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By Dave Alexander and Dave Alexander, Staff | April 28, 2005
Before I get into this week's column, I'm taking a minute to fill out an All-Star ballot at, with some interesting results. After three weeks of the season, you'd be hard-pressed to find a first baseman worthy of representing the AL at this year's game in Detroit. Pretty sad. Chicago's Paul Konerko (seven HRs, .236 average) and Texas' Mark Texeira (five HRs, .229 average) both have big power numbers. But in a surprise move, I'm going with Toronto's Eric Hinske, who's hitting a respectable .290 with three HRs, 13 RBIs and a couple of steals.
By Tommy Cummings and Tommy Cummings,Knight Ridder/Tribune | April 24, 2000
FORT WORTH, Texas -- What a time to be a fantasy baseball geek. By launching its handy Sports Geniuses Sports Search this week, has provided virtual nirvana for the fantasy-baseball enthusiasts or trivia buffs who hound the newspaper sports desk. Users accessing the search (http://sportssearch.foxsports. com) can simply type in a question about a major-league team or player from 1876 to the present and get an instant answer. What was the Rangers wins and losses for 1996?
By Andrea F. Siegel and Andrea F. Siegel,SUN STAFF | June 17, 1997
In a courtroom crowded with family and friends, Michael E. Loney switched job titles yesterday from district judge to circuit judge."Until my baseball career takes off, I'll do this," Loney said in an interview last week.Loney, 58, was appointed last month to the Circuit Court slot that Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. vacated when he moved to the Court of Special Appeals.The closest Loney has come to professional baseball is Little League and Fantasy Baseball with the Orioles. Well-regarded in local legal circles, Loney was president of the county bar association in 1979 and has served on the executive committee of the Maryland State Bar Association.
By JAY HANCOCK | January 27, 2008
Now this is fantasy baseball. Randy Newsom is a relief-pitcher prospect for the Cleveland Indians. The submarining right-hander is selling 4 percent of his future major-league earnings - if there are any - for $50,000. You don't have to put up the whole $50,000, however. You can buy shares in Newsom at $20 per pop, as brokered by Real Sports Investments, his company ( Each $20 share is worth 0.0016 percent of his future major-league earnings. So say he turns into something like Dan Quisenberry, earns an average of $4 million a year and works 10 years.
May 25, 2006
NATIONAL Office search confrontation The confrontation between congressional leaders and the Bush administration over the search of a representative's office escalated, with House Speaker Dennis Hastert and other congressional leaders demanding the return of all material seized during the incident. pg 3a MARYLAND Snipers face off in court John Allen Muhammad tangled with Lee Boyd Malvo in an aggressive cross-examination of his former protege yesterday, then erupted in anger at prosecutors who tried to limit Muhammad's questioning in his sniper murder trial.
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