By David Conn and David Conn,Staff Writer | March 10, 1993
Alex. Brown Inc. said yesterday that it was expanding its asset management business in Europe by purchasing ......TC London-based investment firm.The three professionals of Jamestown Securities Ltd. have become the staff of the newly created Alex. Brown & Sons Holdings Ltd., the Baltimore-based company said. William J. Tyne Jr. of Jamestown has been named managing director, while John Loudon, previously a managing director with N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd., was appointed chairman of the company.
May 8, 2005
New Landing Jamestown film looks at contact between European and Indian cultures A movie due out in November called The New World could do for tourism in Jamestown, Va., what The Lord of the Rings did for tourism in New Zealand. Jamestown was founded in 1607 as the first permanent English settlement in North America. The film is from New Line Cinema, the studio behind The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The New World dramatizes the encounters between the white colonists and American Indians, focusing in particular on the relationship between Jamestown founder Capt.
By Myron Beckenstein and Myron Beckenstein,SUN STAFF | November 5, 2001
POPHAM BEACH, Maine -- The fates of the three earliest American colonies can be told by their resupply ships. There was the ship that didn't arrive, the ship that arrived in the nick of time and the ship that left too late and arrived too early. The ship that didn't show was the one that was supposed to replenish the first colony, the one Sir Walter Ralegh was trying to establish on the North Carolina coast in 1587. The supply ship was to come the next year, but 1588 turned out to be the year of the Spanish Armada and Queen Elizabeth I refused to divert any ships from anti-armada duties.
White sails unfurled, a wooden replica of a 17th-century ship glided past rusted factories, soot-stained smokestacks and rotting piers in the Inner Harbor yesterday - an emissary of distant times drifting by the ruins of the recent past. The Godspeed, a re-creation of one of the ships that brought the first settlers to Jamestown, Va., in 1607, sailed over the placid, earth-colored waters of the Inner Harbor yesterday and docked near the Baltimore Visitor Center. The ship is stopping here as part of a six-port tour celebrating the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, the first permanent English outpost in the Americas.
April 14, 1991
H. Chandlee Forman, who was chief architect of the National Park Service project at Jamestown, Va., and at St. Mary's City, died March 18 at his home in Easton after a short illness. He was 86.Dr. Forman did archaeological work during the 1930s at Jamestown and St. Mary's City, which was recognized as Maryland's first permanent Colonial settlement and provincial capital.His work at Jamestown preceded development of a major historic site there and St. Mary's City is still being studied by archaeologists who recently found coffins in the remains of the foundations of the Colonial Catholic church there.
By Andrew Reiner | November 27, 2003
ON THIS DAY, our thoughts naturally turn to images of Pilgrims looking carefree and well groomed, as they do in decorations everywhere. Of course, the Pilgrims were neither, because their lives were short and brutish and looking good in black was the least of their worries. This is just one of the common fallacies we have about Thanksgiving and the people we credit with its founding. (Another one, of course, is that the Pilgrims were the first English people to settle in the New World; but 14 years before they stepped on Plymouth Rock, Jamestown, Va., became the first English settlement.
By Mary Maushard and Mary Maushard,Evening Sun Staff | September 13, 1991
ELNORA SIMMS' face is pretty, but her words are not:Arthritis doesn't kill anybody. It just cripples them. When the doctor told me that I had arthritis, I said I wish you'd tell me that I had cancer. At least then I'd die.Elnora Simms' eyes are bright, but her hopes dim:Anymore, I try to concentrate on the good times. Oh, I have a lot of memories. I often relive them for hours.Elnora Simms' bright eyes, gnarled hands, pretty face and harsh words merge into a picture of an aging woman whose life is lonely and compromised by pain, yet brightened by memories and new friends.
December 9, 1996
Give the tigers some spaceIn his Nov. 29 commentary ("Saving the tiger by letting him die with dignity"), Indian economist Bharat Jhunjhunwala writes, ''Let us love the tiger by helping him realize his highest potential and administering euthanasia."
By ANDREW RATNER | June 23, 1995
In anticipation of Walt Disney's ''Pocahontas,'' my wife checked out a few books on the Indian princess to read to our children.''That consummate traitor of the Indian world, Pocahontas . . .'' began one of the stories, a winner of several children's-book awards. Hmmm, not exactly the heroine role we're expecting in the movie. Nevertheless, we went on to read that and other books about Pocahontas to our kids with the knowledge that the actual recounting of that episode nearly 400 years ago is itself a matter of great debate, much less Disney's cartoon version.
By MICHAEL OLESKER | October 19, 1995
On Monday, as 400,000 black men went to Washington to seek a better life in mainstream America with a man who preaches separatism, we had the simultaneous act of allegedly nonseparatist white Baltimore County officials seeking a better life by keeping certain black people away from them.So the great news of the day is that white and black Americans have at least one thing in common: Our hypocrisy.Hallelujah, we're all brothers, say Baltimore County Council members as they reach for the phone.
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