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By Jill Hudson and Jill Hudson,SUN STAFF | April 9, 1997
A man who indicated that he had a gun robbed the Musicland store in The Mall in Columbia earlier this week, according to Howard County police.Police said that a man walked into the store about 8: 30 p.m. Monday, approached the sales clerk and handed her a note that said he had a gun.The man demanded cash and ordered the clerk to the rear of the store, where he confronted the store manager, according to a police report.The manager gave the man an undisclosed sum of cash from the store safe, and the robber ran from the store, police said.
By Justin George, The Baltimore Sun | May 20, 2014
A "B" and a "T" are etched into the black stone floor at Zumiez to remember Brianna Benlolo and Tyler Johnson. Customers might not even notice the understated initials at the entrance of the Mall in Columbia skate shop. Not unless they were staring at the ground - an unlikely proposition in a newly redecorated store whose displays call out for attention with brightly colored clothing, loud slogans and giant posters. Nonetheless, the letters are there, solemn memorials to the two young people who died Jan. 25 when 19-year-old Darion Aguilar opened fire in the store before killing himself.
By Stacey Hirsh and Stacey Hirsh,SUN STAFF | November 13, 2000
Nine new or renovated restaurants are scheduled to open this week at The Mall in Columbia. The mall's new food court, which opens Wednesday, will stretch from the existing food court to Sears. It will include more than 356 tables and 900 seats, said Patrick Walsh, manager of the mall. McDonald's, Popeyes Chicken, China City, Paolino's Deli, Great Wraps, Mamma Ilardo's Pizza, Bistro Sensations, Cinnabon and Auntie Anne's Pretzels are either opening in the new food court or are relocating from another food court in the mall.
By Arthur Hirsch, The Baltimore Sun | April 17, 2014
Months after being thrust into a national spotlight as the face of Howard County's response to a murder-suicide at The Mall in Columbia, Police Chief William J. McMahon said Thursday that he is retiring in June after 28 years with the department. McMahon, 51, who has served nearly eight years as chief, said he had picked the date of June 30 four years ago when he signed up for a deferred retirement payment program. "The timing is just right," McMahon said in a telephone interview.
By Erin Texeira and Erin Texeira,SUN STAFF | October 8, 1996
A 16-year-old from Harper's Choice village was robbed by another teen while walking from The Mall in Columbia's Town Center to Bennigan's restaurant about 7: 20 p.m. Saturday, Howard County police said yesterday.A teen-ager with two companions displayed a silver-colored handgun and stole about $16 from the youth before fleeing toward the Mall on a bicycle, said Sgt. T. D. Ball, a Howard County police spokeswoman.The two other boys did not participate in the crime but left with the robber, Ball said.
By Jen DeGregorio and Jen DeGregorio,SUN STAFF | June 17, 2004
A 19-year-old Columbia man is charged with multiple counts of robbery, assault and theft in three recent robberies near The Mall in Columbia. Howard County police said Anthony Turner of Hickory Ridge Road was arrested Friday on the parking lot near the Lord & Taylor department store after cries of a purse-snatching victim spurred a 911 call. Police said they arrested Turner based on the description offered by the victim, a 56-year-old woman. After further investigation, police also charged Turner with snatching a 75-year-old woman's purse at the bus stop near Sears on June 4 and with taking a wallet from two boys, ages 13 and 12, at the same bus stop on June 7.
BY A SUN STAFF WRITER | February 12, 1999
Drivers headed to The Mall in Columbia in coming months will not only find new stores, but better ways to get there, mall officials say.With the completion of Lord & Taylor in November and the anticipated opening of Nordstrom's on Sept. 17, mall officials are working to add parking spaces and widen an entrance by the end of summer. The mall has about 175 stores and up to 12 million visitors each year, said Jeff Sneddon, the mall's general manager.Planners will expand the entrance at Windstream Drive, which is off Gov. Warfield Parkway, adding a lane each way. Shoppers will find a new 700-space parking deck.
By Alisa Samuels and Alisa Samuels,Staff Writer | September 16, 1992
Howard County police are searching for two men who stole a Jeep Cherokee at gunpoint from two couples at a cinema near The Mall in Columbia Saturday.No one was injured in the car-jacking, which is the second in less than a week in Howard County, police said.Last Tuesday, Pamela Basu was dragged to her death in a car-jacking. Dr. Basu was entangled in a seat belt as two men commandeered her BMW near her Savage home. Two Washington men are being held without bail at the Howard County Detention Center on charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, robbery and auto theft.
By Nancy A. Youssef and Nancy A. Youssef,SUN STAFF | June 3, 1999
A fire that began on the roof of The Mall in Columbia yesterday forced the evacuation and temporary closing of the sprawling complex, creating confusion and fear among many of the hundreds of customers and employees inside."
