By Marjorie Flack | June 3, 1998
Editor's note: An adventurous duck discovers that being lost is much worse than being last aboard his riverboat on the Yangtze River.Once upon a time there was a beautiful young duck named Ping. Ping lived with his mother and his father and two sisters and three brothers and eleven aunts and seven uncles and forty-two cousins.Their home was a boat with two wise eyes on the Yangtze river.Each morning as the sun rose from the east, Ping and his mother and his father and sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and his forty-two cousins all marched, one-by-one, down a little bridge to the shore of the Yangtze river.
By Lynne Agress | September 22, 2014
Now that the school year has begun, we have many questions: Is the new Core Curriculum good or bad? What about "No Child Left Behind"? How many remedial courses should a college student be allowed to take? Letter grades versus pass/fail? The questions and ensuing discussions are endless. But what about reading? If every first grader learned to read - to read well - I believe we would see many more successful students - on all levels, as well as many more successful people as a whole.
By James Coates and James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | June 26, 2003
My Windows ME system can no longer find the Internet with Windows applications. Using the DOS prompt, I can ping out to the Net, but apps like Internet Explorer return error messages. What could cause this? Ping is an operating system command that sends a signal via the Internet to another computer and prompts that computer to send a return signal - a ping. In Windows ME, click on Start, then Run and type "command" to get that command-line box. Type in "ping" plus an address to check if the connection is live.
Wesley Case and The Baltimore Sun | July 2, 2014
In 2006, the Baltimore funk-jam band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong started from a modest and typical beginning: Two new friends - Greg Ormont and Jeremy Schon - playing acoustic guitar together in a University of Maryland dorm room. The duo took their songs to coffee shops and open-mic nights around campus, and a year later, added drummer Dan Schwartz and bassist Ben Carrey to complete the act.  Since then, Pigeons have lived on the road (Ormont said the group played 196 shows in 2013)
By Demi | January 6, 1999
Editor's note: When Ping admits he cannot grow anything in his pot, the Emperor rewards him for his honesty.A long time ago in China there was a boy named Ping who loved flowers. Anything he planted burst into bloom. Up came flowers, bushes, and even big fruit trees, as if by magic!Everyone in the kingdom loved flowers too.They planted them everywhere, and the air smelled like perfume.The Emperor loved birds and animals, but flowers most of all, and he tended his own garden every day.But the Emperor was very old. He needed to choose a successor to the throne.
By Lori Sears and Lori Sears,SUN STAFF | September 4, 2003
Firmly rooted in early dance forms, the music of Bach remains timeless. So it's no wonder choreographer Li Chiao-Ping was inspired to create a dance based on the composer's works. The Wisconsin-based dancer/choreographer brings her company, Li Chiao-Ping Dance, to Theatre Project Oct. 30 through Nov. 1 and presents excerpts from her recent endeavor, The Bach Project. Based on Bach's unaccompanied cello suites, The Bach Project features new music by contemporary composers Ryan Smith (Suite No. 4)
By ROB KASPER | September 12, 1992
The school year has started. Orderliness has replaced nonchalance. It is time to get cracking. It is time to move the Ping-Pong table indoors.The Ping-Pong table is one item that landed in our backyard during the relaxed days of summer. Unlike the other items of backyard bounty -- two skateboards, an empty spool of telephone cable and assorted pieces of scrap lumber -- the Ping-Pong table is something that actually belongs to us and is worth keeping.It came from neighbors who were moving to New York.
April 12, 2002
Who's hot The Royals won their fourth straight series at Fenway Park, winning the last two games each time after drop ping the opener. Who's not The Cubs have scored just 23 runs - including 10 in one game - in their 2-6 start. Line of the day Doug Davis, Rangers pitcher IP H R BB SO 9 2 0 1 6
By Paul McMullen | September 21, 2000
Australia is like America in so many ways. Everyone complains about the TV coverage of the Olympics. Channel 7 isn't showing nearly enough field hockey, and it missed the start of Susie O'Neill's gold-medal swim in the 200 butterfly. Its late-night show, "The Dream," is a riot, however. Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson make David Letterman and Dennis Miller sound reverent. Slaven is supposed to be the young hip one, and Nelson looks a bit like "Donk," the big local barfly from Crocodile Dundee.
By Graeme Browning | December 15, 1990
Of all the corporate baubles that the late Armand Hammer amassed over the course of his long career, a company centered on a yawning black open-pit coal mine in the wilds of northeastern China was said to be closest to his heart.Island Creek of China Coal Ltd. -- known colloquially in China as Ping Shuo, for the city that the Chinese built near the mine to house 15,000 foreign and Chinese workers -- is the most ambitious and expensive U.S. investment in China, worth at least $750 million, or 23 times more than most U.S. companies have invested there.
By Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun | June 6, 2014
"Ping Pong Summer" envisions a time when a kid's biggest worry was showing off at the local arcade, when a beach-side cookout with your weird relatives could become the stuff of family legend, when friends were all that really mattered and appearing cool was the toughest challenge a guy could face. Sounds like life in Ocean City , Md., doesn't it? And that's exactly what it is… Suffused with all the warmth '80s nostalgia could possibly engender, director Michael Tully's ode to ocean-side living in the era of Ronald Reagan, "Space Invaders" and "Miami Vice" is perhaps overly affectionate and could use a little more zing in its step.
By Patricia Schultheis | May 19, 2014
About a dozen years ago, when the church I attend launched a mentoring program at Baltimore's Dickey Hill Elementary School, my long association with Jabril Leach began. The second-grader had a passion for dinosaurs, a severe speech impediment and a mother in prison - a situation requiring firm boundaries, lest Jabril regard me as a substitute parent.  I determined that my role would be to establish trust but not dependency. So, armed with checkers, some crayons - Jabril loved to draw - and "Ping," a book about a Chinese duck, Jabril and I met week after week in the school's hallway and got to know each other.
By Chris Kaltenbach and The Baltimore Sun | April 9, 2014
Next month's Maryland Film Festival will feature the local debut of "Ping Pong Summer," writer-director Michael Tully's coming-of-age tale set in Ocean City in the 1980s and starring Susan Sarandon, Lea Thompson, John Hannah and Amy Sedaris. Tully's film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, was included in Wednesday's announcement of the first 10 movies scheduled for the festival, set to run May 7-11 at the Maryland Institute College of Art and other venues, mostly in the area of the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.
By Chris Kaltenbach and The Baltimore Sun | December 6, 2013
Writer-director Michael Tully's "Ping Pong Summer," inspired by summer vacations in the Ocean City of the 1980s with his parents, will have its world premiere at January's Sundance Film festival. The movie was filmed in Ocean City in autumn 2012. Its cast includes Susan Sarandon, Lea Thompson, John Hannah and Amy Sedaris. A coming-of-age film set in 1985, "Ping Pong Summer" has been a years-long project for Tully, who says he's thrilled not just to have the movie finished, but to have it accepted at one of the country's premier showcases for independent film.
By Sam Sessa, The Baltimore Sun | October 25, 2012
When the Bridge, the biggest band on Baltimore's jam scene, split up last Thanksgiving, live-music fans wondered who would fill the void. A year later, they may have an answer: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. The quartet of singer/guitarist Greg Ormont, guitarist/singer Jeremy Schon, bassist/singer Ben Carrey and drummer/singer Dan Schwartz has slowly built a large following through three monthlong residencies at the 8x10. Live, the band stretches out songs well past the 10-minute mark, and its members nimble musicianship and stage presence make for an entertaining show.
By David Zurawik and The Baltimore Sun | August 13, 2012
"Ping Pong Summer," an indie film starring Susan Sarandon, Amy Sedaris and John Hannah, is set to start filming for six weeks in Ocean City next month, the state announced today. The Maryland Film Office estimates that producers will hire 90 local crew, actors and extras, as well as purchasing and renting goods and services from 140 Maryland businesses. The economic impact: $2 million, according to estimates by the state. The film is written and will be directed by Maryland native Mike Tully.
July 5, 1992
Crofton golfer Gary Carpenter recently placed 10th during the three-day American Junior Golf Association Ping Classic in Myrtle Beach, S.C., then captured the Big I Insurance qualifier at Argyle Country Club.Carpenter, 17, who just completed his junior year at Arundel High School, shot rounds of 75, 74 and 76 in the Ping Classic at the Burning Ridge Golf Club, earning him a place in the Rolex Tournament of Champions and the Rolex Classic.The Ping tournament marked the first AJGA event that Carpenter has taken part in this season.
By Erik Maza, The Baltimore Sun | August 16, 2011
On Friday, there will be a pingpong tournament in Baltimore. It won't take place at an arena or a YMCA. It's at a bar. The pingpong tournament is one of the distinguishing features of Parkside Sports Bar and Pub, which opened in Canton late last year. Parkside is a sports bar with modest ambitions. Its casual setup and fairly small beer selection suggest it wants to just be a neighborhood hangout. But its size, its pool and pingpong tables, its gregarious bartenders and customers make it an upbeat place to watch a game - or play one - after work.
By Andrew Conrad, | July 1, 2011
The familiar 'ping' sound of a bat striking a ball at a high school baseball game could sound a little more dull next spring. The National Federation of State High School Associations baseball rules committee passed new regulations outlawing aluminum bats with excessive Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. Read the Baltimore Sun story here. Reservoir senior T.J. Pipik, the Howard County Player of the Year, says that the change is not going to alter the game dramatically.
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