By Ray Takeyh | March 21, 2005
THE RECENT elections in Iraq and Palestine and the democratic musings in Saudi Arabia have led to a paradoxical feeling of exhilaration and concern in Washington. The mass demonstrations by Hezbollah and the continued vibrancy of radical Islamist groups such as Hamas have led many pundits and analysts to perceive that the rise of pluralism in the Middle East implies the ascendance of militant Islamist forces with their anti-American agenda and ideology of wrath. America's hesitation notwithstanding, a democratic Middle East must include all voices, including the Islamists.
September 13, 2014
While ISIS is not invincible, even if temporarily defeated, it will morph into a new terror group similar to the off-shoots of al-Qaida ( "ISIS is not invincible," Sept. 9). Unfortunately, radical Islam is not a one-time or one-nation occurrence, as evidenced by recent developments in the Middle East and Africa. Many nations are experiencing its terrorist actions, such as Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, all of the Middle East, India and eastern Asia. With the worldwide presence of radical Islam, we can only expect to contain it and not to defeat it entirely.
By Jules Witcover | March 10, 2004
WASHINGTON - Judging from the much ado about gay marriage, one might conclude that the country has run out of more serious issues to worry about. President Bush, to the delight of his conservative base, is pushing for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The move clearly is part of his administration's effort to focus public attention on the culture war rather than on the shooting war in Iraq that continues to plague him. In making Iraq part of the war on terrorism when it originally wasn't, he relies on his showboat brand of patriotism to counter the Democratic criticism that has been gaining steam throughout the primary election season.
September 3, 2014
Americans are acting surprised and shocked that younger Americans are being radicalized and choosing to fight on behalf of Muslim extremists. The following is one explanation as to why this should not be surprising and should be considered inevitable. We live in a country where approximately 51 percent of voters think that the other 49 percent are racist, greedy and homophobic. This 51 percent can't seem to find anything redeeming about the United States and think that our nation owes the rest of the world apologies.
By LAWRENCE WILKERSON | April 23, 2006
We Americans came not from a revolution but from an evolution. That is in large part why our so-called revolution produced success while most throughout history did not. We came as much from the Magna Carta as from our own doings, as much from British common law and parliamentary development as from the Declaration of Independence and Continental Congress. Unlike the true revolution on the other side of the Atlantic that led to Napoleon's dictatorship and strife and conflict all across Europe, our evolution founded the greatest country the world has ever seen.
By Scott Shane and Scott Shane,Moscow Bureau of The Sun | June 21, 1991
&TC MOSCOW -- President Mikhail S. Gorbachev denounced hard-line opponents of economic reform yesterday and signaled that he will resist conservative pressure and insist on radical moves toward a market economy.The remarks were the strongest blast against reactionary Communists heard in many months from Mr. Gorbachev, who for the past year has reserved nearly all of his public scorn for democratic radicals.The statement contributed to the growing perception here that he is staking his fortunes on radical republican leaders, newly elected Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin chief among them.
By John Daniszewski and John Daniszewski,LOS ANGELES TIMES | August 25, 2005
LONDON - Britain will deport any non-citizen who foments, justifies or glorifies terrorist violence, Home Secretary Charles Clarke said yesterday, unveiling toughened criteria for remaining in the country in response to the July attacks on the transit system. The pronouncement, aimed mainly at radical preachers, evoked criticism from civil liberties groups, who said that the new standards could infringe on Britain's culture of free speech and erode liberties. They also expressed concern that some Islamic dissidents would face torture if forced back to their home countries.
By Nancy Forgione and By Nancy Forgione,Special to the Sun | January 26, 2003
The art of Edouard Vuillard -- currently on sumptuous display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington -- expresses the spirit of his era even as it offers a deeply personal glimpse into his private life. Parisian culture in the 1890s put a high premium on the comforts of the home interior, and Vuillard shared that affection for domestic existence. He loved above all to paint people in rooms, absorbed in ordinary household routines. They read, sew, sleep, share meals, converse and interact, mostly harmoniously, sometimes uneasily.
By ROBERT JENSEN | August 13, 2000
DENIS HALLIDAY spent 34 years in the bureaucracy of the United Nations, rising to assistant secretary general as he ran development programs around the world and managed the human resources office. Halliday's work gave him a behind-the-scenes look at the realities of world politics and the hidden agendas of the world powers. It's the kind of work that usually produces insiders -- not radicals. But seeing U.S. policy up close in Iraq changed that for Halliday. In September 1997, he took over as humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, where he saw first-hand the results of a policy he now calls genocidal.
