February 7, 1997
In yesterday's Live section, the byline was inadvertently left off the cover story about duckpin bowling. The article was by Sandra Crockett.The Sun regrets the error.Pub Date: 2/07/97
November 13, 1995
The answers to the New York Times Crossword for Nov. 5 were inadvertently omitted from Sunday's editions. The answers can be found on Page 2B in today's editions.
March 19, 1997
In last week's recipe for African-spiced broccoli and cauliflower salad, the amount of broccoli was inadvertently deleted. The correct amount is 3/4 cup.The Sun regrets the error.Pub Date: 3/19/97
October 25, 1997
Glenelg's Beth Santilli was inadvertently left out of the results of the Howard County Cross Country Championships that appeared in Friday's editions. Santilli placed third in 19 minutes, 23 seconds. The Sun regrets the error.` Pub Date: 10/25/97
By Elizabeth Holden | April 19, 1999
TO GET a job as a cook or a mechanic, a person, generally, needs to read at an eighth-grade level. A ninth-grade reading level is required to comprehend a guide to Social Security benefits.With an estimated 36 percent of Baltimore's adult population in need of basic literacy skill development, according to the federal National Institute for Literacy in Washington, the ramifications for welfare reform are profound.The welfare connectionOf course, there's a definite link between literacy and welfare.
By Dan Fesperman and Dan Fesperman,Staff Writer | March 7, 1993
A chronology of events accompanying an article in Sunday's Sun incorrectly stated that former Vice President Spiro Agnew pleaded guilty on Oct. 10, 1973, to one count of federal income tax evasion. It should have stated that his plea was no contest.RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. -- In hindsight, the deal seemworthy of the scoundrel's hall of fame, so rich in infamy was its cast of characters. But at the time it must have seemed like business as usual for Spiro T. Agnew, international middleman and ex-vice president.
April 22, 2001
The blast of wintry air last week reminded me that it's not uncommon for people to get confused about their heating system. Questions range from: Does my house have a heat pump or just a furnace? How come the only time my heat pump blows nice hot air is when the blue light is on? Why does our new house seem colder than our old house even though both thermostats were set at 66 degrees? My answer: Did you ever think that maybe your thermostat is wrong? For a quick fix, try adjusting it to whatever setting keeps you comfortable, then lower it a degree at a time until you can just barely stand it. That's where you should leave it if you want to save fuel.
December 31, 1994
In the listing of the IDC Quarterly Bank Ratings in the Business section on Dec. 25, a computer error inadvertently deleted the names of the holding companies of Sequoia National Bank Maryland and the Suburban Bank of Maryland. Sequoia National is owned by Sequoia Bancshares Ltd. of Bethesda. Suburban Bank is owned by Suburban Bancshares Inc. of Greenbelt.The Sun regrets the errors.
March 7, 1997
In an article in yesterday's editions about Gov. Parris N. Glendening's appearance in "Homicide: Life on the Street," a sentence about the governor was inadvertently edited into a quote and attributed, incorrectly, to Raymond C. Feldmann, a gubernatorial spokesman. The Sun regrets the error. Pub Date: 3/07/97
June 20, 1997
An article in yesterday's Howard County edition of The Sun inadvertently listed two performance dates for Arturo Sandoval and Nestor Torres during the Columbia Festival of the Arts. Sandoval and Torres will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 28, in the River Hill High School auditorium.The Sun regrets the error.Pub Date: 6/20/97
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