August 24, 2011
I just read Stephen B. Awalt's reply to your article about "designer" crab feasts and laughed all the way through ("Simplicity is special," Aug. 21). I just can't imagine anyone having a crab feast with the items mentioned and in the way it was described. I worked my way through every action Mr. Awalt wrote about, and they were so real that every crab-eating Marylander probably has experienced them at one time or another. The most hilarious thing would be for someone to read the designer crab feast article to people in the middle of enjoying a crab feast, then tell them that's how they're going to do it next year.
By Colin Campbell, The Baltimore Sun | August 7, 2014
You get a crab, and you get a crab, and you get a crab! Everybody here gets a crab!  Oprah's in town. The billionaire media magnate, whose career took off after a stint as an anchor on WJZ in Baltimore, came back to the city Wednesday for a dinner of crabs and crab cakes in a private dining area of Captain James Landing in Canton, according to the restaurant's owner Bill Tserkis. Oprah posted a picture on Instagram with her partner, Stedman Graham, smiling and holding up crabs.
By Richard Gorelick and The Baltimore Sun | February 3, 2012
The dinner on Valentine's Day at the Feast @ 4 East will be its last. Sandy Lawler, the restaurant's chef, who also owns the 4 East Madison Inn, the boutique hotel in Mount Vernon, will stop offering dinner service. Lawler says she will make 4 East available for special events for 25 to 60 people.   The Valentine's menu at Feast @ 4 East includes fresh oysters, a half rack of pistachio-crusted lamb, New England scallops in vanilla cream and, for dessert, red velvet cake, ricotta cheesecake with Grand Marnier and Pavlova, an ethereal meringue confection named for a Russian ballerina.  You can enjoy it all with your own bottle of wine.
By Colin Campbell and The Baltimore Sun | July 28, 2014
Move over Aunt Becky. Uncle Jesse found "true love" in Ocean City this weekend. John Stamos, who played the lovable goofball uncle to the infant Olsen twins in "Full House" and is promoting his new rom-com, "My Man is a Loser," posted a picture of a mountain of hard-shell crabs to Instagram on Sunday. The caption: "Found true love in Ocean City MD. " Stamos, who also plays guitar and drums, was in the area performing with The Beach Boys. The band played in New Jersey on Saturday night and Delaware on Sunday, and has shows in Lancaster, Pa., on Monday and Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday, according to its website.
By Joanne Weller, 410-442-1754 | October 11, 2011
St. Andrew's Monthly Community Feast will be held Oct. 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. This month's feast will be Italian cuisine and as always, donated by Smokin' Hot Catering, at the Inwood Shopping Center on Route 97. Proceeds from the October dinner will go toward Worldwide Shelters, a nonprofit organization that focuses on humanitarian aid by providing short-term shelters in communities ravaged by war and disaster. The organization also helps people to transition to permanent housing.
By Sloane Brown | September 26, 1999
The Sunday afternoon get-together at the Forum may have been for a serious cause, to raise more than $3,500 for the Northwest Baltimore Corp., but ..."Mostly, we're here for some serious eating!" exclaimed NWBC executive director Diane Frederick at the group's first crab feast. Some 220 NWBC supporters proved Frederick right, as they dug into steamed crabs, crab soup and corn on the cob, while digging the discs spun by DJ Jerry Stampler.Among those eating and greeting: event chair Sonjia Travers; NWBC president Jean Yarborough; board members Rahn Barnes and Barbara Scott; Janie Geer, president of Park West Medical Center; Pastor David Brown, Living Word Christian Center; Ronald Billy, president of Pimlico Merchants Association; and Mary Thompson, assistant to the president, LifeBridge Health.
By Sheila S. Peter, 410-323-8526 | June 3, 2012
The big day is here! The annual Rodgers Forge Community Picnic is set for Saturday, June 9, and will offer four hours of fun, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dave Crockett and his committee have searched long and hard for a new venue for the 2012 picnic. They chose a central location near the tot lot for this year's extravaganza. (See your newsletter for more details.) The picnic will be alive with fantastic food, music, games and other attractions. It's a great opportunity to catch up with your neighbors and meet new ones.
By Sloane Brown | August 1, 1999
If we are what we eat, then 180 food lovers were the epitome of elegance at a dreamy dinner honoring culinary superstar Julia Child. The fabulous four-course feast, prepared by Miami chef Allen Susser and 12 Baltimore-area chefs, was sponsored by the Baltimore/Maryland chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food, an organization co-founded by Child and dedicated to promoting a better understanding of food and wine.The epicures certainly showed their knowledge as they dined at the Belvedere on Chesapeake Bay jumbo crab tian, herb-roasted rack of lamb, a sumptuous cheese trio, and double chocolate espresso timbale.
By Carol L. Bowers and Carol L. Bowers,Sun Staff Writer | August 14, 1995
Animal protection advocates picketed a Highlandtown banquet hall yesterday, accusing diners at a crab feast of promoting cockfighting -- a sport in which roosters fight each other to the death."
By Ken Colston | October 31, 1991
MY FIRST acquaintance with All Saints' Day came before I turned Catholic, when I was a young teaching assistant in a high school in France in the late 1970s.I was not used to Catholic feast days as national holidays. To my surprise, French banks, post offices and schools closed on Ascension and Assumption, contradicting (in my view) the principles of reason and natural rights on which the republic was founded. Nevertheless, no teacher is too pure and principled to turn down an off day, and I happily accepted an invitation to spend a long weekend with a student's family in the Norman countryside.