October 3, 2007
Critic's Pick -- Sarah joins a radical anti-abortion group in the season premiere of The Sarah Silverman Program (10:30 p.m., Comedy Central).
August 14, 2014
I agree with your editorial premise and President Barack Obama that the U.S. military needs to intervene in Iraq to protect U.S. personnel and prevent ISIS from the genocidal mass murder of 40,000 Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar ( "Turning point in Iraq," Aug. 8). What I do not understand is President Obama's stunning silence and lack of concern over the tens of thousands of Christians whom ISIS has tortured and murdered during their killing spree over the past few months. The Sun's editorial makes no mention of Christians who were and still are being murdered.
September 25, 2013
Nothing shows the true intent of our enemies more than the horrific attacks against a Christian house of worship in Pakistan and against shoppers at a mall in Kenya ( "Smoke pours from Kenya mall as forces 'close in,'" Sept. 23). Rather than resorting to the ballot and democratic elections, the radical Islamists prey on the most defenseless to spread their reign of terror, to induce the mass exodus of Christians and destroy the nations involved. The cowardly attacks are an indication of what radical Islam has in store for all non-believers, including women and children.
September 19, 2013
If there was any doubt about how cowed America is by the gun lobby, it was erased today by Howard Schultz, the president, chairman and CEO of Starbucks Coffee Company. After months of controversy over whether patrons should openly be allowed to carry firearms in the company's stores, Mr. Schultz issued an open letter to his fellow Americans announcing that he would not adopt a no-weapons policy but would kindly request that customers keep their guns at home. The letter appeared (among other places)
Dan Rodricks | July 15, 2013
It's a troubling and scary thing to consider, but my take-away from the trial of George Zimmerman is a very clear message that you can take up arms to protect yourself and use deadly force with the thinnest claims of self-defense and the fullest confidence that little, if anything, will happen to you. This will undoubtedly be true in about half of the country - in states that have enacted stand-your-ground laws in recent years. (Maryland is not one of them, yet.) Self-defense is a powerful defense, but in Florida and nearly two dozen other states.
Robert L. Ehrlich Jr | June 23, 2013
Are you easily annoyed these days? Me too. So, herewith, a brief sampling of the most annoying and shamelessly under-analyzed and under-reported incidents of recent weeks. • Democratic silence as President Barack Obama follows and expands upon Bush Administration terror-war policies . Liberals in Congress and the media cried bloody murder (and worse) when the Bush Administration began (warrantless) eavesdropping on domestic communications and indeterminate detention of suspected terrorists.
Robert L. Ehrlich Jr | June 2, 2013
"You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don't care about you. " - Michael Adebolajo, one of two men arrested in the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby. Here we go again. Brazen and brutal attacks against British and French soldiers. In broad daylight. At the hands of homegrown Islamic extremists (Mr. Adebolajo is reported to have shouted "Allahu Akbar!" as he struck). European conservatives reflexively clamoring for a crackdown on Islamic fundamentalism.
July 21, 2010
Another September 11 looms in a few more weeks. We Americans may have grown weary of war against our Islamic radical jihadist enemies. They will never grow weary of war against us as Sunday, July 11's massacre in Kampala, Uganda shows once again Our Islamic radical jihadist enemies and their forefathers have been fighting since 622 of the Common Era to conquer the world for Islam. Only as complete and devastating a defeat as our recent forefathers inflicted on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during the Second World War will compel our Islamic radical jihadist enemies to cease their aggression against us. The Islamic Republic of Iran is still our most dangerous enemy.
June 1, 2013
I've enjoyed reading the more moderate conservative pundits trying to reason with their base to, as Timothy Meyer puts it, get over their "Obama obsession" ("Conservatives: Lose the Obama obsession," May 30). Good luck with that. President Barack Obama has the economic policies of an Eisenhower Republican. His Obamacare is taken in large part from Mitt Romney's health care reforms in Massachusetts and is by the far the most conservative alternative out there for bringing affordable health care to all Americans.
May 4, 2013
In their commentary, Zainab Choudry and Saqib Ali ("Don't let Israel discriminate," April 30) objected to Senate Bill 462 (the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013) introduced recently in the U.S. Senate that advocates Israel's right to deny entry into its country of certain people. Therefore, according to them, this bill would allow Israel to "discriminate against select groups of Americans, including Americans who expressed criticism of its policies. " Ms. Choudry and Mr. Ali also misguidedly disapproved of U.S. Sen. Benjamin Cardin for supporting the bill.
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