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ORLANDO, FLA. / / Is it possible to find peace at Walt Disney World? The short answer -- at least to most parents -- is "No!" To trek through four attraction-filled theme parks with an eager-to-do-it-all child (or two) in hand is to ask for trouble. Add in the sauna-like summer heat, the wallet-busting concession prices and the interminable waits and you have got the perfect cocktail for a parental migraine. Unless, of course, you learn to take a break. In no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite mini escapes -- places that offer a little bit of shade and quiet and an opportunity to rest your feet: Afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian Spa & Resort's Garden View lounge.
By Dorothy Fleetwood and Dorothy Fleetwood,Contributing Writer | September 10, 1995
The American Gold Cup in Devon, Pa., Sept. 14-17 is the place to see some of the nation's top horse riders compete for four slots on the 1996 United States team that will go to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.Although equestrian events are the main attraction, there are activities for those with other interests, such as boutique shopping -- you can buy everything from antiques to hand-tailored clothing. On Children's Day (Sept. 16) there will be face painting, hayrides, a petting zoo, pony rides and a Celebrity Dog Show, and admission is free to children under 13 who draw a picture of their dog and present it at the gate.
By Bethany Broida and Bethany Broida,SUN STAFF | June 3, 2003
In their first brush with the trappings of formal schooling, 3-year-old Katie Whitmore and seven other preschoolers boarded a big, yellow school bus bound for Clark's Elioak Petting Farm in Ellicott City, where they patted donkeys and ducks, milked a goat and went on a hayride. The recent field trip wasn't just fun. It was a learning experience sponsored by the Parents As Teachers (PAT) program, a family education and support group created in the belief that parents are their children's most important teachers.
By Robin Tunnicliff Reid and Robin Tunnicliff Reid,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | April 12, 2001
EVERY restaurant has a specialty, and at Baugher's, it's the playground. At least that's the consensus of two of my dining companions, Susannah, 9, and Ben, 5. When we reached the 53-year-old Westminster landmark, they dashed across the large parking lot and hit the swings. It took some coaxing (and promises of homemade pies) to lure the children inside to eat supper. Susannah and Ben represent a major component of Baugher's target audience: families with kids. In addition to the small playground, there's a petting zoo (open from June through October)
By Laura McCandlish and Laura McCandlish,Sun Reporter | June 11, 2007
That it was the first day of strawberry picking didn't occur to Emmitsburg resident Alison Mauro and her family. It was the free petting zoo - a treat for Mauro's 2-year-old son, Luke - that lured them to the Carroll County farm. But once the Mauros saw the "Pick Your Own Strawberries" banner at the entrance, new plans were made. An hour later, Luke emerged from the field with a bulging basket of ruby beauties for the family. The Mauros bought shortcake and whipped cream from the farm's bakery, salivating over the dessert they planned to assemble back home.
July 14, 2006
Indiana has much to recommend it. James Dean and David Letterman were born there. The state's high-quality limestone and plethora of covered bridges deserve a spot in any Midwest tourism guide. But as pleasant as the Hoosier state may be, who could possibly think it's filled with anywhere near as many potential terrorism targets as New York and California combined? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, that's who. Yes, the same people who thought it was appropriate to increase security grants for Omaha, Neb., but reduce funding to New York and Washington also believe Indiana has 8,591 potential terrorist targets compared with New York's 5,687 and California's 3,212.
By Meredith Cohn | June 13, 2014
It's the start of the summer season and that means many families will be heading to fairs and festivals with petting zoos. And state health officials said people to remember that chicks, ducks, turtles and other animals can transmit salmonella, E. coli campylobacter and other bacteria, viruses and parasites. Children in particular can become sick from cuddling these animals and their pets because they often put their hands in their mouths, health officials said. The State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and several states and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now investigating several outbreaks related to animals.
By Mary Gail Hare and Mary Gail Hare,Sun Staff Writer | May 5, 1995
Familiar characters, stories and a petting zoo will fill three hours with fun and games today during the fifth annual Children's Day.Preschool and kindergarten-age children are invited to join the festivities from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Carroll County Farm Museum."
By Sarah Hoover and Sarah Hoover,special to The Sun | January 11, 2008
Candlelight Concerts presents the Brazilian Guitar Quartet in concert at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center. These virtuoso guitarists will offer a program featuring works by Bach, Albeniz, Villa-Lobos, Miranda, Guarnieri and Mignone. Everton Gloeden, Luiz Mantovani, Tadeu do Amaral and Clemer Andreotti have worldwide reputations as solo artists. Together, this quartet has shaped a dynamic artistic identity, particularly through its inclusion of the eight-string guitar developed by Paul Galbraith, one of the Brazilian Guitar Quartet's founding members.
By Brenda J. Buote and Brenda J. Buote,SUN STAFF | August 2, 2000
With beads of sweat rolling down his face, 16-month-old Zachary Michali of Hanover, Pa., dabbed specks of green and purple on a coffee filter and proudly displayed his artistic creation. Attached to the end of a green pipe cleaner, the coffee filter was transformed into a flower pretty enough to present to his mother, 26-year-old Shannon Michali. She accepted the gift graciously, a gesture that made the toddler giggle. "We're having a great time, despite the heat," Michali said. She and Zachary were among the nearly 2,000 people who flocked to Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair yesterday to celebrate "Children's Day."
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