By Judi Dash | September 25, 2005
Campers can have a roof over their heads and a bed under their backsides all in one piece with Kamp-Rite's new Tent Cot, a reclining aluminum chaise with its own tent attached. Mesh doors and windows with roll-up covers can provide ventilation on all four sides, while keeping out bugs. The chaise legs keep the occupant 11 inches off the ground -- blessedly above mud and crawly things. An optional rain fly keeps the drops out. At 18 pounds, the Tent Cot is not for backpacking, but it's good for car camping -- or even as a mini "guest room" indoors.
By Liz Atwood and Liz Atwood,SUN STAFF | March 26, 2003
Like car manufacturers rolling out their new models, the makers of kitchen products have introduced their latest gadgets. Trends this spring include more ergonomically correct tools, high-tech materials and even more specialized appliances and cookware. Here are some highlights: The right cut A Precise Slicer Adjustable Knife from BonJour features a serrated blade and an adjustable cutting guide that lets cooks slice meats, breads, vegetables and other foods into perfect slices. The cutting guide can be adjusted to create slices ranging from paper-thin to 1 inch.
Chromehounds Sega [Xbox 360] Rated T for Teens If there's one thing we all need, it's more giant robot games. When it comes to the fine art of building and blasting giant robots, Chromehounds is a true masterpiece. Craft a killing machine from inventories of parts and arrange them in any way imaginable, then hunt down enemies through vast environments. The trick is to nail them before they have a chance to nail you. Choose from six role types: the versatile soldier, the tough defender, the ranged sniper, the speedy scout, the powerful gunner or the strategic commander.
By Rory J. O'Connor and Rory J. O'Connor,Knight-Ridder News Service | January 13, 1992
LAS VEGAS -- Asserting that computers are on an inevitable "collision course" with consumer electronics, Apple Computer Inc. Chairman John Sculley has outlined an aggressive plan to make his company a major force in creating a new generation of household gadgets blessed with computer brains.Apple's plan one day could put the company's software at the heart of a wide variety of sophisticated devices, such as "intelligent" digital televisions and telephones, and a new class of products that Mr. Sculey calls "Personal Digital Assistants," such as hand-held personal communicators and electronic books.
By Kevin E. Washington | May 20, 2004
Entertainment Liteon 5005 DVD Recorder/Player Affordable DVD recorders have been promised by manufacturers for a couple of years , but they're only now getting into the price range of home electronics consumers. The Liteon LVW 5005 ($400) makes a great addition to any home entertainment center. For one, you can record DVD plus and minus Rs and RWs along with CD-R and RW. It will play regular DVDs, DVD+VR, Video CDs, SVCD, audio CDs holding MP3s, JPEGs and other files. You can record up to six hours of television onto a DVD and it won't fade after repeated playbacks.
By CANDUS THOMSON | December 8, 2002
Offering holiday gift suggestions is a guilt-free way of giving without incurring a January credit card bill. It's nice to think about the item, about it being unwrapped and about how much pleasure it will bring in the field or on the water. The question is always how much debt to encourage. It would be easy to reel off a bunch of $500 trolling motors or $1,500 shotguns as must-haves, but that might leave little room for that Sunday Sun subscription, if you know what I mean. So here, in no particular order of importance, are a few of my favorite things this year.
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