Baltimore Sun reporter | August 25, 2012
Seven players with local ties were named to the All-Major League Lacrosse team Friday. Chosen at attack were the Denver Outlaws' Brendan Mundorf (UMBC), who on Thursday was named the league's Most Valuable Player, and Ryan Boyle (Gilman) of the Boston Cannons. Paul Rabil (Johns Hopkins), the Offensive Player of the Year with the Cannons, and Kyle Dixon (Archbishop Spalding) of the Chesapeake Bayhawks received All-MLL honors at midfield. Selected on defense were the Ohio Machine's Kyle Hartzell (Salisbury, Archbishop Curley)
By Wesley Case and The Baltimore Sun | October 9, 2014
The conversion of a modest rowhouse into a bar inherits a problem with no obvious solution: What to do with such a limited space? These types of bars often rely on cosmetic tweaks like fresh paintjobs or new light fixtures to convey change. The results are usually improvements - recent examples include Shotti's Point in Riverside, Canton's Silks and Cockey's in Upper Fells Point - but rarely do these new businesses feel like drastic transformations. Bar Liquorice is a recent exception.
By Richard Gorelick and The Baltimore Sun | October 16, 2013
The Hampden ice cream shop that gave us "Crunch Davis," a tribute flavor to Oriole slugger Chris Davis, and "The Heisenberg," a farewell flavor in honor of the end of "Breaking Bad," is at it again. The Charmery is hoping to give Ravens running back Ray Rice a little nudge on the field with a tribute flavor named the Ray Rice Krispy Treat, which it describes as "a beautiful fresh blueberry purple base with rice krispy treat chunks in it. " The Ray Rice Krispy Treat begins its limited run on this (purple)
By Kit Waskom Pollard and For The Baltimore Sun | October 6, 2014
In the 12 years since it was designated an Arts & Entertainment District by the state government, Baltimore's Station North has blossomed. The amalgam of neighborhoods just north of Pennsylvania Station has become a destination for all things artsy and one of the city's hottest food areas. Bottega, a tiny BYOB that opened last year in the western corner of the district, is one of the restaurants attracting foodie crowds - and for good reason. The ever-changing menu, inspired by Tuscan flavors, manages to be creative without pretense.
EXPLORE | September 27, 2012
In the garden with Mr. Bee, Lou Boulmetis: Storing the harvest Much of our surplus garden produce is given away to family and friends. But plenty is also stored for meals that will be prepared during the upcoming winter — because I really don't want to wait until next summer to savor the flavor of my favorite varieties. Fortunately, many fruits and vegetables can be kept reasonably fresh for months, without going to the trouble of canning or drying. At our place, for instance, onions and garlic have been in storage for two months, and they will still be edible nine months from now. Other types of produce can easily be stored, too, providing that certain guidelines are adhered to. What follows should help.
By Liz F. Kay, The Baltimore Sun | October 17, 2010
The Federal Trade Commission's complaint against the maker of Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice was certainly worth headlines. The regulators have accused Pom Wonderful LLC of making unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits of its beverage, which it advertised as a panacea for heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction, among other ailments. According to the FTC, most of the research the company cited did not follow standard scientific method or back up the advertised health claims.
By Laura Vozzella, The Baltimore Sun | January 24, 2011
My kitchen smells like pot, but there's nothing going on here to concern the Police Department. Maybe the Fire Department. I'm taking a gizmo that looks like a toy gun, stuffing wood shavings into the top and lighting them afire. My motivation is not pyromaniacal but gastronomical: getting the flavors of applewood, cherry, hickory and mesquite into foods that can't stand up to conventional smoking. Like salad greens. Soup. Goat cheese. Ice cream. The $99 Smoking Gun is a strange combination of high-tech and primal, a molecular gastronomy gadget that delivers a flavor known since cavemen first put woolly mammoth flesh to flame.
SPECIAL TO THE AEGIS | April 9, 2014
A new ice cream flavor - Campfire Delight - will be available locally next month. The flavor was created by a team of students, most of them from Harford County, participating in this year's Ice Cream University, hosted by TIC Gums at the firm's Texture Innovation Center in White Marsh. Seventeen local high school students with interest in science, culinary arts and marketing participated in this year's program, which is based on Cornell University's Food Science 101 course, required for incoming freshman of the College of Food Science.
By Laura Vozzella, The Baltimore Sun | February 8, 2011
Sorry, Gertrude Stein, but you got it wrong with "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. " The flower has a whole new identity: out of the bud vase and onto the plate. Long used in Persian and Indian cooking, rose is a flavor not commonly found in American fare. But some creative local chefs and bakers are working it into desserts, drinks, even savory dishes. Rose syrups, rose water and petals fresh, frozen and dried lend a surprising floral note to fruit-topped pastries and chocolate eclairs, strawberry mojitos and a couscous served with lamb.
By L'Oreal Thompson | August 23, 2012
Instead of heading to the market next time you need fresh produce, take a trip to Aberdeen's farmers market. Every Friday from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m., Festival Park across from Aberdeen City Hall is full of vendors selling local goods and families having a good time. “Aberdeen wanted its citizens to grow local, buy local,” says Felicia Bledsoe, a spokesperson for the city of Aberdeen. “It helps the small business out, and you can always be sure there will be fresh vegetables, delicious homemade snacks, handmade products and other items each week.” Aberdeen's farmers market began in May and will run until October.
