By Ellie Baublitz and Ellie Baublitz,Staff writer | February 12, 1992
The Town Council Monday denied requests by Prestige Cable Televisionto increase the franchise fee and to return several channels reserved for towns as part of the company's franchise agreement."
June 6, 1997
YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET. So if Carroll County wants the local cable TV company to install a $2 million fiber optic communications link between two dozen public buildings, including library, schools and community college, you know who's going to pay for it.The county takes it out of Prestige Cable's income, which results in higher cable rates for 27,000 Carroll home subscribers. Or it raises the county-municipal franchise fee, which results in higher bills for those same subscribers.But that squabble, now in the hands of lawyers, is small potatoes compared to the big confrontation over the future of cable television service in the county.
By Ellie Baublitz and Ellie Baublitz,Staff writer | July 17, 1991
Management at Prestige Cablevision Channel 3 is going through a major shake-up, with the resignations last week of General Manager Chuck Kunaniec and News Director John C. "Rip" Jeppi Jr.Herschel Wisebram, director of local programming for Prestige Cable in Cartersville,Ga., cited "philosophical differences" behind Kunaniec's resignationJuly 9."He served us well for a number of years and deserves credit for the station's expansion and improvement in programming," Wisebram said."But there were some philosophical differences in the way I wanted things run and the way he wanted to do them."
By Liz Bowie and Liz Bowie,SUN STAFF | September 11, 1997
Picking the partners for this match wasn't hard.The Cosmetic Center had been floundering after the death of its forceful founder, Louis R. Weinstein. Its growth was stymied, it was recording losses and the Savage-based hair care and cosmetic company was having difficulty with getting certain products.Along came Revlon Inc., displaying Prestige Fragrance & Cosmetics Inc., a wholly owned retail subsidiary it was ready to spin off.Prestige, with 197 stores in outlet malls nationwide, had been a useful outlet for excess Revlon inventory.
By Michael Hill and Michael Hill,SUN STAFF | May 12, 2002
HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS across the nation have just concluded a hard-fought contest - the college entrance race. For many, victory is acceptance into a college high on the prestige list, a hierarchy established by peers and parents, by U.S. News and World Report's rankings of top schools, by high school and other counselors eager to add a few Ivy League acceptances to their records. Defeat is a mailbox of rejection letters, a forced march to a lower-ranked, less prestigious school. But what exactly is such a victory worth?
By David Zurawik and David Zurawik,Sun Television Critic | September 21, 2003
How many comedians does it take to emcee an awards show? Eleven, it seems -- at least on The 55th Annual Emmy Awards telecast, which airs tonight. The lineup: Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Garrett, George Lopez, Bernie Mac, Dennis Miller, Conan O'Brien, Garry Shandling, Martin Short, Jon Stewart, Wanda Sykes and Darrell Hammond. Gone are the days in which Johnny Carson or Bob Hope possessed more than enough talent to serve as host -- note the singular noun -- for the Emmy or Oscar telecasts. Some might see tonight's lineup as an industry's response to the growing fragmentation of its audience.
By Sheridan Lyons and Sheridan Lyons,SUN STAFF | December 15, 1999
Prestige Cable TV of Carroll County Inc. has been sold, along with the rest of the company's holdings, to a large Pennsylvania cable provider, an official at Prestige's corporate headquarters in Cartersville, Ga., confirmed last night."
By Donna R. Engle and Donna R. Engle,SUN STAFF | January 8, 1997
Two years before a 15-year cable television franchise agreement expires, the county's oversight committee is already planning for negotiations with Prestige Cable TV, the Georgia-based company that serves Carroll and seven municipalities.The committee has conducted public hearings on what the community wants from its cable company in the 21st century. But before the committee and Prestige begin discussing franchise renewal, they must reach an agreement on what new and upgraded equipment the company is willing to install before the current franchise agreement expires.
By Kerry O'Rourke and Kerry O'Rourke,Staff writer | May 6, 1992
MOUNT AIRY -- Town residents who want to switch from Prestige Cable TV Inc. to Frederick Cablevision Inc. may be able to do so this fall, a spokesman for the Frederick company said."
By Daniel P. Clemens Jr and Daniel P. Clemens Jr,Staff writer | December 4, 1991
The public hearing was intended to give citizens a chance to air their thoughts on having a second cable television company open shop in town.Instead, Monday's hourlong session before the Town Council became a war of rhetoric between representatives of the cable companies.Prestige Cable TV of Maryland Inc., which serves about 900 Mount Airy residents, squared off against Frederick Cablevision Inc., whichhopes to be invited by the council to compete with Prestige.Fourcitizens squeezed in comments.
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