By Ian Duncan, Yvonne Wenger and Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun | July 13, 2013
As he lay on the floor of his Southwest Baltimore grocery store, Benjamin Rubin's last words to his wife were "I've been shot. " Moments earlier on that April day in 1972, Welford Monroe and another young man stormed into B&S Food Market, ordered Rubin to empty his pockets and stole $125 from the cash register. Schoolchildren were huddled in the back of the store when Monroe shot Rubin in the chest. On his way out, Monroe turned and fired his gun at Shirley Rubin. She was leaning against a wire newspaper rack to steady herself when the bullet went through her arm and lodged in her hip. Shirley Rubin, now 89, has been forced to confront those memories again with the recent, unexpected release of Monroe.
By Kathy Hudson | July 11, 2013
The summer birthday season in our family began with my husband's birthday, just before July Fourth. He never enjoys celebrating his birthday, but he likes cake and plenty of it. This year I ordered one with fudge icing, as he had enjoyed a friend's fudge cake this spring. I requested a big, 10-inch cake, so he would have plenty to enjoy in the days after. He offered to go with me to pick it up; he pictured me dropping it before it came home. When he lifted it from our car, I saw him put his nose to the box. He likes paper and is fond of smelling pages of books.
By Frederick N. Rasmussen, The Baltimore Sun | July 8, 2013
Ellen R. Brown, a retired church secretary and volunteer, who with her husband cared for a historic Northeast Baltimore chapel, died June 29 of complications from dementia at Gilchrist Hospice Care in Towson. She was 84. The daughter of an accountant and a homemaker, Ellen Rothgeb was born and raised in Luray, Va., where she graduated in 1945 from Luray High School. When she moved to Baltimore to attend Strayer's Business College in 1945, she met Edwin "Bud" Brown, a Marine who later served in Japan.
By Tricia Bishop,
The Baltimore Sun
| July 3, 2013
Giving birth in a Kmart parking lot off Belair Road wasn't part of Amber Noll's pregnancy plan, but she said that's what happened after a hospital sent her home Monday morning because she wasn't far enough along.  Noll, who already has two young girls, felt contractions overnight and headed to the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson around 4 a.m. July 1, about a week ahead of her July 9 due date. She said workers there claimed she wasn't dilated enough to be admitted, however.  "They said I shouldn't come back until I couldn't talk through contractions," Noll said.
By Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun | July 1, 2013
Even in our LED age, there is still something deliciously spooky about the sight of gas jets getting fainter, for no apparent reason, inside the glass lamps of a lush Victorian parlor. It's the unforgettable visual motif many a movie fan will always associate with “Gaslight,” the 1944 hit that won Ingrid Bergman an Academy Award as a pitiful wife being slowly driven insane by her husband - mysterious dimming had a lot to do with it. The inspiration for that film, Patrick Hamilton's sturdy little thriller “Angel Street,” doesn't enjoy quite as much fame these days, which makes the play's handsome revival by the Olney Theatre Center all the more welcome.
By Frederick N. Rasmussen, The Baltimore Sun | June 17, 2013
Marian J. Wallace, a retired businesswoman and former registered nurse, died Friday of Parkinson's disease at the Blakehurst retirement community in Towson. She was 92. Marian Jones was born and raised near Hurlock and graduated from a Dorchester County high school. She attended what is now Salisbury University before transferring to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, where she earned her nursing degree in 1943. She also earned a bachelor's degree from the Johns Hopkins University in 1952.
By Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun | June 17, 2013
After her then-husband was convicted on pornography charges involving the abuse of her two daughters at their home, an Anne Arundel County woman just wanted to move out. But her plans hit a snag when federal prosecutors tried to take her husband's share in the house. The Justice Department attempted to seize the property because it had been used in the commission of a crime, drawing protests from the woman and a rebuke from a federal judge. The government ultimately dropped the effort, but the case is another example of federal prosecutors' aggressive use of asset forfeiture laws.
By Frederick N. Rasmussen, The Baltimore Sun | June 13, 2013
Mary E. Mormann, a homemaker who worked in her husband's antiques business, died Sunday of complications from heart disease and diabetes at St. Joachim House in Southwest Baltimore. She was 88. The daughter of farmers, Mary Ellen Towler was born in Java, Va., where she spent her early years. She was attending grade school in Chatham, Va., when she withdrew and went to work as a nanny for her teacher, family members said. When she was in her teens, she moved to Baltimore with her teacher's family.
By Jon Meoli and Baltimore Sun Media Group | May 18, 2013
It's not always in the Preakness Stakes, but every year, John Carroll graduate Nicole Stall urges her husband, trainer Al Stall Jr., to find a race for one of his horses on the third Saturday in May. This year, Departing gave Al Stall his second Preakness mount, finishing sixth in the nine-horse race while his wife and her family were treated to another memorable Preakness Day. “I used to always come growing up, and we try and run horses on...
May 16, 2013
We all have the nightmare of being late to class, forgetting to study for the exam or being late to a test. At three score and four, I have now lived that nightmare.  I did not awake in a sweat. I did not leap from bed, throw on clothes and run downstairs, only to realize I am no longer in school. I sat quietly at my computer and felt ashamed to take a test one month late. Yes, an entire month for a woman, who, all of her adult life, has been prone to false starts, jumping the gun and trying to be ahead of deadlines.
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