By Dave Barry | August 11, 1991
Recently a woman I know named Michelle came into the newspaper office with a big ugly wound on her upper arm. Realizing that she might be self-conscious about it, I said, "Michelle, what's that big ugly wound on your upper arm?" Sensitivity is the cornerstone of journalism.It turned out that Michelle had been bitten by a horse. It was her own horse, and it bit her while she was trying to feed it. This is a typical horse maneuver. Horses are the opposite of dogs, gratitudewise. You give a dog something totally wretched to eat, such as a toad part or a wad of pre-chewed Dentyne, and the dog will henceforth view you as the Supreme Being.
By Joseph Bruchac | September 20, 2000
Editor's note: A vision quest clarifies one boy's destiny. Crazy Horse, they say, was always different. Many children cry when they are born, but not Crazy Horse. He studied the world with serious eyes. "Look at our son," his mother said. "How brave he is!" "See how curly his hair is," said his father, Tashunka Witco. "We will call him Curly," said his mother. Seasons passed. The boy named Curly grew strong and wiry, but would never be tall. Though small, Curly was a leader. When others spoke, he was quiet.
July 23, 1995
An article in today's Travel section contains an incorrect date for the annual Chincoteague pony swim. The event will be July 26.The Sun regrets the error.
By Karin Remesch and Karin Remesch,SUN STAFF | August 23, 2001
WHEN Ellee Perri spies the rocking horse in her grandparents' living room, she eagerly runs to it, climbs on and rocks back and forth with a big smile on her face. Not too unusual for a 22-month-old. But unlike most toddlers her age, Ellee is equally comfortable in a saddle atop a real horse - a Shetland pony. And she'll be riding that pony at the 120th annual Maryland State Fair, which opens tomorrow in Timonium for an 11-day run. Oh, and it will be Ellee's second State Fair competition.
By Dan Thanh Dang and Dan Thanh Dang,Sun Staff Writer Sun staff writer Kerry O'Rourke contributed to this article | August 8, 1995
Events are being canceled and a candlelight ceremony is scheduled in their place tonight in Lexington, Ky., in memory of three people -- including a Monkton teen -- killed Sunday when a van carrying teen-agers and adults to a pony competition spun off an interstate highway and flipped several times.Frances Pitts, 15, a former Roland Park Country School student, was pronounced dead at the scene. The others who died were Australians Alan Hession, 46, and Paul Colson, 16, Kentucky State Police said.
By Muphen Whitney and Muphen Whitney,Contributing writer | March 25, 1992
Even at the wire Saturday, Trae Reuwer did not know for sure who thevictor was.The 9-year-old Glenelg resident was racing in the small pony division of the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds Race Meet with his bay mare, Mouse."
October 20, 2011
President Obama doesn't seem to care how he spends taxpayers' money. Two years ago, he took us for almost $800 billion (that's "billion," folks, with a "B") with his "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. " Remember all those "shovel-ready" jobs he talked about? Now, he wants us to pony up another $447 billion to create more phantom jobs. How's that saying go? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.... " Richard T. Seymour, Catonsville
By Lem Satterfield | June 22, 1995
Mike Wooden (North County), Andy Bair (Calvert Hall) and Joe Barnes (Old Mill) are the only Marylanders playing on the National Amateur Baseball Federation's All-Star Team in this week's third annual National Amateur All-Star Tournament in Pine Bluff, Ark.The squad, which left Sunday to compete in a weeklong round-robin series of games against other major amateur baseball affiliations, is 2-0 with wins over the Pony All-Stars (6-5 on Tuesday) and Pine Bluff (8-5 yesterday).Barnes, a second-team All-Metro selection, had two hits in the victory over Pine Bluff and had a triple and a sacrifice bunt that scored the winning run against the Pony All-Stars.
By Katherine Richards and Katherine Richards,Staff Writer | February 24, 1993
Not every pony can be persuaded to wear a tuxedo, complete with trousers, black tie and top hat perched at a rakish angle.And not every pony can learn to throw a flying disk.But not every pony has Hampstead 14-year-old Linda Fahnestock for its owner and trainer.Linda, an eighth-grader at Hereford Middle School, has persuaded ponies to do both of the above. And she is about to take her equitation on the road, to Australia -- if she can raise enough money to pay for the trip.She is one of six youngsters nationwide to be selected to represent the national Pony of the Americas Club at two large horse shows in Australia in April.
July 10, 2004
On July 5, 2004, CHARLES EDWARD, JR.; husband of Alison L. Asti; father of Daniel Andrew Asti Bienemann and Tracy Ann Asti Bienemann; brother of Cornelia Ellis Bienemann and James Bienemann and the late Anna Bienemann Tessaro; uncle of Kevin Crosby. Memorial Services will be held at Church of Good Shepard, Carrollton Avenue, Towson, on July 30, 2004 at 4:30 P.M. If desired, memorial contributions may be made to Severn School Ice Hockey Program, 201 Water Street, Severna Park, MD 21146 or Pasadena Horse and Pony Association, 4748 Mountain Road, Pasadena, MD 21122 or Annapolis Pony Club, 1462 Grandview Road, Arnold, MD 21012.
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