By Gary Gately and Gary Gately,Staff writer | August 20, 1991
Proposed limits on campaign contributions failed to win the support of an Annapolis City Council committee last night.The three-member Rules Committee voted, 2-1, in favor of retaining existing provisions of the city Election Code that place no limits on contributions.But Ward 5 Democrat Carl O. Snowden, who supports limits, said hewill argue strenuously in favor of such caps when the full council takes up the issue next month."Tonight's vote is a clear indication that reform is not a high priority of a majority of the Rules Committee, and I intend to fight for true campaign reform," said Snowden, the committee's chairman.
By Peter Baker and Peter Baker,Sun Staff Writer | April 19, 1994
Reports out of Wachapreague, Va., indicate the best flounder fishing in a decade, and certainly the upswing can be attributed at least in part to reduced recreational creel limits and increased minimum size limits over the past few years.Starting May 1, Maryland and Virginia will reduce creel limits even further under regulations that will be equal in both states."We have finally got our acts together," Frances McFaden of Maryland's Department of Natural Resources said yesterday. "In either state, in bay waters or coastal waters, the limits will be the same."
BY A SUN STAFF WRITER | February 15, 2005
The Annapolis city council unanimously approved a resolution last night limiting the number of monthly permit parking spaces in the new Knighton garage to no more than 75 of its 220 spaces. Before the vote was taken, members discussed parking pricing practices in city-owned garages in addition to the ratio of hourly and monthly spaces. The garage is expected to open later this month. The Knighton garage parking space limit was one of several recommendations by an 11-member ad hoc committee that is trying to solve Annapolis' perennial parking problems.
By Donna E. Boller and Donna E. Boller,Sun Staff Writer | January 16, 1995
Members of the Carroll County Planning Commission heard the cry from voters in the November 1994 election."It was very clear with the election in November that this county wants growth regulated more than it has been," commission Chairman Dennis P. Bowman said last week.Commission members, who came close to enacting a subdivision moratorium two months ago, are looking for ways for zTC county services such as roads and schools to keep pace with development.But the newest proposal on the commission's agenda is expected to affect only larger subdivisions -- 25 lots or more -- and may inadvertently drive residential development into agricultural and conservation zoning areas, contrary to the county's master plan for growth.
By David J. Fox and David J. Fox,Los Angeles Times | September 7, 1992
HOLLYWOOD -- Madonna, who's notorious for pushing th limits of acceptable sexuality on stage and in music videos, now is the central player in a new movie that may test the economic limitations of the film industry's controversial NC-17, adults-only rating.The movie is "Body of Evidence," an erotic thriller. Its contents, apparently, are so sexually explicit that the ratings board of the Motion Picture Association of America last week slapped it with the NC-17 label, meaning that no one under age 17 can see it.In "Body of Evidence," Madonna plays opposite Willem Dafoe as a woman on trial for the murder of her lover, an elderly man who dies while the two are having sex. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer plans to release the feature-length film in January.
By JAMES J. KILPATRICK | December 10, 1991
In that strange land known as Political Correctness, events are moving toward a useful showdown. By the end of January -- by next spring at the latest -- we should get some idea of the limits of the new racism within the federal government. I say, high time.2 James J. Kilpatrick is a syndicated columnist.
By Katherine Richards and Katherine Richards,Sun Staff Writer | February 2, 1994
The Manchester Planning and Zoning Commission is considering whether to place time limits on its approvals of developments, to reduce the number of developments that have been approved but languish, unbuilt, for months or years.If time limits were enacted, commission approvals would expire after a set period, perhaps 12 months or 18 months.Miriam DePalmer, Manchester's assistant zoning administrator, suggested the limits to the commission.The town already places a one-year limit on approvals of site plansfor commercial developments, she said.
By Thomas W. Waldron and John W. Frece and Thomas W. Waldron and John W. Frece,Sun Staff Writers | September 8, 1994
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Parris N. Glendening acknowledged yesterday that his campaign made contributions to two Baltimore political organizations that exceeded legal limits, prompting a flurry of criticism from his rivals.Moving quickly to control any damage, the campaign said it had asked the organizations for refunds totaling $3,500, the amount that exceeded state limits."We're asking for refunds, which will bring us into full compliance," Emily Smith, Glendening campaign manager, said.
By Knight Ridder/Tribune | December 26, 2004
Loan limits on reverse mortgages will rise next year. The maximum loan on a home equity conversion mortgage, the most common type of reverse mortgage, will vary by region but rise in most to $312,896 from $290,319. The next most popular reverse mortgage, the Fannie Mae home keeper loan, will top out at $359,650 from this year's $333,700. In a reverse mortgage, the loan and interest are paid off when the property is sold. Sale of the property, during the homeowner's lifetime or later, is always considered sufficient to satisfy the debt; lenders can't take other assets.
February 6, 2002
In a move designed to slow the proliferation of new houses, Mount Airy's Town Council has imposed stricter size limits for subdivisions. Under the new law, approved subdivisions will be allowed to add 36 houses a year instead of 40, and subdivisions that haven't been approved will be allowed to add 24 houses a year instead of 40. Town residents have complained for three years that Mount Airy's schools and water system can't keep up with rapid growth in...
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