By Trevor Fishlock and Trevor Fishlock,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | January 13, 2002
POOR KASHMIR. It lies in the Himalayan ramparts where the borders of India, Pakistan and China rub together. Reality mocks its beauty. There is no escaping the permeating melancholy of a land that lies under the gun. It is as if malevolent gods, jealous of its loveliness, placed a curse on it. The poison entered the garden in 1947 when the war-weary British quit their Indian empire and partitioned it. They had no wish to cut it up: One of their imperial...
By Debbie M. Price Kevin L. McQuaid | February 16, 1997
We stepped through the cellar doors, down a few short stairs and into a mass of bodies. Strobe lights flashed red and blue across the faces of the young men and women - kids, really - jammed, shoulder to shoulder, into the warren of subterranean rooms.They were dancing, or trying to, but it was impossible to move more than a few inches in either direction so they just bobbed up and down to the pulse of a heavy bass.Plastic cups shuttled to and from the beer keg, passed sloppily above the bobbing heads.
February 4, 1997
TCPolice logSeverna Park: A thief smashed the front window of Cork 'N Keg Liquors in the 500 block of Ritchie Highway shortly after 5 a.m. Saturday and stole cigarettes, cash and liquor.Pub Date: 2/04/97
By Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun | May 9, 2013
Kevin Plank may have sold the first Under Armour shirts from the back of his car, but as his reach has grown, so too have his wheels: These days, he jets around the world, recently to five Asian cities in six days, but managed to get back home to Baltimore to watch a member of his celebrity-filled stable of athletes play in a game. That would be his 9-year-old son, James, playing in a Little League game in Baltimore County. Like any sideline dad, Plank showed off a few photos on his cellphone, scenes from a spring evening more Norman Rockwell than Under Armour, whose thumping ads feature glaring athletes seemingly in training not for a mere game but a coming apocalypse.
August 24, 1995
A Pasadena man was arrested on drug charges and three other men and a juvenile were issued citations for possession of alcohol yesterday after police stopped the young men for a traffic violation.An officer stopped a blue Toyota pickup truck shortly after 3 a.m. and found a keg of beer in the truck bed, police said. While confiscating the keg, police said, they found a bag with what appeared to be marijuana in the truck bed.Calvin Truman Holmes, 18, of the 1200 block of Rock Hill Road in Pasadena, was charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
June 7, 1998
Quote: "We came out and played a beer league game. The only thing missing was a keg around second base." -- Mariners manager Lou Piniella, whose team committed four errors, leading to four unearned runs.It's a fact: The start of the sixth inning was held up for two minutes while the video of the Belmont Stakes was shown on the Yankee Stadium scoreboard.Who's hot: Yankees closer Mariano Rivera lowered his ERA to 0.44 with a scoreless inning.Who's not: Mariners second baseman Joey Cora committed three errors, leading to three uneared runs.
By SUN STAFF | June 21, 2003
Finally, summer is here. Today, at 3:10 p.m., the sun reaches its solstice its farthest position north for the year and starts heading south again. So whats hot for this summer? Hey, forget hot. In Baltimore, the key word is wet! Out: goldens tans from long days at the shore. In: pruney fingers from long days bailing out the basement. Heres a quick guide to whats hot and not for this endless (rainy) summer: Out Sunblock Huaraches Os games at the Yard Popping the sunroof Keg on the rooftop MTV Beach House SARS Bug spray Humidity Margaritas In Poncho Galoshes Rainouts Installing new wipers Sump pump in the basement Weather Channel SAD A lot of bug spray Precipitation Prozac
BY A SUN STAFF WRITER | November 4, 2004
Operators of Merriweather Post Pavilion are facing a $500 fine for an underage drinking incident at a Kenny Chesney concert July 10 when an employee slipped two cups of beer to a friend while the beer stand manager stepped out. Howard police Detective Martin Johnson saw the incident. Acting on undisputed facts, the Howard County Council, acting as the liquor board, last week imposed a $250 fine for each infraction on Charm City Hospitality and licensees Julie Berla and Jerome and Lisa Gottlieb.
By ROB KASPER | July 7, 1993
As the All-Stars gather next week in Oriole Park at Camden Yards, on hand will be baseball's best hitters, its fastest pitchers and its swiftest base runners. To that list of superlatives I add one more, baseball's longest beer.The draft beer that comes out of the tap at concession stand No. 111 just short of the left field foul line on the lower deck is pumped about 350 feet, the longest draft beer in baseball.The Miller Lite, one of five brands of draft beer sold in the park, moves in a cooled plastic line from kegs sitting behind home plate deep in the basement of Camden Yards.
By Josh Mitchell and Josh Mitchell,Sun reporter | August 6, 2008
WASHINGTON - A midshipman was sentenced to five years in prison yesterday after pleading guilty to storing child pornography on a computer in his Naval Academy dormitory. Michael S. Pollard, 23, also pleaded guilty to storing child porn on a laptop computer at his parents' home in Florida and making a false statement to authorities. The porn was found by a roommate who went to use Pollard's computer in early 2007. Pollard, wearing a Navy white uniform, told the presiding judge that he downloaded some of the porn, including hundreds of images and videos of prepubescent boys, while attending the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Rhode Island.
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