March 7, 2012
I want to thank Brett Schwartz for the measured and thoughtful response to his mugging at the hands of teenage assailants ("After a mugging, renewed faith in Baltimore," Feb. 29). It takes courage and conviction to keep moving forward and stay positive after such a scary incident. I'd also like to comment on Mr. Schwartz's question about positive outlets available to kids in Baltimore. There are many organizations throughout the city that are fighting the good fight, providing constructive activities and mentors.
August 8, 2011
Students ages 4 to 20 can earn funds for college scholarships by bowling with the Kids Fall Scholarship Bowling League at AMF Laurel Lanes, 15013 Baltimore Ave. The bowling league offers college scholarships through the SMART program (Scholarship Management and Accounting Report for Tenpins). The league starts Aug 27 and offers certified coaching, awards and trophies. Registration is Aug. 13, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; and Aug. 20, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Registration fee is $35, and includes a T-shirt, sanction fee and tournament entry.
By Jonathan Pitts | January 1, 2010
It was nearly noon, not midnight, and the ball that hung three stories high looked more like a cross between a pinata and a helium balloon than the giant one in Times Square that grown-ups have come to know and love. But to a crowd of more than 1,900 - many sporting tutus, face glitter and brightly colored party hats - the setting at the Maryland Science Center could not have been more perfect for ringing in the New Year, kid-style. It was the second annual Midnight Noon, a bash the museum calls a New Year's celebration for those whose bedtime happens long before the ball in Times Square makes its descent, and all the right people were excited.
April 24, 2014
I would like to add another point to L. Richmond Sparks' objection to public schools outcasting of home schooled kids ( "Don't shut out home-schoolers," April 20). I had a young lady on a number of my soccer teams. At 14 years old, Nikki would have been the best player on the local high school varsity team, by a wide margin. Nikki was better than almost all the varsity boys. She was blazing fast, had extraordinary ball control skills, and had powerful shots from either foot. She was the complete package.
By Liz Atwood | November 14, 2012
From Liz Atwood: I'm just not getting enough sleep and the kids are the reason why. My sons are no longer infants crying in the middle of the night to be fed or changed. They aren't toddlers running into my room when they have a bad dream. They are a tween and a teen and they just can't seem to fall asleep until very late at night. Their habit of staying up until 11 or later is taking its toll on all of us. Last week, the 16-year-old, who has to get up at 6:30 in order to make the bus on time, asked to have coffee at breakfast.
By Yeganeh June Torbati, The Baltimore Sun | October 19, 2010
The usual stars of the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore — the wild cats, hulking elephants and graceful cranes whose habitats are re-created on the grounds — lost some of the spotlight Tuesday to the players, cheerleaders and mascot of the Baltimore Ravens, as the team and zoo played host to about 120 local schoolchildren for an annual community service event. Tuesday was the NFL/United Way's annual "Hometown Huddle," a leaguewide day of service, which this year is focused on combating childhood obesity by getting kids to be more active.
By Colin Stevens, The Baltimore Sun | June 9, 2010
After patiently sitting along a back wall for nearly a half hour, 10-year-old Kaenetra Everett could finally test the new hockey equipment sitting neatly in the corner of the gymnasium. "This is the first time they've brought hockey to this community so that we can play," Everett said after practicing faceoffs, shooting and passing with her friends. "For practice, I think I did good." The equipment arrived at Robert C. Marshall Recreation Center in West Baltimore's Upton neighborhood Wednesday as part of NHL Street, a league-wide program which brings street hockey to children ages 6-16 in cities where ice rinks may not be available.
By Dan Rodricks | September 5, 2010
So the four of us are sitting in the ballpark the other night, with about 8,000 other Orioles fans and 8,000 Red Sox fans, when someone says, "All these empty seats, why don't they give them away to kids?" The reference is to the upper deck, massively empty on a Wednesday night, with the Bostons in town and, more importantly, the young Orioles showing late-summer promise in the franchise's 13th consecutive losing season. It's a school night, of course, but attendance was only marginally better on a recent Saturday afternoon, before the kids went back to class.
By Jill Rosen and The Baltimore Sun | November 13, 2012
Thanks to Raven Jameel McClain, about 300 children around Baltimore will have a new, warm winter coat. The inside linebacker made a deal with Wal-Mart where in exchange for a couple off-season appearances at the store, they'd provide the gear for needy kids. This afternoon, kids from area Boys and Girls clubs will head to the Port Covington Wal-Mart to shop for their coats. They'll also be getting hats, gloves and scarves, provided by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. McClain will be at Wal-Mart from 4 to 7 p.m., meeting the kids and helping them choose jackets.
Eileen Ambrose | March 23, 2012
About three-quarters of parents talk to their kids about money, according to a recent survey by Baltimore'sT. Rowe Price. But many of those parents aren't being honest. The survey of 1,008 parents and 837 kids age 8 to 14 found that 77 percent of parents confessed to fibbing to kids about finances. And 15 percent lied at least once a week. When when it comes to lying to kids, though,  I wasn't so disturbed by Price's findings. Forty-three percent of parents said they don't tell kids how worried they are about money.
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