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By David Zurawik | | January 31, 2010
M aybe all anyone needs to know about BET's 10-part " documentary series" on Michael Vick is that the NFL quarterback's production company, MV7, is one of the producing partners. So don't expect Frederick Wiseman, the Maysles brothers or anything approaching the hard-eyed truth-telling of those legendary documentary filmmakers here - even though BET is trying to suggest such credibility by calling "The Michael Vick Project" a "documentary series." This is more like reality TV, and it is all stacked in favor of making the man who went to prison for running a brutal dogfighting operation on his Virginia farm look like a mythic figure on a heroic quest - a protagonist on an epic journey, who has suffered tremendously and is now on the comeback trail to redemption, fighting righteously against great odds.
By Sports Digest | November 12, 2009
Sammy Sosa said he's using a "bleaching cream" to soften his skin and is not trying to change his pigmentation. "I'm not a racist," the former Orioles outfielder told ESPN Deportes. Sosa, in his first public remarks since the famous photos became public, said he's not trying to look like Michael Jackson . "What happened was that I had been using the cream for a long time and that, combined with the bright TV lights, made my face look whiter than it really is. I don't think I look like Michael Jackson," he said to ESPN Deportes.
By Michael Phillips and Michael Phillips,Tribune Newspapers | October 29, 2009
How much of "Michael Jackson's This Is It" can we believe? Was Jackson, 50 at the time of his death on June 25, in rougher shape overall than the concert rehearsal footage assembled here suggests? Most certainly, yes. Produced with the watchful cooperation of the Jackson estate, pulled from 100-plus hours of film and video shot between March and June 2009, "This Is It" has no interest in telling the full story of anything. Rather, director Kenny Ortega - Jackson's partner in staging the London concert that was never to be - is simply trying to suggest in some detail what sort of overstuffed career retrospective Jackson was attempting.
By DAVID ZURAWIK | August 23, 2009
In my blog on Thursday, I called Fox's wretched Octomom special the official low point of summer viewing. Before making that call, I went back through the summer schedules and my posts to make sure I wasn't slighting some equally dreadful TV production. I wasn't. In the process, though, I realized it's been a weird summer of TV. So I started writing down my highs and lows. Here are my seven highs and three lows - for a summertime Top 10 list. Notice the decided lack of dramas and sitcoms on my list of bests.
By From Sun staff and news services | August 13, 2009
TV soap opera 'Guiding Light' shoots final scenes The cast and crew of "Guiding Light" - U.S. television's longest-running soap opera - have finished shooting their final scenes in a northern New Jersey town. Afterward, they gathered at Peapack Reformed Church for a service to remember the show. The church has served as the site for weddings and funerals in "Guiding Light's" fictional town of Springfield. The Rev. Kathryn Henry recalled that the show's title referred to a lamp put in a church window by the fictional Rev. Rutledge to welcome parishioners seeking guidance.
August 6, 2009
FRIDAY BALTIMORE SUMMER RESTAURANT WEEK STARTS: Close to 100 restaurants participate in the latest incarnation of this now oft-repeated tradition. Select Baltimore-area restaurants offer three-course lunches for $20.09 and three-course dinners for $30.09. Scour the list on the Web site to spot the best deals, then make your reservations and enjoy a meal at a restaurant you've never ventured to before. Runs through Aug. 16. Go to For reservations, go to opentable.
By EILEEN AMBROSE | July 12, 2009
Despite the high drama over Michael Jackson's estate, the late pop singer did many things right when it came to end-of-life planning. The big thing is that the 50-year-old had a will - critical to anyone with young children. Jackson's will named business associates as executors to carry out his wishes and designated guardians for his three young children. He also set up a family trust that can keep the division of his estate out of the public eye. More people could learn from him. Too often people don't get around to making a will.
By Sloane Brown and Sloane Brown,special to the baltimore sun | July 12, 2009
A day after Michael Jackson's memorial service in Los Angeles, Baltimore's Rams Head Live! presented Who's Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band. In the audience, Joe Galea paid his own tribute to Jackson. He wore an outfit he had assembled a couple of weeks before Jackson's death, for a Washington nightclub's theme night. "I'm a huge Jackson fan. Not scary; I wouldn't have gone to L.A. for his memorial. But I like his music." In real life, however, Galea's style is more chiller than "Thriller."
By Mary Carole McCauley and Mary Carole McCauley, | July 8, 2009
They might not have had the coveted wristbands guaranteeing them seats at Michael Jackson's funeral in Los Angeles. But the singer's fans in Baltimore and across the country found other ways to bid farewell to the King of Pop. In New York's Harlem neighborhood, chants of "Michael! Michael!" rang out as hundreds gathered to watch the memorial service on a giant screen. In Gary, Ind., a steady stream of fans wearing Jackson T-shirts and listening to such hits as "Billie Jean" visited the singer's boyhood home.
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