February 12, 2001
Jan. 30 Human Performance Technologies Inc., 4403 Silverbrook Lane, Owings Mills, consultants, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: C. M. Welsh, president. Assets: $385; liabilities: $788,353.46 Joseph Edmund II and Susan Elizabeth Buchanan, 9712 Magledt Road, Parkville, construction management consultants, jointly filed under Chapter 7. Assets: $205,900.46; liabilities: $478,084.88 Jan. 31 Progressive Ventures Inc., c/o 600 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, d/b/a Sandy Spring Exxon, filed for Chapter 7. Principal: Zvi Guttman, trustee.
By Lorraine Mirabella, The Baltimore Sun | July 5, 2014
A half dozen swimmers were rescued by lifeguards Friday evening along the beach in Ocean City as rip currents formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Arthur, an Ocean City Beach Patrol official said Saturday. One person who was rescued required hospitalization, said Butch Arbin, captain of the beach patrol. All the rescues occurred after the lifeguards had gone off duty for the evening at 5:25 p.m., but while mobile beach patrols were in place through 7:30 p.m. for the busy holiday weekend, Arbin said.
By Peter Baker and Peter Baker,SUN STAFF | November 15, 1998
OCEAN CITY -- In mid-November, the sights and sounds at the south end of the boardwalk are in sharp contrast to those at the peak of the tourist season, when the parking lots are chock with cars, the promenade and beaches are packed with sun and junk-food worshipers and the smells from the Thrasher's french fries stand thicken the breeze.Tourists are so few the municipal parking meters have been removed.But in the nearshore waters, at the inlet and for a short distance into the back bays, there is a lightly used recreational fishery that might have the potential to send crowds of hardy fishermen down the ocean.
By Frank D. Roylance and Frank D. Roylance,Sun reporter | August 22, 2008
In the early years of the last century, Ocean City's commercial fishermen had to launch their boats through the surf and drag them and their catch back onto the beach with horses, ropes and pulleys. It was colorful but inefficient. If only the government would dig a cut through the barrier island, they argued, they could keep larger boats in the shelter of a bay, gain direct access to the ocean and inject new life into their fishery. No one guessed that a storm born in the tropical Atlantic was about to intervene and do the work for them, at a heavy cost.
July 13, 2003
Public safety at risk with Owens' cuts Despite a $6 million contingency account and a $27 million rainy day fund in Anne Arundel County's coffers, County Executive Janet Owens is talking up the threat of a budget shortfall and the subsequent need to tighten the fiscal screws. And public safety services are feeling the strongest squeeze. As a result, the county government is sacrificing its biggest responsibility: keeping its citizens safe. The Anne Arundel County Professional Fire Fighters proudly answer the call when your house catches on fire, you have a heart attack, there's been a hazardous materials accident, you've been in a car crash or when other emergencies occur such as terrorist threats and water rescues.
By Sue Hayes | May 19, 1991
It was an excellent week for sea bass and offshore bluefishin in Ocean City.O.C. party boats had much success with large sea bass. R. W. Hess of McConnellstown, Pa., on the newest party boat, the O.C. Princess, hooked one weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces.Julie Bunting said, "Some anglers caught as many as 200 bass, (( though they released the smaller ones. It was a great catch."Offshore bluefishing also were biting. Gene Racz, owner of R and R Fishing Center in Rehoboth, Del, said, "It was a major mugging of bluefish at the Jackspot."
By Chris Guy and Chris Guy,SUN STAFF | April 24, 1998
ASSATEAGUE ISLAND -- Ocean currents have brought some sand back to the fragile northern tip of the 37-mile-long barrier island, a section that was swept clear of sand by two devastating winter storms.With the tourist season that will bring 2.5 million visitors soon to begin, National Park Service officials say they're encouraged by the condition of the 1.5-mile strip of beach south of the Ocean City inlet."We have seen some improvement during the last few weeks," Carl S. Zimmerman, chief of resource management at the national seashore, said.
By Sue Hayes and Sue Hayes,Contributing Writer | June 20, 1993
Sea trout, or weakfish as they are sometimes called, have hit the Ocean City waters.These fish, which are a silvery-purplish color, seem to glisten in the sun. They are hard fighters, and not so easy to catch as bluefish.Though taken on the same type of lures as bluefish, such as bucktails and twisters, the sea trout swims deep. While blues can often be seen churning the surface, the trout generally stay below the frenzy. Anglers casting lures must be patient and let the lure sink toward the bottom before beginning the retrieve.
By Sue Hayes and Sue Hayes,Contributing Writer | June 13, 1993
Ocean City anglers have been pleasantly surprised by good catches of kingfish. Kingfish, or whiting as they are also called, are small but tasty fare.These silver-gray fish, which rarely weigh more than 1 1/2 pounds, are tough fighters for their size. When a kingfish hits the bait, you know that a fish is there.They feed close to shore on little crabs and worms that have been turned over by the waves. This is why kingfish can even be caught right in the white water.Since kings have small mouths, the hook size must also be small.
By Sue Hayes | September 22, 1991
It's not the most popular fish around and it certainly isn't the easiest to catch. In fact, the tautog is downright ugly and slimy, but it's wonderful to eat and certainly gives the angler an excellent fight.The tautog, also called a blackfish, is a member of the wrasse family. Though it somewhat resembles a sea bass, they are not related.With the cooling water temperatures, the tautog are moving from offshore waters into the inlet areas. The Ocean City Inlet and the Indian River Inlet are the best places to find this crafty, hard-fighting fish.
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