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For more than 42 years, Howard "Max" Mosner has worked for the Maryland State Fair, earning leadership and volunteer awards from groups such as 4-H and the Red Cross, as well as citations from the state government. He recently added another award when the International Association of Fairs and Expositions inducted him into its Hall of Fame. For the 65-year-old Manchester resident, it was recognition of his work as president and general manager of the State Fair in Timonium. The honor accentuates Mosner's remarkable accomplishments, said Jim Tucker, president and chief executive officer of the Springfield, Mo.-based association.
By Candus Thomson and Candus Thomson,SUN STAFF | August 24, 1997
The best seat at the Maryland State Fair costs $3.75 for two minutes.Amber Howard believes it's worth every penny."I can see everyone, and everyone can see me," says the 11-year-old Harford County girl perched atop the Giant Wheel, with the midway and pavilions spread out 100 feet below.The fair, kicking off its 116th year, is an end-of-summer ritual, a final family outing where country is cool and the basic food groups include funnel cakes, lemonade and sausage with peppers and onions.If the weather continues to be like yesterday's, about a half-million people are expected during the 10-day run at the Timonium fairgrounds.
By Lauren Eisenberg Davis | September 2, 2010
You can't be serious, people said, when I announced my intention to spend the better part of the weekend at the Maryland State Fair. True, I no longer had small children. Who, then, would be clamoring for more tickets to go on more rides, more cash to buy more deep-fried snacks? Therein lies the error. The fair is not about the rides and the greasy food — at least not to me. If you want rides, go to Hershey Park. The State Fair is an agricultural festival. It's all about the animals.
By Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun | September 3, 2010
You're at the state fair gates at the crack of dawn Sunday, you get your armband at 8, and now you've got nine-plus hours to while away until you and 11,999 of your new best friends get in to see Justin Bieber (or until your daughter's ready to come home). Here are five things not to miss while counting down the minutes until Hurricane Justin hits Timonium. Midway rides There's a brand new roller coaster, the Riptide, and old favorites like the bumper cars (regrettably uncomfortable for anyone over 6 feet)
By Rob Kasper and Rob Kasper, | September 2, 2009
There is a lot of talk these days that Americans are worried about our diets, eating smaller portions, counting calories. Maybe so, but not when at the Maryland State Fair. The state fair is a time for indulgence. In the waning days of summer, it is an opportunity to take one last bite of the season, and in most cases, that bite is a big one. On Friday, the first day of the fair, I scampered through the admission gates, and faster than you can say "now frying," I was visiting a corn dog stand on the midway.
By Maria Blackburn and Maria Blackburn,SUN STAFF | August 24, 2002
The Maryland State Fair opened in Timonium yesterday with all of the jaw-dropping excess of a 2-ton elephant in a pink polka-dot bikini. The smooth-talking Kitchen Craft salesman was there, showing off his cookware, as were the 4-H'ers with their freshly scrubbed cows, pigs and sheep. Homemade strawberry preserves, hand-knit sweaters and a mammoth pumpkin shared the spotlight with midway offerings such as the Cliffhanger, the Superslide and Whac-A-Mole. And the air was filled with the distinctive perfumes of funnel cakes, cotton candy and fries.
By Jay Merwin and Jay Merwin,Evening Sun Staff | August 30, 1991
"ALIVE" assured the sign outside a fair booth that depicted exotic women in skimpy bikinis wrapped in snakes.Inside the booth was "Zona and her Snakes" -- Kathy Powell, 35, who has managed to hang onto her life while playing Zona for almost a year now, with Koko the boa and Caesar the python.At the 110th annual Maryland State Fair that continues through this holiday weekend in Timonium, Powell's job is to lounge on a bean bag chair, dressed in gym shorts and a modest top, while the 8-foot boa and 10-foot python uncoil across her lap.Her occupation seemed to be something she wanted to do since she was a girl plying Georgia swimming holes, she said.
By Joe Nawrozki and Joe Nawrozki,SUN STAFF | September 1, 1996
Long before the huge crowds arrived at the Maryland State Fair yesterday morning, a band of hardy gourmands and amateur chefs toted their casserole dishes and rolls of aluminum foil into Timonium as if they were the very weapons of war.Indeed, it was war -- a food fight of the first order -- the Spam Cooking Contest.Among the 20 entries were Green Eggs and Spam, Rootin'-Tootin' Spam Loaf, Rack O' Spam on a Bed of Pringle's, Italian Spam Pie, Spam Breakfast Burritos, Spam and Apple Strudel and Yosemite Spam Frittata.
Sports Digest | August 23, 2012
Men's college lacrosse Johns Hopkins grad Rewkowski, Maryland's Phipps to join Hoyas staff The Georgetown men's lacrosse program is expected to fill its two full-time assistant coaching positions by naming Matt Rewkowski (Johns Hopkins) offensive coordinator and Brian Phipps (Maryland, Severn) an assistant in charge of goalies, three sources familiar with the search said Tuesday. Rewkowski, 29, had been the offensive coordinator at Cornell the past two seasons. He also had spent four seasons at Hofstra and one at Denver.
By Mark Hyman and Mark Hyman,SUN STAFF | August 30, 1996
It's far from your ordinary courtroom.For starters, it has no roof. Judges, lawyers and litigants gather under a large tent, a la Ringling Bros.Its location is improbable, on the fringes of the bustling state fair grounds in Timonium. During a trial, testimony might be interrupted by a carnival barker or drowned out by a bellowing cow.Then there are the jurors. They wear ball caps and sunglasses if they like. They wander in and out as they please. They operate under the most liberal dress policy of any court in America.
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