By Richard Gorelick, The Baltimore Sun | August 7, 2014
I'm sure some folks see The Shops at Canton Crossing, the glitzy new 325,000-square-foot retail center on Boston Street, as a troubling sign that the tastes and attitudes of the suburbs are encroaching on our treasured city ways. Not me, friends. I say, encroach away. For instance, just a few weeks ago, I went to Canton Crossing for about an hour and came away with a pack of socks, a cake carrier, three cheap polo shirts, and three boxes of Nabisco's Famous Chocolate Wafers. Before Canton Crossing, it would have taken days to find all that stuff in the city.
By Kit Waskom Pollard, For The Baltimore Sun | July 15, 2014
Sometimes the best flavors pop up in the least likely places - such as a strip mall on Route 175 near Fort Meade. That's where Bangkok Kitchen has done business for nearly 20 years. From the outside, the shopping center has seen better days. But don't let that stop you. Bangkok Kitchen's excellent Thai food is much more memorable than the building's rundown exterior would indicate. Serious foodies will recognize the area, too. Just down the street, Grace Garden has been making adventurous Chinese-food lovers drool for years.
By David Zurawik and The Baltimore Sun | July 10, 2014
There was a strong Baltimore flavor to the nominations for the 2014 Emmys announced today. Baltimore-made "House of Cards," the first non-TV series to win a major Emmy last year, scored in three of the highest categories with nominations for best drama, best actor in a drama (Kevin Spacey) and best actress (Robin Wright). Creator and showrunner Beau Willlimon was nominated for best writing in a drama series, while Carl Franklin is a nominee for his direction. Kate Mara and Reg E. Cathey also earned nominations as best guest actor and actress.
By Kit Waskom Pollard, For The Baltimore Sun | July 1, 2014
Some meals require a bit of pomp and circumstance, and sometimes you just want to eat some great food without getting gussied up. Cafe Cito is the place for those times. The cafe opened in May in the Hampden space formerly occupied by Roland Park Cafe and Deli. According to chef/owner David Sherman, the former owner of Nasu Blanca in Riverside, Cafe Cito aims for good, Spanish-influenced food, friendly service and a casual atmosphere. It succeeds on all three counts. Scene & Decor The restaurant is currently open for breakfast and lunch every day except Monday, brunch on the weekends, and for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.
Kit Waskom Pollard and For The Baltimore Sun | June 27, 2014
Summertime is salad season. At Fox & Fern Cafe in Forest Hill, chef Michael White mixes fresh greens with crisp bacon and sharp cheddar to make a hearty salad inspired by traditional California ingredients like sprouts and avocado. He tosses the salad with an herbaceous green goddess dressing that gets a  savory boost from blended anchovies. The crunchy vegetables and cool, creamy dressing are a perfect fit for al fresco dinners on warm summer evenings.   California Salad Yield: Four appetizers or two dinner salads, two cups of dressing   For the dressing: 3 anchovy fillets 1 teaspoon minced garlic ¾ cup mayonnaise ¾ cup plain yogurt ½ cup fresh parsley (packed)
By Karen Nitkin, For The Baltimore Sun | June 23, 2014
Marcelo Salles' food truck is getting a little more attention now that all eyes are on the World Cup games. But despite the fact that Brazilian culture is in the spotlight, Salles is not convinced that Baltimoreans are ready to embrace what is standard fare in his home country: chicken hearts. So his truck, called Darua, instead serves other classic Brazilian dishes like feijoada , a hearty stew of black beans and meats, and pastel , fried dough pockets with sweet and savory fillings.
By Richard Gorelick, Special to The Baltimore Sun | May 16, 2010
Maruha, a Japanese steakhouse, opened last year in Columbia's Hickory Ridge shopping center in space that used to be a Blockbuster. I'm glad someone told me that, because I did think it was strange when the waitress told me I had to … I know there's a good video store-Japanese restaurant joke out there somewhere, maybe something about rewinding, but I just can't come up with it, and it's killing me. I'm not saying I spent more time...
By Kit Waskom Pollard, For The Baltimore Sun | January 8, 2013
In Greek, "Yasou" means "health to you. " It's used as a greeting and a toast, like "Cheers!" At Yasou Greek Bistro, there's plenty of reason to toast. With simple, nicely cooked takes on Greek specialties and friendly service, the busy Hunt Valley restaurant is a good choice for diners in search of top-notch Greek food without the drive to Greektown. Yasou occupies a small space in a shopping center on York Road, where Cockeysville meets Hunt Valley. Inside, clean white paint and shiny tables give the year-old restaurant a brand-new feeling.
By Donna M. Owens, For The Baltimore Sun | June 17, 2014
The recipe is familiar, but with a fresh twist. Mix the salty, crunchy goodness of traditional munchies with the spicy kick reminiscent of Maryland's steamed crabs - and add the power of several professional Baltimore athletes for good measure - and you've got a new line of snacks with hometown flavor. Crab-inspired cheese curls, buttery popcorn and sunflower seeds are some of the product offerings from Home Team Snacks, headquartered in Carroll County. Launched in 2012, the company is the brainchild of Marc Heyman and Jeff Hinton, 49-year-old Baltimore-area natives who grew up in Mount Washington and Catonsville, respectively.
May 3, 2014
Beyond showcasing women-helmed films, the Maryland Film Festival once again features movies with local connections. Here's a sampling: 'Actress' Director Robert Greene's film tracks the decision by actress Brandy Burre (fondly remembered by many in these parts as Theresa D'Agostino on "The Wire") as she decides to resume an acting career after having given it up to start a family. (1:45 p.m. Friday and 2:15 p.m. Sunday, May 11 at University of Baltimore's Langsdale Auditorium)
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