By SUN STAFF | August 23, 1997
A woman arrested after she allegedly ran through The Mall in Columbia while waving a large kitchen knife Thursday was taken to Springfield State Hospital Center in Sykesville for evaluation, Howard County police said yesterday.Sgt. Steven Keller, a police spokesman, said 18-year-old Stephanie Meghan Hiteshew of the 7100 block of Smooth Path in Columbia's Owen Brown village pulled a 8- to 12-inch-long knife from under her shirt when a mall security guard attempted to help her about 5: 30 p.m.Police used pepper spray to subdue the woman.
By Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun | March 21, 2014
This spring, a group of college students will go about their usual campus routines, but with a voice only they can hear calling them names and making other distracting, disturbing sounds. In their case, the voice will come from a recording playing through earbuds as part of a research study. But researchers say the exercise could ultimately help increase awareness and break down the stigma that prevents those who suffer from auditory hallucinations and other symptoms of mental illness from getting the help they need.
By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun | March 16, 2014
He was captured on video using an ATM in Beltsville, later at a McDonald's in Burtonsville and then arriving in a taxi at The Mall in Columbia on Jan. 25. Nineteen-year-old Darion Marcus Aguilar also left another tip for investigators by uploading a "selfie" taken inside the store's dressing room moments before he started shooting, creating one final freeze-frame marking the precise time of his attack. Howard County police were not able to trace Aguilar's exact steps in the hours before he opened fire in the mall, killing two clothing store clerks, but surveillance video from around the region helped them account for his actions from the time he left home in College Park at 5:15 a.m. and fired his first shots at 11:14 a.m. Cameras aren't exactly everywhere - they captured Aguilar riding escalators in the mall but missed him as police say he waited near the food court before the shooting - but the range of footage released last week showed just how broad their coverage has become.
By Ken Ulman | February 22, 2014
January 25, nine shotgun blasts rang through crowded passageways inside The Mall in Columbia. In seconds, three lives were claimed, and Howard County joined Newtown, Conn.; Aurora, Colo. and too many others on a grim list of places where a sense of security has been ripped away by gun violence. Now that the initial shock has dimmed, we are entering a next stage - figuring out how to move forward and do all we can to prevent such tragedies whenever possible. We cannot allow this to become the new normal, so we look for ways to adjust our programs and priorities.
By Eduardo A. Encina and The Baltimore Sun | January 27, 2014
As I stood in The Mall in Columbia parking lot throughout the day and night Saturday, I received a few questions on Twitter about why I, a sports reporter who covers the Orioles for The Baltimore Sun, was there reporting on the shooting. So, before you continue to read, know that this blog isn't about the Orioles or what they've done or haven't done this offseason. But it is to answer that first question in much more than 140 characters. To me, it was a little personal. When violence occurs locally, we are often cliché in saying that it happens too close to home.
By Kristine Henry,
The Baltimore Sun
| January 25, 2014
When a tragedy strikes -- whether it's a shooting like the one at The Mall in Columbia, or one of the seemingly endless string of school shootings across the country -- it's often difficult to know how to discuss these incidents with your children. Tell them too much and you could add to their anxiety. Tell them too little and they may be confused and scared without the reassurance they need. The Johns Hopkins Children's Center's website offers these tips from child psychiatrist Patrick Kelly, M.D. and child  psychologist Renee DeBoard-Lucas, Ph.D.: "Deal with your own anxiety first: Do not start a conversation with your child until you have calmed down and the initial shock has worn off. Children have perfect radars for parental moods and can easily sense when something is off. Anxious parents can transmit their own anxiety to children, a phenomenon known as “ trickle-down anxiety .” Timing is everything: Start out by finding out how much the child knows already.
Lorraine Mirabella | September 26, 2013
New shops and restaurants are coming to The Mall in Columbia this year and next, with many moving into the center's new expansion wing, the mall's management said Wednesday. Here's the lineup: Soma Intimates: Opening in November, the store carries lingerie and beauty products. Secolari: The retailer, with one location on Bethesda Row, will open in late November at the mall, specializing in extra virgin and flavored olive oils and vinegars from California and aged balsamic from Modena, Italy.
June 19, 2013
On Sunday, June 9 I went to the Mall at noon where I encountered a long line of cars in the parking garage adjacent to J.C. Penney and a parade of concert goers leaving the structure pulling coolers and clutching blankets. As I inched my way to the top level to find parking, I watched concert goers brazenly unloading their cars in spots intended for Mall customers. Yet, at the entrance to the Mall was a sign that said "no event parking," which presumably included the parking structure.
Lorraine Mirabella | May 16, 2013
Four new stores will be coming to The Mall in Columbia, including Lululemon Athletica and True Religion, mall officials said Thursday. Lululemon, a yoga-inspired athletic apparel store, and denim apparel brand True Religion are opening as part of the center's 70,000-square-foot redevelopment and expansion. The stores will flank a new entrance leading from the mall to the new open-air "lifestyle center. " Lululemon will open this summer in 3,200 square feet on the upper level across from Michael Kors.
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