By Jamie Stiehm and Jamie Stiehm,SUN STAFF | October 15, 2004
A wallaby recently sighted in Severn has triggered a county government search for a wild animal native to Australia, Anne Arundel County police said yesterday. "We are in coordination with animal control in getting a game plan together to capture and place it," said Sgt. Shawn Urbas, a county police spokesman. Half a world away from its natural habitat, the wallaby - a marsupial akin to the kangaroo - may be the animal that escaped from a wildlife park near Davidsonville several years ago, officials said.
May 25, 2003
Lionel Wilson, 79, the voice of Tom Terrific, Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog, Crabby Appleton and all the other characters of the "Tom Terrific" cartoons on the Captain Kangaroo children's television show, died of pneumonia April 30 in Manhattan. "Tom Terrific," produced by Terrytoons from 1957 to 1959, followed the adventures of a young superhero who wore a funnel for a hat and could change shape at will. Each story centered on the efforts of the exuberant and wildly imaginative "greatest hero ever" to save the lazy Manfred from villains like Crabby Appleton, a meanie who was "rotten to the core" and did a bad deed every day. Mr. Wilson provided the voices for numerous other cartoons, appearing most recently as Eustace in the Cartoon Network's Courage the Cowardly Dog. He also recorded dozens of children's books on tape and CD, including Wayside School stories by Louis Sachar.
By Lowell E. Sunderland and Lowell E. Sunderland,SUN STAFF | September 24, 2000
ALL YOU CAN do is learn from your mistakes. Last Sunday's article on this page about the Kangaroo Kids jump-rope organization contained an editor-injected mistake. Lesson one, reinforced, again: Never assume anything in journalism. Jim McCleary seems as if he's led the 23-year-old Howard County club forever; actually, he and Fulton's Jean Hodges began leading it in 1984. But, to correct the error, Don Disney, who directs the county high schools' athletic programs these days, founded and named the Kangaroo Kids.
By Robin Tunnicliff Reid and Robin Tunnicliff Reid,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | January 4, 2001
TO ANYONE intent on trying Belgian cuisine, a 70-mile drive round trip isn't terribly daunting. Especially if it leads to the only such restaurant in the area: Le Mannequin Pis in Olney. In order to enjoy the jaunt, however, be prepared for some unpredictable twists, in Route 108 south and the storefront eatery itself. Named after the famous fountain in Brussels that features a small boy relieving himself, Le Mannequin Pis is tough to find, tucked away in a tiny strip shopping center a few yards from the intersection of routes 108 and 97. Inside, it's a cheerful little place with mango-colored walls, dark wood trim and a cozy bar lined with wine racks.
By Evaline Ness | January 10, 1999
On a small island, near a large harbor, there once lived a fisherman's little daughter (named Samantha, but always called Sam), who had the reckless habit of lying.Not even the sailors home from the sea could tell stranger stories than Sam. Not even the ships in the harbor, with curious cargoes from giraffes to gerbils, claimed more wonders than Sam did.Sam said her mother was a mermaid, when everyone knew she was dead.Sam said she had a fierce lion at home, and a baby kangaroo. (Actually, what she really had was an old wise cat called Bangs.
By Theo Lippman Jr | August 23, 2000
A number of writers, including my friend and former editor, Jim Keat, have expressed the view that this year's vice presidential candidates are more qualified to be in the White House than the presidential candidates. William Safire of the New York Times has dusted off an old phrase to describe this year's candidate teams - "kangaroo ticket." Get it? Stronger in the hind legs. They're all wrong, if not all wet. It's not possible for the vice presidential candidate to be more qualified than the presidential candidate.
April 4, 2005
THE PENTAGON is said to be mulling the possibility of trying its prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba in military tribunals based on its own Manual for Courts-Martial rather than in the kangaroo courts they're currently subject to. Great idea. Why wait? It is wrong to make these 500 or so men from 40 countries - most held for three years already at Guantanamo and all but four still not formally charged with any wrongdoing - linger even longer in doubt. No American in a foreign country would wish to be treated this way, especially with the good odds that he wasn't guilty of anything: Base officers have estimated that 40 percent of current detainees don't have any useful terrorism information, aren't likely to be charged with anything, and should be released.
By Mike Royko and Mike Royko,Tribune Media Services | June 25, 1991
AN ANGRY YOUNG woman of Arab ancestry asked why the American press, the public and the government are generally indifferent to the assembly-line justice being dispensed in Kuwait."
By Marie Gullard and Marie Gullard,Special to The Sun | July 11, 2008
Eduardo Cini uses his creative skills daily in his job as a professional hair stylist. Off the job, the 47-year-old native of Malta employs that innate sense of design and color in his Baltimore County home. In August 2003 Cini purchased a two-story townhouse at The Beeches, a Towson community of cedar-sided homes complete with neighborhood pool and tennis courts. The setting is almost completely surrounded by woods, and deer roam an area architecturally designed for privacy. No house faces another, either in the front or back.
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