By Laura McCandlish and Laura McCandlish,Sun Reporter | February 21, 2008
Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport will lose its flights to Africa in May, when North American Airlines cuts service to Lagos, Nigeria, and Accra, Ghana. It is the latest blow to BWI's efforts to bolster its international service, after Icelandair's pullout last month. It also means the large West African immigrant population in the Baltimore-Washington region will now have to travel further for flights to their home countries. Rising fuel costs, coupled with competition from routes Delta Air Lines recently launched from New York to West Africa, have forced North American Airlines to shut down all commercial service, company spokesman Steve Forsyth said.
January 3, 1995
Mohamed Siad BarreExiled Somali leaderMaj. Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre, who was overthrown as president of Somalia in 1991 after ruling that impoverished African country for more than 20 years, died on Monday in exile in Lagos, Nigeria."
By New York Times News Service | July 24, 1994
LAGOS, Nigeria -- A diplomatic initiative by President Clinton to help resolve Nigeria's political paralysis has generated protests here by human rights campaigners who say that the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Mr. Clinton's special envoy, may have aligned himself too closely with this country's military government to be a neutral mediator.The U.S. Embassy in Lagos announced Thursday that Mr. Jackson and a delegation of State Department and national security officials were expected to travel to Nigeria in the next few days.
By MIKE ROYKO | August 3, 1994
It is obvious that you do not mess around with his royal highness, Prince Jaiyesimi, a member of the Ijede ruling family in Lagos, Nigeria.That's what Gerry Gross, a Chicago Transit Authority bus driver who is not of royal birth, will soon be finding out.Gross is one of the alleged villains in a $120 million federal lawsuit that Prince Jaiyesimi brought against the city of Chicago, the CTA and the Police Department because they hurt his royal feelings real...
August 18, 2011
  Allison and Stephen DeVito   Andrew and Cheryl Maimona, of Hudson, Ohio, announce the marriage of their daughter, Allison Anne Maimona, to Stephen Roy DeVito, son on Richard and Judith DeVito, of Columbia, on May 14, 2011. The bride is a 1999 graduate of Hudson High School, in Hudson; a 2003 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Ind.; and a 2006 graduate of Fordham University Law School, in Bronx, N.Y. She is currently employed as a captain in the Air Force, serving as the deputy state judge advocate at Rome Laboratory, in New York.
By Gilbert A. Lewthwaite and Gilbert A. Lewthwaite,SUN FOREIGN STAFF | February 26, 1999
IKORODU, Nigeria -- For the fourth and final time, Kehind Adewole will wait in the tropical sun tomorrow to vote an end to military rule, joining millions of his countrymen in an act they hope will save this most populous African nation.The transition from army dictatorship to civilian democracy here has been a carefully paced process, and Adewole has participated in each step.First, the civil servant and father of three went to the polling station on the veranda of an ornate but dowdy green house at Ogunsanya and Alison streets to elect a local council for this down-at-its-heels township Dec. 5.On Jan. 9, he was back to elect a provincial governor.
By Norris P. West and Norris P. West,Staff Writer | July 17, 1992
In The Sun and The Evening Sun yesterday, the amount of heroin allegedly distributed by a ring headed by Nigerians was misstated. According to investigators, it distributed about 4 kilograms of heroin a month, with a street value of $4 million.* The Sun regrets the error.Federal and local investigators said yesterday they cracked a $4 million-a-month international heroin-smuggling operation with the arrests of 20 suspects in Baltimore, four Maryland counties and New York.Officials said the operation was run by Nigerians who smuggled heroin into the United States from Thailand through Lagos, Nigeria, to the Baltimore area.
By LOS ANGELES TIMES | August 9, 2000
SANTIAGO, Chile - In October 1973, when Augusto Pinochet was beginning to make his mark on Chile, death rode a Puma helicopter. The aircraft carried a six-member army squad led by a general who was a special emissary of Pinochet. The squad roamed the north killing political prisoners, at least 72 in all. Even some officers were horrified. Gen. Joaquin Lagos, then a regional commander in the city of Antofagasta, recalled: "A general of the republic had been my guest for a few hours and ... ordered the murder of 14 prisoners, prisoners who had in their majority surrendered voluntarily, trusting in me. What a barbarity, massacring 14 defenseless prisoners behind my back."
By Davan Maharaj and Davan Maharaj,LOS ANGELES TIMES | July 28, 2004
LAGOS, Nigeria - Tossed off a flatbed truck, a 100-pound bale of used underwear, worn socks, DKNY suits and Michael Jordan jerseys lands with a thud amid a jostling swarm of shoppers. Okech Anorue slits the plastic wrap on the refrigerator-size bundle he bought for $95 and dives in. There's bound to be a gem in there - such as the faded leather bomber jacket once worn by an American high-schooler named Tiffany. That piece now hangs on the premium rack in his 5-foot-by-5-foot stall with a $25 price tag. "These clothes make people's dreams come true," says Anorue, chairman of the vendors association at Yaba Market.
By MILTON KENT | January 3, 1995
Bowl Daze 1995, or how many brain cells can a critic lose while watching about 24 hours of college football over a two-day span?* Sunday, 8 p.m.: The Orange Bowl, or why did the halftime show run longer than "Roots"?For some reason, the Orange Bowl decided this year to buck the custom of shifting its game to Monday when Jan. 1 falls on a Sunday. Good thing, too, because otherwise the season premiere of "The Mommies" would go for naught, and who could afford that?The matchup between No. 1 Nebraska and third-ranked Miami was for the national championship.
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