Marisa Siegel and For The Baltimore Sun | November 26, 2013
Last night's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was, in a word, boring. Reminiscent of the season premiere, it was a whole lot of polite arguing over a whole bunch of nothing. Before we jump into the “drama” that went down at circus school, here's what else we saw this week: In arguably the most interesting scene of the week, Brandi and Carlton head to Trashy Lingerie to do some shopping. I'm guessing this isn't Brandi's first visit, since she's dressed in what appears to be bedroom attire for the occasion.
By Jessica Evans and For The Baltimore Sun | October 6, 2014
The Sunshine State is looking more and more like the Natural Disaster State as the ladies and their husbands continue their vacations. Last episode ended with Jim accusing Bobby of seeing other women, which caused a lot of yelling, cursing and Bobby hiding in the bathroom. The drama continued when Jim made a reference to Rino sleeping with the other Teresa's mother. (Jim is a little rat who needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.) Shall we begin? First, a spoiler alert. Last week, in the real world, we found out that Teresa G. was found guilty of mortgage fraud and will spend 15 months in jail.
By Lauren McEwen | December 4, 2012
We pick up right where we left off: at the dinner table, post-F-bomb. And it is tense, y'all. Brandi and Kim leave the table, and Lisa stays behind, defending Brandi as the other Housewives gasp at her lack of couth. Blah. When she and Kyle get back to the table, Brandi apologizes for swearing, but refuses to say she's sorry for telling Adrienne to shut up. Then she drops the news about her book deal, which pisses off Taylor, as predicted.   When Taylor released her tell-all, a short six months after her husband died, Brandi was the first one to criticize her. Now, Brandi's writing a book about her divorce, and Taylor calls bull.
Richard Gorelick and The Baltimore Sun | September 26, 2014
The Baltimore Book Festival is this weekend. Among this year's lineup of visiting cookbook authors is Kathy Wakile, a cast member of Bravo's popular “Real Housewives of New Jersey” series.  Wakile is on a national tour for her first cookbook, “Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts that Keep Life Real Sweet,” published by St. Martin's Griffin. Wakile, who lives in Wayne, N.J. with her husband, Rich, and their children, Joseph and Victoria, answered our questions about induldgence and the Thanksgiving episode that first brought her desserts to the attention of “Real Housewives” fans.
By CHICAGO TRIBUNE | October 30, 2005
With a nod to a popular TV series, Omni Hotels has come up with a "Housewives on Hiatus / Girlfriends Getaway Package" featuring a one-night stay at any Omni property, a bottle of wine and various slumber-party games, including one themed to Desperate Housewives. Each girlfriend gets a bag of amenities with slippers and a one-use camera. Although costs vary, we sampled package prices for Nov. 18 and came up with room rates of $229 at the Omni Severin in Indianapolis, $144 at the Omni Majestic in St. Louis and $469 at the Omni Berkshire Place in New York.
By ALICE STEINBACH | July 30, 1992
When the phone rang earlier this morning, I was in a pretty good mood. And why not?I was just back from a vacation and looking forward, finally, to getting some rest; my cats, still smarting over being left behind, were biting my ankles less often; and, according to a tabloid article, Elvis was recently spotted at a spa in New Jersey.Not a great day but all in all a pretty good day.Then the phone rang. The caller was a woman who lives near Seattle. She wasted no time in getting to the point.
By RAY FRAGER | October 17, 2008
8 p.m. [Bravo] In case you missed it, this is the series premiere again (followed by another episode!). And it's heavily sports-related. One of the wives is Lisa Wu Hartwell (far left), whose husband is former Ravens linebacker Ed Hartwell. DeShawn Snow (second from right) is married to the Cleveland Cavaliers' Eric Snow (he has an apparently career-ending knee injury). I don't think anyone on this program is particularly worried about the economy - none is going to be mistaken for that Joe the Plumber from the last presidential debate.
By Stephanie Region | April 4, 2012
They're baaaacckk!!! We've had a week off from the O.C. ladies, so let's review: Alexis and Gretchen's friendship has been set to self-destruct, Tamra has decided to get rid of her silicone since she is finally on the verge of getting rid of Simon, and Heather? Well, she's still annoying. This episode is rather mundane leading up to the main event. We see Heather try to make over her husband Terry, while Eddie and Tamra take their trademark creepy and inappropriate antics to the gym. Alexis is recuperating from sinus surgery, taking her mask off just long enough to cast aspersions on Tamra.
By L'Oreal Thompson | April 19, 2012
When Heather Ziehl lost her job in sales and marketing operations two years ago due to the failing economy, she became a “true housewife.” And what started as an inside joke about the “Housewives of Bel Air” amongst friends, quickly developed into a full-fledged nonprofit organization helping people build professional and personal connections. “Our mission is basically to bring people together and create awareness about nonprofits and charities. We want to give back to the community,” says Ziehl, 34, of Bel Air. “I'm a very positive person, and I start each day with a positive quote.
By KEVIN COWHERD | December 2, 2004
LET ME SAY this about Desperate Housewives, ABC's mega-hit about fortyish housewives cavorting in suburbia: Don't bother doing a Mapquest search for Wisteria Lane. Are you kidding? This show is about as far from reality TV as you can get. Look, I live in the suburbs, OK? And this is no knock on the housewives in my neighborhood, but they, um, don't exactly look like the ones on fictional Wisteria Lane. Believe me, I would notice. If I'm taking the trash cans out to the curb one morning and someone looking like Teri Hatcher goes out to water the lawn in tight jeans, halter top and stiletto heels, this is going to get my attention.
By Jessica Evans and For The Baltimore Sun | August 25, 2014
The Garden State is filled with roses as the ladies of New Jersey celebrate Valentine's Day. Teresa reminisces about a Valentine's Day with Joe when they were younger. He gave her a ring in a shape of a rose. So cute! Teresa invites Melissa over on a Friday night where they drink wine and watch "The Godfather. " According to Teresa, people can learn a lot from "The Godfather. " Speaking of wine, Teresa attends a wine bottle signing event where Amber and Victoria Gotti visit, but more on that later.
What began as a guest-starring role as Bree's pharmacist George Williams for three episodes on ABC's top-rated series, Desperate Housewives, has turned into a regular gig for actor Roger Bart. "All I can say is that I'm still here," muses Bart, who adds new meaning to the word "creepy" as the Cheshire Cat-grinning George, who is so obsessed with Bree (Marcia Cross) that he causes the death of her husband, Rex, by exchanging his heart medicine for something a bit more toxic. The 43-year-old Bart nearly didn't get the job on Desperate Housewives.
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