By Joe Burris, The Baltimore Sun | May 11, 2014
This weekend a convoy of nearly 300 bike riders canvassed 140 miles of state highways, back roads and bike trails to equate the farthest distance that members of a Baltimore-based community organization travel to deliver free food and services to people with life-threatening illnesses. Each rider committed to raising a minimum of $1,500 for Movable Feast, which has expanded its relief services from its original target group, those living with HIV/AIDS as well as with breast cancer . The group also works to ensure that those they serve have basic needs and that their medications work well with their foods.
By Don Markus and The Baltimore Sun | January 24, 2014
Considering the pedigree of their respective programs, it is no surprise that No. 2 Syracuse and No. 20 Pittsburgh have made nearly flawless transitions from the Big East to the Atlantic Coast Conference. The Orange won a national championship with freshman Baltimore product Carmelo Anthony in 2003 and have played in four Final Fours under Hall-of-Fame coach Jim Boeheim, most recently last season. The Panthers, with one of the toughest homecourts in the country, were the Big East's winningest team over the past 10 years with Jamie Dixon as their coach.
By Patricia Schultheis | December 18, 2013
I have city eyes. Apparently I was born with them. Whenever my parents and sisters exclaimed about the beauty of a beet plucked from our Connecticut garden, I would think, "Mmmm ... a beet ... cousin of the sugar beet, source of that white powder sprinkled on those twisty crullers from Howland's Department Store. I really do like a good department store. " Even now, decades later, my nature-loving friends seem to regard my preference for bricks and mortar over field and stream as a genetic defect, but I can't help myself.
By Joe Burris, The Baltimore Sun | November 27, 2013
People lined up outside the Baltimore Convention Center on Wednesday well before the 58th annual Goodwill Thanksgiving Dinner began at noon. Within the first hour, dozens departed with bellies full and leftovers in tow, filing past hundreds more eager to be fed. "This food is lovely, and I don't eat just anybody's cooking," announced Donald Graham of Baltimore, one of about 3,000 people who received tickets from nearby community and outreach centers...
Richard Gorelick and The Baltimore Sun | September 19, 2013
Thursday is Baltimore's 20th annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser. Some 40 Baltimore-area restaurants are joining in the charitable dining event. Restaurants participating in Dining Out for Life agree to donate at least 20 percent of their check total to Moveable Feast, which provides meals to people with HIV and other diseases. But some restaurants are donating more. Clementine, The Brewer's Art and Gertrude's are donating 50 percent, for example, and Alchemy, B Bistro and Saute are pledging 35 percent of their take from Thursday's dinner.
By Beverly Southall | August 14, 2013
All aboard the Perryville Railroad Museum in the MARC train station. The museum is open on Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. and there's no admission charge. They have a working HO scale model layout of the Perryville railroad wye, numerous railroad artifacts on display, railroad history literature available and a photo gallery of the Pennsylvania, B&O and other railroads and other historical pictures. Come on down a see them. Now that summer is almost over Harmony Lodge 53 AF & AM will start with monthly all you can eat Breakfasts.
By Charlyne Varkonyi | December 2, 1990
Lorenza de'Medici, descendant of bankers, popes, kings and queens and patrons of the Renaissance, has been devoting herself to teaching readers of her cookbooks and cooking students at her 11th century villa in Chianti that genuine Italian food is nothing like the tomato-and-garlic cuisine that is dished out in the majority of "Italian" restaurants all over America.And now, with the holiday mania starting to envelop us, she has come out with a new coffee-table cookbook that promises to provide a refined inspiration from the Italian aristocracy for our own holiday feasts as well as our gift lists.
By Dorothy Fleetwood | November 23, 1995
As most of us enjoy a sumptuous feast at our own Thanksgiving tables, interpreters at Jamestown Settlement near Williamsburg, Va., re-create a 17th-century feast."
By Kit Waskom Pollard,
For The Baltimore Sun
| May 21, 2013
Heading to a crab house for a feast is fun, but nothing beats an afternoon of crabs in the backyard. Here are some tips for planning a feast of your own: Dress the part: Crab feasts are a dirty business; expect to get messy. Jen Harris, an upstate New York native who moved to Baltimore in 2010, learned this the hard way at her first crab feast. "Do not wear a dry clean-only blouse with white jeans," she warns. "Wear clothing you don't care about. " Set the table: Long, outdoor tables are ideal for crab feasting, but any table covered in newspaper or brown paper will do. Set mallets, knives and rolls of paper towels within easy grabbing distance of pickers (experienced pickers will appreciate bowls of water for hand-rinsing, too)
by Richard Gorelick and The Baltimore Sun | January 29, 2013
Fansattending the Super Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome can have a Cajun feast. On Sunday's menu -- alligator chili, barbecue shrimp and grits, chicken and sausage gumbo, Natchitoches crawfish pies, a roast beef debris po'boy and Chef Donald Link's sauce piquant. Celebrate the Ravens with a Big Easy-influenced Super Bowl party Link, the James Beard award-wining chef behind Herbsaint and Cochon has been brought in by Centerplate, the stadium's Stamford, Conn.-based hospitality provider, to consult on the Louisiana-inspired menu for Super Bowl XLVII.
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