November 26, 2012
Everyone knows that these speed cameras have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with generating revenue ("Fast money," Nov. 18). Where are all of the millions of dollars that these cameras are generating actually going? Some of these so-called "safety" cameras are located on major roads. Roads that are not in the immediate vicinity of a school or school crossing where school children or any pedestrian, for that matter, ever walks or crosses! I have to laugh every time I drive past a speed camera.
By Richard O'Mara and Richard O'Mara,London Bureau | November 26, 1992
London -- Baby D flew into London yesterday and almost walked into a custard pie.Lucky for her the bobbies were on hand at Heathrow to protect her from the dozen or so fellow clowns, all ill-disposed to her, waiting perhaps to welcome her with a belt with a rubber chicken.There was no violence, though one policeman got tickled with a feather duster. Somebody displayed a soda siphon.Gerry Cottle, the impresario who hired the American clown, received a squirt of water from one of the disgruntled buffoons, all there to take umbrage at the interloper.
By Carl Hoover and Carl Hoover,COX NEWS SERVICE | September 22, 1996
So, which is more therapeutic for the Therapy Sisters, writing their wry, witty songs or performing them for listeners?Maurine McLean laughs at the question, then quickly replies the latter. "It's fun to watch people get the jokes," she said in a recent interview from her home in Austin, Texas.The music of Austin's Therapy Sisters has been medicine to the ears of their audiences for about a decade, setting comic lyrics to folk, rock, pop and country beats -- or, as they define it, "Nouveau Urban Psycho Swing Folk."
By Carol Kleiman and Carol Kleiman,Chicago Tribune | May 6, 1991
Don't laugh, but women are being encouraged to display a sense of humor in -- of all places -- the office.It may tickle your funny bone to know that magazine articles, books and even workshops by "humor consultants" are seriously encouraging women to add a hearty laugh to their daily routines, incorporating it into other work and family responsibilities.If you're comedic enough, the laugh experts say, you will be accepted as "one of the boys," experience less stress and have a rapid climb up the corporate ladder.
By Leonard Pitts Jr | March 11, 2007
For some reason, that picture sticks in my head. The one of Britney Spears attacking a car with an umbrella. Go ahead and laugh if you want. I won't blame you. Still, the picture - it was all over the news last week - stops me. There she is, this pop princess, newly bald, dressed unglamorously in shorts and sweatshirt, rearing back with an umbrella, ready to give that car what it has coming. Supposedly, the vehicle belongs to a photographer who had been tailing her. In that photo, there is something of the spoiled child lashing out. Something of the little girl, broken.
By Michael Sragow, The Baltimore Sun | April 7, 2011
To borrow from "A Hard Day's Night," Russell Brand is a mod, a rocker and a mocker. He's got an edgy version of elfin charm — if you can call a 6-foot-1 man elfin. Lately he's had a mocker's version of a Midas touch. He gave voice to the Easter Bunny's teenage heir in "Hop" — and the film ruled the box-office last weekend. The Russell Brand brand should get another boost Friday when he opens in his first star vehicle, "Arthur. " Credit goes to Jason Winer, his Pikesville-bred director.
December 28, 2003
Ravens' J. Lewis is true professional He doesn't dance, he doesn't pose, he doesn't point to his chest or to the fans or to the sky. He doesn't spike the ball, throw it into the stands or try to dunk it over the crossbar. He doesn't salute, autograph the ball, call anyone on a cell phone or do any of the other stupid things so many of the NFL players do. He just runs the ball like no one else, catches an occasional pass, blocks when required and merely drops the ball after scoring a touchdown.
By Peter Schmuck and Peter Schmuck,Sun Staff Correspondent | September 14, 1990
TORONTO -- The Baltimore Orioles continue to marvel at the vast potential of rookie pitcher Ben McDonald, whose three-hitter Wednesday night still was a hot topic of conversation yesterday."
By Mary Maushard | May 26, 1992
Congratulations, working parentsThis is it -- The Week of the Working Parent. The Maryland Committee for Children, a statewide advocacy group for families, has designated today through Friday as a time for working parents to get a little recognition -- especially from their employers.Children in many day care centers and nursery schools around the state will be making name tags and signs for their moms and dads to wear and take to work, to show just how many parents are in the work force.
By Robert Hilson Jr. and Robert Hilson Jr.,SUN STAFF | June 30, 1998
Tyree Wright did a wonderful impression of Steve Urkel, the same goofy expression, a nearly identical laugh and practically all of the same mannerisms as the television character.But Tyree's humor was only a front. He had a serious side about him. He was a leader and an above-average student at Patterson High School, where he was to be a junior in the fall. He starred on the school's indoor track team, and teachers liked him because of his doggedness with his studies.Tyree wanted to go to college and perhaps later become a California police officer.
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