November 2, 1991
Talks between Israelis and a Jordan-Palestinian delegation, scheduled for Madrid tomorrow, hold hope of setting up a meaningful dialogue, perhaps a negotiation, conceivably leading to Palestinian autonomy on the West Bank and Gaza. What other negotiations prescribed by the Baker plan will materialize remain to be seen. Hope is not lost. Bilateral talks (which Israel sought) are the benefit for which the cloud of dust kicked up by the Madrid conference (which Arabs wanted) was the price.Any assessment of the Madrid speeches and rebuttals is more drama review than political analysis.
By John-John Williams IV, The Baltimore Sun | June 17, 2014
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ranks among the world's best when it comes to her sartorial choices, according to Vanity Fair. It appears those stiletto heels, sleeveless dresses and statement necklaces have caught the attention of the haute couture editors at the trend-setting magazine, which recently ranked her among the top 10 best-dressed mayors in the world. Rawlings-Blake joins Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the only Americans to make the list.
October 28, 1991
The calling of the Middle East peace conference for Wednesday in Madrid has already changed facts. That does not, however, insure that it will succeed.In Israel, public opinion polls rallied in favor of Israel's attendance. This suggests that opinion could move in still more conciliatory directions if ever given any reason to believe Arabs were moving similarly. As a result, Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Israel's most intransigent politician, claimed for himself the delegation leadership, despite the conference call for foreign ministers.
December 16, 2013
MONDAY'S TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS Univ. Gms F. Skat.: Ladies Short, Dual Full Prog. (T) CBSSN3 M. bask. Troy@Kansas State (T) MASN2Noon St. John's vs. Syracuse (T) FS11 Texas-Pan Am.@Texas Christian (T) FCS6 Miss. Valley St.@Northwestern BIGTEN7 Gardner-Webb@Duke ESPNU7 W. bask. Army@Ohio State (T) BIGTEN10 a.m. UMES@Oklahoma (T) FCSNoon East Tennessee State@Kentucky (T) FCS2 Texas-Pan Am.@Texas Christian (T)
November 5, 1991
The Madrid conference changed the politics of the Middle East. Israel is now negotiating with the Palestinians, even talking to the PLO, which instructs the Palestinian delegation. But it is a PLO taking guidance for the first time from its moderates, those very delegates. They redefined the cause as the concerns of people living under Israeli rule, rather than of those in permanent exile whom Yasser Arafat personifies.The conference brought Jordan back into the moderate mainstream of Arab life as the country with which Israel could live in peace if only more militant, distant and wealthy Arab states allowed.
By Elizabeth Large and Elizabeth Large,Sun Restaurant Critic | November 11, 1994
Blame it on Tio Pepe. If Baltimore's first Spanish restaurant weren't so incredibly successful, people wouldn't keep opening new ones. I suspect that's the real reason Rio Lisboa, a Brazilian-Portuguese restaurant, has turned into Rio Madrid, specializing in Brazilian and Spanish cuisine.If it is, the owners are going to be disappointed. People don't flock to Tio Pepe because it's Spanish. They go for the food, yes, but mostly for the promise of a festive evening. To be festive, though, you have to have lots of customers having a good time.
By Anthony Lewis | November 11, 1991
Boston -- THE CONFLICT between Israelis and Palestinians has been going on for so long that even in its pain there has been, for many, a kind of security. The established pattern of force and bitter words seemed safer than actually negotiating with the other side and lowering the barriers of hate.One achievement of the talks in Madrid -- a singular achievement -- has been to make the idea of negotiation more attractive to both sides. Suddenly they were talking, and living with the other in peace seemed possible.
By RICK HOROWITZ | October 31, 1991
Secret minutes from the opening session:President Bush, speaking as co-host of the Middle East peace conference, welcomed the delegations to Madrid. He said that the people of the United States have always had a ''great desire'' for peace in the Middle East, and he praised the delegates for their willingness to ''sit down at the same table'' to work out their differences.President Gorbachev, speaking as the other co-host of the conference, also welcomed the delegations to Madrid. He said that the people of the Soviet Union were ''too busy starving'' to pay any attention to the Middle East, but pointed out that going to conferences is the ''only fun part'' of his job anymore.
By JEANE KIRKPATRICK | November 4, 1991
Washington. - Talking can be useful, but the talks among the parties assembled in Madrid cannot bring a comprehensive or lasting peace to the Middle East.One reason is that too many belligerents were left out, including Iraq, Iran and various extremist groups associated with them and with the Palestine Liberation Organization. This is extremely important because Iraq and Iran -- who fought so bitterly for so long -- agree on two things: Their deadly enmity toward Israel and their detestation of the United States.
