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By John A. Morris and John A. Morris,Staff Writer | May 14, 1993
In three hours, a handful of state fishery experts using specialized equipment failed yesterday to duplicate the achievement of a single, 8-year-old boy with a fishing pole: catch a piranha.Michael McManus of Bowie landed an 11-inch piranha Saturday at Allen Pond Park in Prince George's County. Yesterday morning, he and his father, Steve McManus, watched as state Department of Natural Resources biologists sent mild electrical shocks through the five-acre pond, causing stunned fish to float to the surface where they were examined.
October 18, 2002
Derek Bell, 66, a member of the six-time Grammy-winning Irish band the Chieftains, died this week while traveling through Phoenix, on his way back to Ireland, said band spokesman Chris Roslan, who did not know the exact day or cause of death. He said Mr. Bell had recently been considered in good health. The Belfast native joined the Chieftains full-time in 1974. In addition to the harp, he played oboe, horn, cor anglais, hammered dulcimer and keyboards for the group. Mr. Bell recorded on 37 of the Chieftains' 40 albums.
By Gary Diamond | June 14, 1992
A few weeks ago, while on a photographic expedition to Conowingo Dam, I noticed several anglers wading on the Harford County side of the Susquehanna River.They were casting a variety of lures with medium-weight spinning tackle. Some anglers were connecting with smallmouth bass and hickory shad while others hooked up with catfish and carp. The weather was perfect, water conditions relatively clear and at least half the anglers were catching some sort of fish.One particular fisherman, a young man of about 25, was having a great deal of difficulty landing fish.
By Dail Willis and Dail Willis,SUN STAFF Sun staff writer Jay Apperson and news researcher Leigh Poitinger contributed to this article | September 18, 1997
On a summer night 15 years ago, 10-year-old Adam Edward Faulkner slipped out the back door with his new fishing rig and a comforter, in search of adventure. Four days later, his nude, battered body was found tied to a piling in the Middle River near Hawthorne Park.Yesterday, two Essex men long suspected in the case were arrested, Baltimore County police said. Roger Allen Stump, 32, of the first block of Haley Road and his brother, John Ellwood Stump, 30, of the 600 block of Dunwich Way were charged with first-degree murder, authorities said.
By CANDUS THOMSON | April 22, 2007
Let's talk trash. Not the nasty verbiage or playground hoops variety. Garbage. Rubbish. Trash. You know, the kind of stuff that decorates our landscape. On the opening day of put-and-take trout fishing, I was grossed out by the amount of fishing line hanging from tree limbs and wrapped around bushes and rocks at a number of spots. Equally disturbing - the number of discarded white cardboard bait cartons floating in back eddies and bumping along the shore. Several of you have noticed, too. You've gotten in touch with me in recent weeks to comment about the volume of crud you've found streamside, trailside and roadside this spring.
By David Conn and David Conn,Staff Writer | November 13, 1992
The theft last weekend of money from a bank's night depository has raised a number of issues in the minds of retailers who casually drop their cash in those boxes every night, not least of which is, "Whose money is it?"The "Fishhook Affair," as the annals of banking history might record it, occurred Sunday night, when someone somehow opened a locked night depository at a Maryland National Bank in Lutherville.By dropping in a fish hook and fishing line, the unknown party reeled in a whopper: 17 deposit bags carrying $65,000, mostly in checks,some in cash.
By Peg Adamarczyk and Peg Adamarczyk,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | July 10, 1998
WHILE THIS is prime vacation season, not everyone has abandoned Pasadena.The Pasadena Sportfishing Group will have its monthly meeting at 7: 30 p.m. Monday at the Orchard Beach fire hall on Solley Road.Bill Burton, Maryland Gazette outdoors columnist, will share tips and techniques for catching fish in the upper Chesapeake Bay.Burton "is very popular and knows the hot spots for fishing," said club spokesman Dave Nolan.Also, "the knife man" from B&B Knives will be there to sharpen knives in front of the fire hall.
By Susan Reimer | December 30, 2010
Nobody gets a shiny new bike for Christmas anymore. They get a video game version of the Tour de France. Nobody gets a sweater or a shirt or a tie these days. They get an iPhone, an iPad, a Kindle or Xbox Kinect. And stockings are stuffed with controllers, headsets and AA batteries instead of candy. It was a high-tech holiday this year, and the grown-ups in my family were scrambling to keep up with the kids. We were faking that look of composure, the one we save for the self-checkout lines at Home Depot.
By Candus Thomson and Candus Thomson,SUN STAFF | August 5, 2005
For a few hours yesterday, they left most of their worries at the dock. The widows grieving husbands and the children mourning parents and siblings found relief in the sparkling waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the tug on a fishing line. Shrieks of laughter and palms slapping congratulatory high fives provided the soundtrack for the sixth annual Joe Judge Fishing Derby, a two-hour excursion aboard the Old Bay for 11 children and some of their parents and volunteers. And the fish - particularly the striped bass - played their part to perfection.
By Dave Barry and Dave Barry,Knight / Ridder Tribune | March 3, 2002
IN LAST WEEK'S column, I described my January visit to Grand Forks, N.D., and East Grand Forks, Minn., which are also called "The Grand Cities" by about six people who are hoping this name will attract more humans to the area. I went to The Grand Cities because I had poked some good-natured fun at the residents. They responded by good-naturedly inviting me up and formally naming a sewage pumping station after me in a ceremony that will forever remain a vivid memory in my mind, even though I have burned my clothes.
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