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By Claire Katz | December 26, 1990
JUST AS the dust starts to settle on the 2 Live Crew controversy, we have Madonna. Her video, "Justify My Love," banned by MTV, has (of course) become a best-seller. What is it that makes Madonna unique? Are her outrageous sexual images that much different from those found on most MTV videos?More than one columnist points out that Madonna is a woman with power -- in charge of her own sexuality and (in the video) the sexuality of others. Some find that exciting; others find it troubling.Meanwhile, 2 Live Crew has been acquitted.
By Ernest B. Furgurson | December 2, 1990
Washington--A WELL-KNOWN arbiter of popular culture has tut-tutted me for rashly saying hardly anybody who reads this page ever heard of Milli Vanilli before M.V. was exposed as a fraud.''Speak for yourself, Ernest,'' he suggested, which is what all my closest friends call me and what I always do, to my wife's frequent chagrin.(Actually, no one calls me that: Ernest is an honorific awarded me at birth and never heard again until the night some stodgy editor decided without asking that it would be my byline in The Baltimore Sun. The day I decide to cast off this burdensome disguise I will change my byline back to Pat, which is whom I really have spoken for all these years.
By Anna Quindlen | October 26, 1990
STUPID prosecutor's trick of the month -- and the competition is fierce for this one -- goes to the assistant state attorney in the 2 Live Crew case who said one of the jurors, a 76-year-old retired professor, was trouble from Day One."She was a sociologist, and I don't like sociologists," Pedro Dijols said. "They try to reason things out too much."Now there's an indictment if I ever heard one. You let people go reasoning things out, next thing you know they'll be using logic. Before you know it the place will be overrun with common sense and then where will we be?
By THEO LIPPMAN | October 27, 1990
AFTER A JURY in Florida concluded that 2 Live Crew's famous act was not obscene, civil libertarian lawyer Alan Dershowitz said he agreed with the result but that it should not be up to jurors in the first place. The First Amendment absolutely protects such expression, and courts have no right to review it, he said.I had been reading up on the history of the Supreme Court's grappling with the issue of obscenity, and I came across a quote from Professor Dershowitz in the wake of the court's 1973 decision that gave us our current definition of obscenity and stated that it is okay to ban it. This decision restated an older one. What was new in it was that "community" rather than "national" standards could be applied to determine if something was obscene.
By J. D. Considine and J. D. Considine,Sun Pop Music Critic | December 16, 1990
Court decisions to the contrary, 2 Live Crew's "As Nasty As They Wanna Be" is by no means as raunchy as rap gets. In the months since the Crew's album was declared obscene in Florida, sexually explicit rap has become something of a growth industry, with an expanding number of acts out to prove just how nasty they can be.Although the vast majority of rappers rarely venture beyond the innocent innuendo of Candyman's "Knockin' Boots," a few make no bones about...
By James J. Kilpatrick | October 24, 1990
IN FLORIDA a jury has acquitted members of 2 Live Crew. In Cincinnati a jury in effect has acquitted the late Robert Mapplethorpe. The people have addressed the conflict between public morals and artistic freedom, and freedom has won. Permit me a faint and barely audible hooray.The rap group known as 2 Live Crew is a band of smart-alecky children who have just discovered dirty words. Beyond the rhyming of cat and bat, they have no discernible talent. Forget them. As for Mr. Mapplethorpe, not even Sen. Jesse Helms challenged his right to produce photographs of perverted sexual acts.
By GREGORY KANE | February 16, 1997
Whenever I speak to high school students, nothing sends them into fits of guffawing more than the notion that their elders, in our never-ending quest to protect them from the ravages of gangsta rap, think that the group 2 Live Crew is a gangsta rap outfit.Oh, how the young folks snicker and giggle! But their elders, having put our feet in our mouths once too often on this issue, have solved the problem. We'll simply redefine reality. That'll show the whippersnappers.In an article Thursday, Sun staff writer C. Fraser Smith reported on the latest goings on in Annapolis.
By RAY FRAGER | July 11, 2008
Tapping away at some sports media notes while listening to Brett Favre sing, "I don't know why you say goodbye/I say hello": *If you were in the habit of turning off the television sound to listen to the radio broadcast during Ravens games, you won't have to do that in the preseason. That's because the radio broadcast will be the TV sound. No more Dick, Moose and Goose calling the exhibition schedule. The Ravens have replaced Dick Stockton, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa with a simulcast of the WBAL/98 Rock team of Gerry Sandusky, Stan White and Rob Burnett.
By Fred Rasmussen and Fred Rasmussen,SUN STAFF | August 27, 1996
Henry Wilson Harrison, who as a merchant marine officer in World War II helped save the lives of 11 of his crewmen after their ship was sunk by a German U-boat, died Friday of Alzheimer's disease at Genesis Heritage Nursing Center in Dundalk. He was 85.The seamanship and navigation skills he acquired growing up on Tilghman Island helped him sail a 25-foot, sail-powered lifeboat through rough seas for more than 1,000 miles until the survivors were rescued by a fishing vessel off the northwest coast of Africa.
By [SAM SESSA] | January 11, 2007
The Cheaters at the 8x10 The lowdown -- Get ready to rock tomorrow night at the 8x10. Annapolis-based rock 'n' rollers the Cheaters are the headliners. They released their debut full-length, self-titled album last summer. Alternative rocker Viki Nova and eighty1south, a group fronted by guitarist Jennifer Van Meter and singer Caity Lynn Fisher, will also perform. If you go -- Doors open at 8 p.m. Tickets are $8. The venue is at 8-10 E. Cross St. For more information, call 410-625-2000 or go to the8x10.
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