By Elizabeth Large and Elizabeth Large,Sun Staff | July 15, 2001
Maliene Wajer had known Barbara Curran since she was 12, and she had always admired her. Barbara was the glamorous older cousin of a friend; and with her long black hair and long red fingernails she was so fabu, as Maliene would say now. Each married young and started a family. A few years later they ran into each other, and Barbara asked Maliene to lunch so their kids could play together. "I was so in awe I was afraid to go," says Maliene, now 57. "I kept talking about it until my husband said, 'Go or shut up.' So I went."
By Steve Campbell and Houston Chronicle | January 12, 2012
Arian Foster arrived in the NFL almost unnoticed, with a point he was willing to go to great lengths to prove. One of the telltale signs that Foster was well on his way to proving he wasn't the crazy one for believing he could flourish at football's highest level came during a December 2010 game against the Baltimore Ravens. Undrafted out of college, relegated to the practice squad for much of his first professional season, Foster was on his way to leading the league in rushing. During the second quarter of a Ravens victory at Reliant Stadium, All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis cornered Foster to say, "I love the way you play the game.
By J. Wynn Rousuck and J. Wynn Rousuck,Sun Theater Critic | February 27, 2000
''Sometimes I wish somebody would use 'Art' as the first initials of the real title: 'A Rough Time,' 'A Real Time,' 'A Real Threat.' " Judd Hirsch is tossing out suggestions for re- titling French writer Yasmina Reza's 1998 Tony Award-winning play. It's true that a painting precipitates the action, but at its core, "Art" is a play about friendship. Specifically, it's about three middle-aged French men whose 15-year relationship is threatened when one buys an expensive all-white, abstract painting, much to the dismay of the other two. Hirsch, who stars in the touring production opening Tuesday at the Mechanic Theatre, admits he didn't recognize the play's broader context when he first saw it, in March 1998.
By Tanika White and Tanika White,SUN STAFF | April 6, 2000
They stood on the loading dock at Baltimore's Westport Elementary School, two distinct groups, casting furtive glances at each other -- one with elaborate up-do's, burgundy-streaked hair and short 'fros, the other with blond ponytails, glittered eyelids and sporty Ralph Lauren shirts. The latter group -- from affluent Clarksville Middle School -- had never been to the Westport/Mount Winans community, 30 miles away in Southwest Baltimore. The former had ventured into the other's neck of the woods only as far as The Mall in Columbia.
By Niki Scott and Niki Scott,Universal Press Syndicate | August 15, 1993
A reader in Brooklyn, N.Y., wrote recently about a situation with which more and more women are dealing: the chance for an intimate friendship with a female boss."
December 22, 1993
POLICE LOG* West Friendship: A police officer responded to an alarm at Friendship Liquors in the 12800 block of Frederick Road Saturday to find the front door broken with a rock and cigarettes taken.
May 1, 1996
Police logWest Friendship: 12700 block of Frederick Road: Someone smashed the front window of a High's store at the West Friendship Shopping Center about 2 a.m. yesterday, and took cigarettes and adult magazines.Pub Date: 5/01/96
May 4, 1993
POLICE LOG* West Friendship: 12800 Old Frederick Road: Someone broke into three businesses at the West Friendship Shopping Center between Saturday and Sunday. A burglar broke the front door glass at Friendship's Pride and stole coins. Someone also broke the front door glass at Bayside Market and took the cash register and lottery display cabinet. At Friendship Chiropractor, the rear door was found ajar. There was no sign of force and nothing was taken.
December 17, 1992
FIRE* Sykesville: Sykesville, Winfield and West Friendship of Howard County responded to a chimney fire on Obrecht Road at 9:56 p.m. Monday.
February 12, 1996
FireWest Friendship: Sykesville firefighters assisted Howard County for a building fire at 10:29 p.m. Thursday. Units were out 15 minutes.
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