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By Jean Block Bessmer | June 11, 1998
LAST Saturday night in Baltimore I slept with a couple I'd never met before. Well, it's a long story that came about because of the shortage of hotel rooms in the area.I had arrived in the city early in the evening to enjoy dinner with friends. Before we knew it time had flown. It was 3 a.m. -- too late for me to drive back to Rockville alone. So I began calling local hotels, searching for a room for the night.It quickly became clear to me that I would not find a room -- even the Hunt Valley Inn, 18 miles from downtown, didn't have a room.
By Tricia Bishop | | October 15, 2009
The odd and tragic case of Mark Castillo took another erratic turn Wednesday, when the 43-year-old father abruptly pleaded guilty to drowning his three young children in a city hotel bathtub, carefully timing their submersion with a stopwatch. Castillo's unexpected guilty plea to the murders, which he calculated to punish his estranged wife, came after lawyers and court officials spent a week choosing a jury for his trial. Baltimore Circuit Judge Wanda K. Heard found Castillo, who arrived in court in sweats and a T-shirt instead of his customary suit, mentally capable of entering the plea and sentenced him to three consecutive life terms without possibility of parole.
By Robert A. Erlandson and Robert A. Erlandson,SUN STAFF | March 11, 1996
DENTON -- Would you, could you, spend $519,500 for a mid-18th-century mahogany Newport block-front kneehole desk? How about $3.3 million?Those were the bids for two of the desks, made in the 1760s by Edmund Townsend, one of Colonial America's best craftsmen, at Sotheby's in New York, one in 1994 and the other last month.But how about $1,500 for a first-class reproduction, one you can assemble and finish yourself at home and is the image of the 230-year-old originals? TC Released last year by the Bartley Collection of Denton, the kneehole desk demonstrates the small company's ever-improving ability to offer in kit form quality copies of the best 18th- and early 19th-century American and English furniture.
By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman and The Baltimore Sun | October 18, 2011
TripAdvisor has named Admiral Fell Inn , a lovely historic hotel in Fells Point, one of the Top 10 Haunted Hotels in America . Admiral Fell Inn was the only Maryland hotel to make the list of "rooms with a Boo!" TripAdvisor came up with the list by seeing which hotels had the greatest number of traveler comments referencing "ghosts" or "haunted" on That makes sense. Admiral Fell Inn is a Historic Hotel of America and dates to the 1700s. Plus, it's in Fells Point, which certainly has more than a few ghosts - enough for a cottage industry of sorts.
By Karen Nitkin, Special to The Baltimore Sun | June 1, 2011
It's time for your Saturday-morning yoga class. You meet your fellow fitness buffs in a scenic outdoor setting, lay out your mats and begin your hourlong workout. It's a great way to start the weekend. And even better, it's entirely free. No-cost yoga classes aren't the only options for free exercise in the Baltimore region. Many gyms and exercise studios in the area offers free trial memberships. Most also give free memberships to employees, so if you're willing to teach a class or two, or even work the front desk, you probably qualify.
December 9, 1993
American Properties adds new associatesAmerican Properties has announced the appointment of three sales associates to the company's Ellicott City office.Ted Bosse IV and Debbie Bosse have joined American Properties as real estate agents with responsibilities in the areas of new home sales, re-sales and the location and sales of individual sites for custom building.Ann Marie Freter will be a real estate agent specializing in home sales.Mecca is director of information servicesRosemarie Mecca has been named director of health information services for Allied Signal Technical Services Corp.
By Laura Cadiz and Laura Cadiz,SUN STAFF | December 9, 2004
In an unusual move, two Howard County Circuit Court judges presided yesterday over the sentencing of an Ellicott City man who was convicted for his role in the April armed robbery of the Columbia Hilton Inn. The two-judge sentencing resulted because Judge James B. Dudley became ill with asthma after the first day of the jury trial last month and did not return to court, leaving Judge Diane O. Leasure to oversee the second and final day. "That's the...
By Richard Irwin and Richard Irwin,Sun Staff Writer | February 1, 1994
A 40-year-old man charged with the attempted murder of his invalid mother on Jan. 23 was to have been charged with first-degree murder today, after the woman's death yesterday at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center.Held at the city Detention Center since his arrest nine days ago is Thomas Delevett. He lived at the Madison Apartments at 817 St. Paul St., with his mother, Marie, 80.Homicide detectives said the man was to be moved from the Detention Center this afternoon and taken to police headquarters, where the charge of attempted murder would be upgraded to first-degree murder and related offenses.
By Don Markus and Don Markus,SUN STAFF | June 25, 1996
HOUSTON -- You expect to find some high-tech laboratory with hundreds of leotard-clad clones running around. Lithe little Nadias doing their flips and tumbles in one corner, muscular little Mary Lous doing their vaults in another. You expect to see this great bear of a man -- and certainly hear his booming voice -- the moment you walk in the door.But Bela Karolyi's gym is different from what you expect, mostly because it looks pretty much the same as hundreds of other neighborhood gyms across the country.
July 14, 1995
For the second time in about a week, a man brandishing a large stick has robbed a motel along U.S. 50 in Arnold.County police said Suzanne McKee, 33, was at the front desk of the Howard Johnson Motel in the first block of Old Mill Bottom Road, when a man came in about 10:40 p.m. Wednesday night and asked for a single room.Ms. McKee gave him a desk card to sign in. As the man filled out the card, he told Ms. McKee, "Now give me your money," and pulled out a large stick and held it to her neck, police said.
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