By Phil Greenfield and Phil Greenfield,Contributing writer | January 31, 1992
Claudia Draper did it. She killed the guy.But is the articulate,foul-mouthed prostitute mentally competent to stand trial? That willbe determined as a panel is convened at Bellevue to consider the evidence.Courtroom dramas are almost always great fun, and "Nuts," the TomTopor play that delves into Claudia's past for insights into her present condition, is one of the good ones.As the play moves toward the discovery of the inevitable skeletons in the family closet that helped make Claudia what she's become, the audience is caught up in the flow of lawyers, the process and dysfunctional weirdos who pop up on both sides of the adversarial table in this bizarre proceeding.
By Josh Mitchell and Josh Mitchell,SUN STAFF | March 10, 2003
The owners of Jeppi Nut Co., a household name among nut and candy lovers in Baltimore for 119 years, say they are confident their store's move to Timonium will prevent a federal court from halting the company's operations. Such a move was threatened when the Food and Drug Administration filed a complaint Feb. 5 stemming from a federal report of rodent and insect infestation. Rather than renovate their aged facility at 312 N. High St., as suggested by the FDA, the company's owners will spend the next two weeks moving to a newer building near Interstate 83 in Timonium.
By CHICAGO TRIBUNE | February 1, 2004
When the country goes on anti-fat mood swings, John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc. suffers. The Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based nut company has endured several fat-fighting episodes, but until recently it never benefited from health trends. Because of such protein-rich diets as Atkins and new heart-healthy claims available to nut sellers, Americans are increasingly snacking on the treats, tossing them on salads and seeking prepackaged foods with nuts. "This has been really a unique period," said Jasper Sanfilippo, the company's chief executive.
By Kathy Casey and Kathy Casey,Los Angeles Times Syndicate | December 31, 1997
People all over the world delight in eating nuts roasted, raw and ground. We enjoy them out of hand and in a wide variety of sweet and savory foods from breakfast to snacks to dinner to desserts.Nuts are dry fruits or seeds that generally consist of an edible kernel enclosed in a shell. That shell can range from medium-hard, thin and brittle to woody and tough. The seeds of a few other plants that are not strictly nuts are also considered nuts for culinary purposes.Nuts are sold shelled and unshelled in a variety of forms: blanched or unblanched, raw, dry- or oil-roasted, with or without salt, chopped, sliced, ground (as in butters or flours)
By DAN BERGER | November 5, 1999
Don't demand that O'Malley make good on every promise immediately. Wait till he is inaugurated.Henceforth, everything is Mike Hargrove's fault.Too many nuts, not all of whom are gun nuts, go nuts with guns.The Clinton administration supports the true democrats of Serbia, if it can find any.
By Michael Dresser, The Baltimore Sun | May 22, 2012
There's a lot of just-average Italian pinot grigios on the market, including some well-known brands. Only a few stand out, and this is one of them. It's a ripe, full-bodied white wine with intense flavors of nuts, minerals and herbs — including mint and oregano. There's a roundness, length and complexity that takes this wine out of the realm of the ordinary. From: Collio, Italy Price: $16 Serve with: Trout almondine, salads
December 14, 2003
The most common food allergies are to nuts, shellfish, milk, wheat and eggs. -- Top 10 of Everything 2004 by Russell Ash
By Photos by Monica Lopossay and Photos by Monica Lopossay,Sun photographer | November 27, 2006
Popcorn will tell on itself. "That's how you know it's done. If you just listen, it just tells right on itself," says Edward Morning, a worker at the Jeppi Nut Co., which has been in business for more than 100 years. Dozens of times a day, for 13 years, Morning has prepared popcorn and an assortment of nuts. But unlike popcorn, nuts are a guessing game. "Nuts are funny; how long you cook them depends on what country they are from and the type of nut," he says.
By DAN BERGER | May 25, 1995
Breaching White House security has become a challenge to nuts, like breaching Buckingham Palace's. Don't encourage them.If those Japanese don't buy our auto parts, we will find all their seat belts unsafe. All.
By Dan Berger | November 4, 1996
Wait till all those people switching to Bill find out that he is not really a Republican.If right-wing nuts were right about the FBI at Ruby Ridge, left-wing nuts deserve a hearing on the CIA in Lalaland.The third-best way to reduce rats downtown is to get rid of the ivy. The second-best way is to pick up the garbage. The best way is not to throw it.Whatever became of Jack Kemp?Pub Date: 11/04/96
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