August 14, 2002
Indiana: Niele Ivey; Olympia Scott-Richardson, Nadine Malcolm, Jackie Moore Orlando:Taj McWilliams--Franklin, Jessie Hicks, Carla McGhee Cleveland:Helen Darling, Tracy Henderson Detroit:Jae Kingi*, Elena Tornikidou Houston:Elena Shakirova, Sheryl Swoopes Phoenix:Michelle Brogan*, Trisha Fallon* Sacramento:Edna Campbell, Yolanda Griffith Charlotte:Shalonda Enis Minnesota:Val Whiting-Raymond Portland:Carolyn Young Seattle:Quacy Barnes Utah:Natalie Williams...
By DAN BERGER | May 20, 1992
What's happening in Bangkok is another Tiananmen Square, except that this time the hated regime is our ally.You can hardly blame your local bank for throwing deposits at commercial real estate no one wanted, after you see the big boys risking the works on Olympia & York.Mark McGwire is hitting so many home runs that in future years, people are going to say, "Babe Who?"Lawrence Welk is going to direct the Heavenly Choir in the foxtrot.
By DAN BERGER | May 29, 1992
Quick. Get your Perot bumper sticker before the bubble bursts.Crab shortage! Must be Don's fault.Olympia & York looked at London's docklands and said "Build it, and they will come," and they didn't.No one will trade with Serbia, which will take what it needs from Croatia and Bosnia.The House of Representatives has passed a bill requiring the invention of a better light bulb.L What if pirates invaded the Inner Harbor and no one noticed?
Dan Rodricks | October 12, 2013
In 1948, three years after the end of World War II, an Army veteran from Pennsylvania named Earl Shaffer hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. No one had ever done that before. Completing the Georgia-to-Maine trek in 124 days, Shaffer became the trail's first "thru-hiker. " He took on the challenge, he said, as a way of recovering from his combat experiences and from the loss of a boyhood friend who had died in the Pacific. Shaffer said he wanted to "walk off the war. " More than 60 years later, the Shaffer legend has inspired a "walk off the war" program for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.
By Christopher Andersen and Christopher Andersen,Los Angeles Times Syndicate | July 13, 1993
For months Donald Cammell, an expatriate American painter, an accomplished womanizer in his own right, had been pestered by one young female acquaintance who wanted desperately to meet his famous friend. He finally relented, escorting her to the Olympia concert and to the party af- terward. As soon as Mick Jagger entered the room, Cammell cornered him."Mick, this is Bianca," he said, noticing for the first time thstriking resemblance between them. "You two are going to have a great romance," Cammell declared.
May 18, 1994
Blinder discusses jobless rateThe U.S. unemployment rate could decline to about 6 percent from the current 6.4 percent without igniting inflation, Alan Blinder, President Clinton's nominee to the Federal Reserve Board, said yesterday.That position puts him at odds with some analysts, who contend that a 6.4 percent rate is a "natural" rate and that any further reduction in the jobless rate would cause inflation to accelerate.His comments came in written responses to questions from the Senate Banking Committee.
By Donald Woutat and Donald Woutat,Los Angeles Times | May 16, 1992
TORONTO -- The bankruptcy filing by Olympia & York might well keep alive the world's largest real estate company, but it represents a once-unthinkable descent for one of the most mysterious and successful business enterprises of modern times.The Reichmann brothers, Paul, Ralph and Albert, offspring of World War II refugees from Europe who settled here in the 1950s, turned a small family tile-importing business into a huge, privately held empire in real estate, oil and timber once valued at $31 billion.
October 19, 2003
On October 15, 2003, MORTONSALAWITCH; beloved husband of Sylvia Salawitch (nee Silverman); beloved father of Dr. Ross and Shari (nee Baker) Salawitch, of Pasadena, CA, Lee Salawitch of Baltimore, and the late Amy Blitstein; devoted brother of Eleanor Traiger and the late Sylvia Richmond, Mildred, Joel and Sam Salawitch; loving grandfather of Stacy Blitstein; loving great-grandfather of Brian Griffin. Services at SOL LEVINSON AND BROS, INC., 8900 Reisterstown Road at Mount Wilson Lane, on Monday, October 20, at 9 A.M. Interment Tifereth Israel Anshe Sfard Congregation Cemetery, Rosedale.
By Richard Gorelick and The Baltimore Sun | July 1, 2011
Moonstruck is a great food movie. Nicholas Cage on bread, the making of eggs, the great meeting scene in the restaurant with Olympia Dukakis and John Mahoney. Moonstruck opens the 13th Annual Little Italy Film Festival tonight. By the way, I'm looking for a good photograph of those eggs. There are lots of recipes online. My favorite thing in the whole movie is Loretta Castorini's take on the Marc Chagall: " It's kind of little gaudy, don't you think?"
December 20, 2003
On December 17, 2003, SYLVIA SALAWITCH (nee Silverman), beloved wife of the late Morton Salawitch, beloved mother of Dr. Ross and Shari (nee Baker) Salawitch of Pasadena, CA, and Lee Salawitch of Baltimore, and the late Amy Blitstein; devoted sister of the late Colman Silverman and Rosalie Silverman; loving grandmother of Stacy Blitstein; loving great-grandmother of Brian Griffin. Services at SOL LEVINSON & BROS INC., 8900 Reisterstown Rd, at Mt. Wilson Lane, on Friday, December 19, at 12 Noon.
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