By Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun | August 21, 2013
A fighter jet that crashed off Chincoteague Island in Virginia this month was recovered in pieces from more than 100 feet below the ocean's surface during a 15-day salvage operation that ended this week, according to the Navy. Among the salvaged wreckage was the jet's flight data recorder, which could reveal more information on how the aircraft went down. The D.C. Air National Guard pilot of the F-16C Falcon, based out of Joint Base Andrews in Prince George's County, survived the accident after ejecting and being rescued by the Coast Guard.
By Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun | August 18, 2013
A plane headed from Boston to Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia Sunday evening after smoke was detected in the cabin. Laura-Chase McGehee, a freelance photographer and former Annapolis Capital newspaper journalist, said the plane landed in Philadelphia at about 6 p.m. and that no one appeared to be injured. BWI's website confirmed that the flight was diverted to Philadelphia International Airport and officials referred comment to JetBlue Airways.
By David Zurawik and The Baltimore Sun | June 23, 2013
I had a great chance today to be part of two panels on CNN's "Reliable Sources" that looked at how the media were framing the NSA surveillance story even as Edward Snowden was en route to Moscow and points beyond looking for asylum in Ecuador. Host Howie Kurtz and the producers threw out the show's game plan and went with the Snowden story during all segments but one Sunday. Check out these two videos not just to see CNN's worldwide coverage, but also how Kurtz and his guests were able to critique the media aspect of the story as the story itself was unfolding.
June 21, 2013
Scale model aircraft take to the skies at Airplanes of the World, Saturday, June 22 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Konterra Model Air Park, 6050 Van Dusen Road. Spectators are welcome; remote control pilots are required to pay a $10 fee and have a current valid American Modelers Association membership card to participate. Watch the flight of scale-model aircraft ranging from biplanes of early 20th-century up to today's jets, including fixed wing, helicopter, electric, gas and glow.
By Frederick N. Rasmussen, The Baltimore Sun | June 21, 2013
Richard A. Lowndes, a flight instructor and master picture framer, died June 15 of complications after heart surgery at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. The former Riderwood resident was 61. The son of a Maryland National Bank executive and a fine-arts appraiser, Richard Arden Lowndes was born in Baltimore and raised on Springway Road in Riderwood. He used his middle name of Arden. Mr. Lowndes was a great-grandson of Lloyd Lowndes Jr., who was elected Maryland governor in 1896.
By Candy Thomson, The Baltimore Sun | June 8, 2013
Southwest Airlines and BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport are talking about adding overseas flights, perhaps as early as 2015. "International is going to grow at BWI, and it's going to grow with Southwest," said Paul Wiedefeld, the airport's executive director, who recently had dinner with Southwest CEO Gary Kelly. Kelly's "primary focus is international. If you look at the new Houston terminal, it looks very much like us," Wiedefeld said. "By 2015, [Southwest officials] are going to be very aggressive in that area, and we are working with them on how we meet that demand.
By Arthur Hirsch, The Baltimore Sun | June 7, 2013
Robo Raven is making aviation history - again. The robotic bird's maiden flights in December were a first in the history of flying machines, but lasted only seconds inside the Reckord Armory at the University of Maryland, College Park. Now the mylar and carbon fiber contraption is back, soaring higher, longer and more accurately - the first machine ever built that flies on wings that can move independently of each other, as real birds' do. "Nobody has flown anything with independent wing control," before, said S.K. Gupta, a professor of mechanical engineering in the A. James Clark School of Engineering at College Park.
By Matthew Hay Brown, The Baltimore Sun | May 27, 2013
For nearly a quarter-century, members of the airborne electronic attack squadron VAQ-209 have launched their jets from this air base in Prince George's County for deployments over Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Earlier this month, Navy Cmdr. James King and Lt. Cmdr. Justin Van Hoose climbed into the cockpits of the squadron's last two EA-6B Prowlers for a final flight before the squadron moves this summer from Maryland to the West Coast. The Navy has ordered the squadron - the only one of its kind staffed by reservists - to join the dozen active-duty squadrons at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in Washington State.
By Candy Thomson, The Baltimore Sun | May 23, 2013
A Frederick man on his way to Jackson Hole, Wyo., was given a citation Wednesday afternoon for having a stun gun in his carry-on luggage at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. The unidentified passenger was stopped by a Transportation Security Administration officer who detected the combination stun gun/flashlight in his luggage. Maryland Transportation Authority Police confiscated the weapon and cited its owner on a state weapons charge. There was no impact to airport operations and the man was allowed to catch his flight.
By Jonathan Pitts, The Baltimore Sun | May 20, 2013
He saw his first Blue Angels show in Detroit at age 6, and Thomas Frosch says the experience inspired him to want to become a pilot. He saw four more performances while attending the Naval Academy, including one the "Blues" put on before his graduation in 1992. Now commander and flight leader of the Blue Angels, Frosch, a Navy commander, was looking forward to returning to Annapolis this week, where he would have led his team through its traditional jaw-dropping show as part of the Academy's graduation week.
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