July 19, 2002
James J. McGlothern: In an obituary published Saturday, the name of James Jefferson McGlothern's college was inadvertently omitted. Mr. McGlothern earned his bachelor's degree in 1956 from Loyola College. The Sun regrets the omission.
February 7, 1997
In yesterday's Live section, the byline was inadvertently left off the cover story about duckpin bowling. The article was by Sandra Crockett.The Sun regrets the error.Pub Date: 2/07/97
November 13, 1995
The answers to the New York Times Crossword for Nov. 5 were inadvertently omitted from Sunday's editions. The answers can be found on Page 2B in today's editions.
October 25, 1997
Glenelg's Beth Santilli was inadvertently left out of the results of the Howard County Cross Country Championships that appeared in Friday's editions. Santilli placed third in 19 minutes, 23 seconds. The Sun regrets the error.` Pub Date: 10/25/97
By Erik Maza, The Baltimore Sun | June 15, 2011
On a recent Friday night, Hollywood Casino in Perryville whooped, shrieked and fluttered with the shrill din of thousands of slot machines at full blast. Crowds flitted from shiny penny slots to $1 machines, hoping to hit it big, or simply spend a night away from the couch. The cavernous complex in the middle of rural Cecil County felt like the inside of a pinball machine. Walking around this casino, Maryland's largest, and the Casino at Ocean Downs, the state's second, can be a dizzying, trippy experience.
By ANN EGERTON and ANN EGERTON,Ms. Egerton is a writer living in Baltimore | October 21, 1990
Now You Know.Kitty Dukakis with Jane Scovell.Simon & Schuster.313 pages. $19.95.Cross your fingers for Kitty Dukakis. In "Now You Know," the wife of the 1988 Democratic candidate for president gives a graphic account of her struggle against drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness. One can only hope that her road to recovery will be smoother than her history would suggest.When "Now You Know" went to press, Mrs. Dukakis had just few months of sobriety to her credit. She had conquered a 26-year dependence on diet pills in 1982, but turned to alcohol after Michael S. Dukakis' defeat in 1988 -- not because of his loss but because she felt as if she had no purpose in life.
By GREGORY KANE | October 26, 1996
I thought the question was simple enough, but apparently it was the only stupid one asked during a debate between Congressman Benjamin Cardin and his 3rd District opponent, Pat McDonough, on WCBM Wednesday.After asking Cardin why the disaster predicted by liberals when welfare reform took effect Oct. 1 hadn't occurred, I thought I'd be fair and ask McDonough to handle a hot one."The phrase 'rational discrimination' has been coined by the right side of the political spectrum," I began. "Basically, it says whites are perfectly justified in fearing young black men because they're the ones who commit the most robberies.
By GEORGE F. WILL | June 28, 1993
Washington. -- Perhaps the 1969 encounter on the helicopter was a meeting of the different political sensibilities of Harvard and the University of Chicago.Pat Moynihan, President Nixon's domestic policy adviser, with a Harvard man's confidence in the efficacy of government, had just returned from prompting the French government to smash the ''French connection'' by which most heroin destined for America was refined from Turkish opium in Marseilles.Mr. Moynihan's companion on the helicopter to Camp David was Labor Secretary George Shultz from the University of Chicago, home of flinty realism about the power of strong appetites to create markets in spite of the disapproval of governments.
March 7, 1997
In an article in yesterday's editions about Gov. Parris N. Glendening's appearance in "Homicide: Life on the Street," a sentence about the governor was inadvertently edited into a quote and attributed, incorrectly, to Raymond C. Feldmann, a gubernatorial spokesman. The Sun regrets the error. Pub Date: 3/07/97
June 20, 1997
An article in yesterday's Howard County edition of The Sun inadvertently listed two performance dates for Arturo Sandoval and Nestor Torres during the Columbia Festival of the Arts. Sandoval and Torres will perform at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 28, in the River Hill High School auditorium.The Sun regrets the error.Pub Date: 6/20/97
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