By Stebbins Jefferson | December 24, 1997
THIS TIME of year, I dream of Christmases past.Lying awake at night, thinking of the tasks yet to be done before the big day, I clear my head of stress by mentally traveling back to the home I grew up in on a street that no longer exists, except in my mind's eye. During these waking dreams, I explore minute-by-minute the magical texture of the days I once knew as a child, when anticipation of Christmas was orchestrated by home and community traditions more...
By Michael Dresser and Michael Dresser,Staff Writer | May 27, 1993
Nike Inc. has radically redesigned its Air Jordan basketball shoe for next winter -- and the word in the industry is that it's a slam-dunk.According to financial industry professionals who were given a sneak preview of the ninth generation of the popular shoe last week, the 1994 model will soar above its recent predecessors the way its namesake flies toward a basket.Jennifer Black Groves has seen a lot of basketball shoes in the years she's followed the athletic footwear industry. But she's never seen anything like the new version of Michael Jordan's favorite footwear.
By Marc LeGoff and Marc LeGoff,Staff writer | February 17, 1991
"This isn't the way we normally do business," said Caroline Houghtling."We usually set up private parties in people's homes. It's only been lately that I've done some shows in public places like restaurants and bars. The men love it."Houghtling was talking about the sort of event you'd get by crossing Frederick's of Hollywood with a Tupperware party -- the sort of event the Judge's Bench bar in Ellicott City presented last week as a Valentine's business promotion.As a sales director for Cameo Coutures Inc., a Dallas-based lingerie and loungewear manufacturer, Houghtling's job is to set up parties to sell the company's fashions.
By SYLVIA BADGER | June 30, 1995
THE ROLAND PARK Second Presbyterian Church looked absolutely stunning last Saturday for the wedding of Natalia Pia Melanie Sommer and Richard Matthew Dohler. Thousands of wildflowers, miles of lace ribbons and tulle, and window sills decorated with Singapore orchids set the stage for the nuptials of the daughter of pop music star Donna Summer and her first husband, Helmut Sommer,and the son of Dick and Bonna Dohler, he's an Ellicott City builder.The church was filled with the music of German trumpeteer Langston Fitzgerald and selections of Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi, played by the church's music director Margaret Budd on the organ.
By Andrea K. Walker, The Baltimore Sun | January 31, 2014
Drug dealers are lacing heroin with the potent painkiller fentanyl, creating a deadly cocktail that is killing unknowing users - sometimes within minutes of use. The drug combination has killed dozens of people in several states, prompting law enforcement and health officials to issue warnings about its danger. The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said Friday that 37 Marylanders had died since September of overdoses after taking the drug mixture. The deaths accounted for 12 percent of 318 overdose deaths in the past four months.
By Ellen Nibali, Special to The Baltimore Sun | May 23, 2012
The leaves on my azaleas are turning white. They look dirty underneath, too. How can I stop this? Your azaleas are infested with lace bugs. These ubiquitous insects insert their mouth parts into leaf undersides and suck out the chlorophyll. Each piercing makes a pale spot, known as stippling, and eventually the entire leaf can turn yellow and fall off. The black dots under the leaves are fecal spots. Lace bugs themselves are hard to see because they have translucent "lacy" wings.
By Sherrie Clinton and Sherrie Clinton,Evening Sun Staff | March 13, 1991
THESE PRETTY COOKIES have a delicate design and a sweet, crunchy taste. The cookies can be a bit tricky to make so be sure to follow directions exactly. Orange flower water, an optional ingredient, can be found in specialty food stores.Irish Lace Cookies2 1/2 teaspoons unsalted butter, softened1/4 cup plus 3 tablespoons sugar1 egg1 teaspoon vanilla extract1/2 teaspoon orange flower water, optional1 1/4 cups old-fashioned rolled oats1 teaspoon double-acting baking powder1/4 teaspoons saltPreheat oven to 375 degrees.
By Ken Murray and Ken Murray,Evening Sun Staff | February 8, 1991
Tom Schneider didn't need tea leaves to know he was in trouble when he hit the Loyola College locker room last night. It was all around him, in the facial expressions and body language of his basketball team. Telltale signs were even on the Greyhounds' feet."Half the guys didn't even have their shoes tied," the intense Loyola coach complained later."Five years ago, I would have gone berserk [over such a sight]. But I said OK, we'll have to struggle through this."Struggle, they did, but in the end the Greyhounds rewarded Schneider's patience with a scintillating 63-59, catch-em-at-the-wire victory over Canisius before 1,411 fans at Reitz Arena.
By Linda Lowe Morris and Linda Lowe Morris,Staff Writer | July 22, 1992
In the dim light of the sacristy of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Joseph Stricklen slowly unfurls a roll of blue cloth. Wrapped protectively within that plain length of blue is a piece of linen edged in the most delicate white lace.Mr. Stricklen, 74, moves his fingertips over the lace edges and calls out the names: "The borders here are Torchon lace. The four corners are Maltese lace and the large cross is Honiton."He knows every inch of the cloth, every stitch of the lace because he spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours making it, his fingers rapidly plaiting threads held by dozens of wooden bobbins.
By Mary Johnson and Mary Johnson,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | March 20, 1997
Two comedies, "The Foreigner" and "Arsenic and Old Lace," are being staged at the Chesapeake Music Hall on alternate weekends through April 30, and both are worth seeing."
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