By Todd Richissin and Todd Richissin,SUN FOREIGN STAFF | March 12, 2004
MADRID, Spain - Fernando Gonzalez was apologetic yesterday, partly for his struggle to speak English but mostly for his tears, which he could not stop. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," said the 37-year-old truck driver, who lives in the capital's Atocha neighborhood, less than a mile from the train station of the same name, which took the brunt of 10 bombs that exploded here yesterday. "I'm sorry," he said again, "but today all of Spain cries." Yesterday was a day of tears in a city known for its bright gaiety, a day of trepidation in a city known for its optimism.
Sports on TV | October 2, 2013
WEDNESDAY'S TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS NASCAR K&N Pro Series: New Hampshire (T) FS11 MLB play. AL wild card:Tampa Bay@Cleveland TBS8 C. football Maine@Richmond (T) CSN11 a.m. S. Methodist@Texas Christian (T) MASN27 NHL Toronto@Montreal (T) NHL1 Washington@Chicago (T) NHL3 Buffalo@Detroit NBCSN8 NFL A Football Life: Steve Sabol (T) NFL4 Soccer Serie A: C. Calcio vs Inter Milano (T)
By Louise Vest | September 20, 2011
100 Years Ago H2 Ohhhh! In the classifieds: "For Rent: Blacksmith and Wheelwright Shop and Dwelling House at Cooksville. Best stand in the county. R.H. MERCER. Cooksville, Rd. For Sale: 130 Acre Farm, situated on the Triadelphia Pike, one mile form Frederick Pike. Good Spring close to house, running water in barn. J.S. BROWN, Ellicott City, Md. Route 3. " In the latter ad, it makes sense to have the more efficient watering system for the animal occupants of the barn, who lap it up by the gallons, than for the humans in the home.
December 10, 2008
1 City series: Coppin State had its problems with Morgan State, but now the Eagles take on another local foe, at Loyola (7 p.m., MASN). 2 Him again?: Check out Cavaliers-76ers (8 p.m., ESPN) because it has been at least five minutes since you last saw LeBron James (left) on TV. 3 Speaking of which ...: And maybe 10 minutes since you last saw Kobe Bryant (Suns at Lakers, 10:30 p.m., ESPN). 4 Riddle me this: In this afternoon's Champions League soccer match, Real Madrid takes on Zenit (2:30 p.m., ESPN2)
August 10, 2008
The best value restaurants from Food & Wine magazine's 2008 lists (in alphabetical order): 1. Kau Kee Restaurant, Hong Kong 2. Kefi, New York City 3. Kiosko Universal, Barcelona, Spain 4. Legendary Noodle, Vancouver, Canada 5. Les Cocottes, Paris 6. Love Supreme, Sydney, Australia 7. Open Colonna, Rome 8. Refuel, London 9. Taberna Laredo, Madrid, Spain 10. Tempura Mikawa, Tokyo
By Todd Richissin and Todd Richissin,SUN FOREIGN STAFF | March 13, 2004
MADRID, Spain - Rosa Gil was nowhere near the blasts that killed and wounded so many people here this week, but she is hurt, and deeply. Rafael Pacheco Hernandez felt he was in the trains that were ripped apart, so yesterday he demonstrated in the streets. Ana Martinez is suddenly afraid to travel and thinks she always will be. And Teresa de la Hoz cried tears of grief and now weeps in anger, but she has no idea where to direct it - only that she needs to let it out. While 2 million people took to the streets of Madrid yesterday in a show of unity, Spaniards are also dealing with the worst attack of its kind in their country's history individually, each person in his own way, with guilt and defiance and longings for peace, with caution and sadness and anger.
By F. Lisa Beebe and F. Lisa Beebe,Contributing Writer | May 31, 1992
With the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Expo '92 in Seville and a host of quincentennial celebrations throughout the land, 1992 is indeed the Year of Spain. Not to be upstaged by these events, the Spanish capital, Madrid, has also planned a rich agenda of events, activities and spectacles to fulfill its role as 1992 European Cultural Capital.In many ways this honor marks Madrid's recent coming of age as a world-class capital. Not since Spain's Golden Age in the 16th and 17th centuries has Madrid been such a hotbed of cultural and commercial activity.
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