and perform well, carries significant prestige. The six schools can now apply to become National Blue Ribbon Schools.
By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun | October 2, 2013
WASHINGTON - Nothing was going to stop Jack Poitras from playing taps at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Wednesday, not even the National Park Police. "I said, 'I am willing to be arrested,'" the Vietnam veteran from Missouri recalled. He had been told the nation's memorials to those who served with him, in World War II and the Korean War, would be closed the day he and scores of other veterans made long-planned trips by plane, tour bus and wheelchair. For 55 years, Poitras has played the bugle at military funerals at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, and he wasn't going to miss what could be his only chance to do it on some of the nation's most hallowed ground.
Erica L. Green and Erica L. Green | September 24, 2013
Eleven Maryland schools have earned a prestigious 2013 National Blue Ribbon designation, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced Tuesday. The schools awarded the designation in the Baltimore region are: Chadwick Elementary School and Charlesmont Elementary School, both located in Baltimore County; and Folly Quarter Middle School, located in Howard County. Additionally, two area private schools -- St. Joseph Elementary School in Cockeysville, and St. Mary's Elementary School in Annapolis -- also received the designation.
By Judy Berman | September 16, 2013
October, with its ubiquitous pink ribbons, has come to symbolize breast cancer awareness. I'm guessing you didn't know that September has a ribbon too - a little-seen light blue ribbon that is the sign of Prostate Cancer Awareness month. I didn't know it. But last September I became acutely aware of prostate cancer, when my husband was diagnosed with the disease. I set up a full physical exam for my less-than-thrilled husband earlier in 2012, when a friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
By Rob Hiaasen and Rob Hiaasen,SUN STAFF | August 18, 2004
The old-man beer has been reborn. Pabst Blue Ribbon has staged an unlikely comeback in the big, foaming-at-the-mouth business that is beer. Once your father's or grandfather's beer, Pabst has caught the attention of their offspring. Pabst isn't threatening to knock off Miller or Sam Adams or Sam anyone. But sales jumped 15 percent last year for a label once thought extinct. Young people - loosely defined as NOT US - are actually drinking the beer historically nicknamed PBR. The beer might be as hip as a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers.
By Neal Thompson and Neal Thompson,SUN STAFF | June 7, 1998
For the first time in history, a MUC flutters above the U.S. Naval Academy.Not a duck, a MUC -- that's how the Navy refers to the prestigious Meritorious Unit Commendation award President Clinton has bestowed upon an academy considered new and improved at the end of Superintendent Adm. Charles R. Larson's four-year term.The award, which typically goes to Navy ships, air squadrons or command posts, gives the academy the right to fly a MUC pennant from its flagstaff. It also allows naval personnel who served at the academy from August 1996 to June 1998 to wear a MUC ribbon on their uniforms.
NEWS | September 11, 2013
Who says people in the suburban neighborhoods in our area can't grow prize-winning vegetables? Rose Marie Fury walked away with 27 ribbons from the Maryland State Fair this year. Nine of the ribbons were for her homegrown vegetables including purple potatoes, red potatoes, red onions and sweet onions, all of which she grew in her backyard garden that is roughly 25 feet by 45 feet. And Fury's talent extends beyond gardening. She also won in the food preservation and baked goods and candy divisions.
By Loni Ingraham | August 27, 2013
Betsy Lentz has won hundreds of ribbons from the Maryland State Fair and the 63-year-old Pine Valley resident appears energetic enough to win hundreds more as she bounces out of a sunroom chair, brings in a big brown bag and a large cardboard box and dumps her blue, red and white bounty on the coffee table for a visitor. And that's not all of them, said John Donald, the housemate Lentz calls her "soulmate. " He's also her gardening mate. Donald said the 11 days of the state fair is one of he happiest time of year for Lentz, who has been winning ribbons for her flowers, flower arrangements, vegetables, baking and photography since 1985.
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