By Nancy Gallant and Nancy Gallant,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | December 11, 2001
WITH PATRIOTIC songs joining traditional holiday music, this year's winter concerts at area schools are a little different from those in previous years. At Crofton Meadows Elementary School, the strings program will begin with "The Star-Spangled Banner" and end with a Christmas carol. The band program will continue the theme, beginning with "Jingle Bells" and closing with "Yankee Doodle." Crofton Woods Elementary School's third-graders will begin their winter choral concert with "America the Beautiful."
By John Dorsey and John Dorsey,Sun Art Critic | September 14, 1994
It's not always easy to tell just what you're looking at in a Sukey Bryan landscape or seascape, but it really doesn't matter. They're not, after all, about their subject matter. They're about how they're made, with an energetic brush stroke that gives them an exhilarating dynamic. They're about certain qualities of landscape painting, such as light; the textures of materials, including earth and water; and a sense of composition that sometimes, but not often, deserts Bryan. And they're about a romantic vision of landscape as symbolic of aspirations and emotions.
Joyce Wellman's recent, color-saturated abstract paintings at New Door Creative Gallery on Howard Street combine motifs of maps, architectural plans and aerial photographs as well as cryptic inscriptions and numerological symbols that suggest spiritual rites of passage. The Washington-area artist grew up during the 1950s in New York, where her earliest memories include her mother's devotion to the local numbers game -- the informal neighborhood lotteries that promise instant riches for a nickel or dime wager to people with few other prospects for advancement.
By Pat Hanna Kuehl and Pat Hanna Kuehl,Special to The Sun | October 9, 1994
It's cold, damp and gets dark early -- but those who've been there know the best time to visit Bavaria is during the four weeks before Christmas, when practically every city and hamlet has its own version of a yuletide market.The smell of sizzling sausage and simmering spiced wine permeates the air, flickering candles reflect in every window, and strains of traditional German carols echo through medieval passages. Pedestrians in heavy coats, collars turned up to fend off icy blasts, hurry along narrow, cobblestone streets toward the town square, where long rows of wood stalls with striped-awning rooftops offer a wild variety of merchandise.
By Evan Siple | May 7, 2013
One of the most appealing things about liquor is its ability to absorb flavors. Whether bacon, fruit or oak, the process of infusion can make any run-of-the-mill vodka a taste sensation, given the right proportions and enough time. While leather-infused bourbon may seem like an unapproachable or acquired taste (it does exist, for the record), you can never go wrong with a good old fashioned fruit infusion. Many drinkeries around the Baltimore area have their own varieties. In Federal Hill, Mother's Grille has the Summertime Infusion.
By John E. Woodruff and John E. Woodruff,Staff Writer | December 11, 1993
Strongput Inc., the Owings Mills maker of much-publicized exercise weights, said yesterday it is involved in an intricate $100 million deal that will pump some $12 million into the small firm and may catapult its chief executive officer to the top of a British corporation that controls half-a-dozen other specialty companies.E. David Gable, Strongput's president, said yesterday that negotiations for the deal are "essentially completed," though he has not yet decided whether to accept an offer that would also make him the head of the British firm Turbo City Corp.
By Heather A. Dinich and Heather A. Dinich,Sun reporter | November 12, 2006
College Park -- When he gets excited, Maryland freshman guard Greivis Vasquez puts both of his hands up and does a little shimmy - a move teammate D.J. Strawberry deemed the "international dance." There's no doubt the Venezuelan native has spiced up the Terps' roster, but so have the other five newcomers. As Maryland (2-0) prepares to host Florida A&M (0-0) at 7 tonight at Comcast Center, coach Gary Williams said the infusion of talent and personality has helped this team - and him - enjoy the game a little more.
By BLOOMBERG NEWS | September 19, 1998
TOKYO -- Japanese leaders agreed yesterday on a plan designed to restore the nation's debt-burdened banks to health, a crucial step to reviving growth in the world's second largest economy.The plan calls for a government takeover of some of the country's biggest and weakest banks, closing smaller institutions and pumping trillions of yen in taxpayer money into the banking system to dispose of bad loans.The prolonged debate over what to do about Japanese banks took on new urgency in recent months as it became clear that Japan's slumping economy -- now in its third quarter of contraction -- threatened growth around the world.
By David Conn | November 20, 1991
Maryland employers would pay more than $61 million in extra unemployment insurance taxes in 1993 under proposals a legislative committee unveiled yesterday.The taxes are needed, state officials and legislators explained, to replenish the trust fund that pays unemployment benefits. That fund, which grew to $590 million two years ago, fell to $260 million earlier this month and likely will dip as low as $70 million, or less than two months worth of benefits, before it heads up again next spring.
By Tom Moon and Tom Moon,Knight-Ridder | October 16, 1990
NEW YORK -- Ethno-musicologists will recognize the cadences of Brazilian tribal drumming.Fans of Afropop will identify the shimmering, interlocking lines of the West African guitarists.And those who pay attention to lyrics will appreciate the terse phrases, the sudden shifts of perspective, the rhythmic rightness of the lines.But none of them will be able to call "The Rhythm of the Saints," Paul Simon's long-awaited new album being released today, exclusively their own.For a poet and a one-man band whose aural palette now includes pan pipes, talking drums and other elements of world music, this represents something of a victory.
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