By Anne Haddad and Anne Haddad,Staff writer | June 12, 1991
When she was younger, Mabel Yingling used to treat herself now and then to a facial at the Hochschild-Kohn beauty salon in Baltimore."I felt like I owed it to myself," said Yingling, 71, of Furnace Hills.I just don't bother any more. I just stick to my Estee Lauder make-up."She hadn't had a facial in years until last week, when she and fellow members of the Finksburg Senior Center got free treatments from the 11th-graders in the cosmetology department at the Carroll County Career and Technology Center.
By Kit Waskom Pollard, For The Baltimore Sun | August 7, 2014
This fall, 11-year-old Shayna Slatkin will start middle school. Before her first class, she and her mother will cover all the usual bases: shopping for new notebooks, pencils and erasers - and visiting a spa for a new look. Shayna, who lives in Baltimore, is a client at Salon & Spa Kids, a Pikesville hair salon and day spa that caters to the youthful set. With bright colors and scaled-down furniture, the salon provides a welcoming environment for preschool to high school-age kids, who can relax with a DVD as they get a haircut or lounge in a butterfly pedicure chair during spa treatments.
By Audrey Haar and Audrey Haar,Staff Writer | August 29, 1993
A crew of nail technicians, massage therapists and facial assistants stand at the ready. Their tools -- a vibrating pedi-spa chair, kneady knuckles and gooey seaweed wraps -- are not those of torture but of first-class pampering.What's a stressed-out vacationer to do?Relax."It makes you feel special," says Lisette d'Amours Coates, sitting atop the throne-like pedi-spa chair at the Headlines salon in Ocean City. The Washington resident is just starting a pedicure after her manicure. "It's very relaxing."
By Allison Eatough, For The Baltimore Sun | July 31, 2014
A new facial is gaining popularity around Baltimore, and while it won't make you live forever, some doctors and patients say it will make you look younger - at least for a few months. The vampire facial, a nonsurgical procedure made famous by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, uses a patient's blood to stimulate healing and regenerate cells. "After healing, my skin just seemed smoother," said Grace Ban, an Odenton resident who received the procedure to reduce the appearance of acne scars and minimize the wrinkles around her eyes.
By Michael Dresser and Michael Dresser,Sun Staff Writer | September 6, 1994
They come to the Johns Hopkins Medical Center from all over the world -- scared-looking children with misshapen heads and faces that make you want to avert your eyes at the same time you want to comfort them.It is as if the hand of their Creator slipped in shaping their tiny skulls. In one picture, a little girl's skull balloons out on one side. In another, a little boy's bulging right eye seems to dribble down his cheek, inches lower than the left.To most people, these children have horrible deformities.
By Craig Crossman and Craig Crossman,KNIGHT RIDDER/TRIBUNE | March 18, 2004
We've all taken bad snapshots at one time or another, especially when it comes to pictures of people. There are the ones taken with someone's eyes closed or with a bad facial expression. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to say "cheese" when you press the button. And while there are all sorts of photo-retouching products available to remove red eye and manipulate the images, none of them are actually designed to retouch facial expressions. Until now. FaceFilter ($30) from Reallusion is a unique photo editor specifically designed to make faces more attractive.
By Cassandra A. Fortin and Cassandra A. Fortin,Special to The Sun | March 18, 2007
She climbed onto a spa table, where she received a facial. When the treatment was completed, she walked out into a lounge to wait for her massage. "Getting a facial is a different experience. It was very relaxing," said Katie Rasmussen of the facial. "It made me feel tingly and clean." Katie was enjoying the spa treatments, a gift for her 14th birthday, with friend Katie Delaney, 13, at Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City. One of only a few spas statewide that offer packages for teenagers, Turf Valley is catering to a growing number of kids who are migrating to spas for beauty treatments.
October 16, 2005
SPA IN THE VALLEY Hunt Valley Towne Centre 410-771-0200 You can linger in the warm jetted pool, then have a massage. Or lounge in the sauna or eucalyptus steam room before your facial. With 10,600 square feet -- and 14 massage and facial rooms, 12 pedi-spas and 20 hair styling stations -- Hunt Valley's new Spa in the Valley is large enough to offer such amenities. And with two doctors on staff, botox and other medical procedures are available too. A regular manicure costs $18, although you could spend $85 on a mango-butter spa manicure-pedicure, which takes two hours and 15 minutes.
By Michelle Deal-Zimmerman | December 13, 2009
'Holiday Spa Day' at Hershey What's the deal? Are the holidays giving you hives? Soothe yourself with the Holiday Spa Day Package, a 4 1/2 -hour treatment that includes an incense-infused massage, a Peppermint Pattie Salt Scrub and Chocolate Fondue Wrap, a Peppermint Anti-Aging Facial and lunch. The $420 package is good through Jan. 15. If you're short on time or money, the Holiday Season Sampler costs less and lasts just 80 minutes. It includes a full body exfoliation, a hydrating Spice Wrap and a Holiday Spice Massage.
April 7, 2001
A man was struck and killed last night when he jumped in front of a Metro subway train in an apparent suicide at the Charles Center Station, Maryland Transportation Authority officials said. The driver of the train suffered facial injuries when he slammed on the emergency brake to try to stop the train before it hit the victim, said Frank Fulton, an authority spokesman. Dozens of passengers on the train were evacuated, and the station, near Calvert and Charles streets in Baltimore, was closed for several hours, he said.
By Susan Reimer, The Baltimore Sun | November 22, 2013
The first thing they do to new male students at the Naval Academy is shave their heads. So it is a bit of a shock to see the guys sporting ... mustaches. But the button-downed Brigade of Midshipmen has received permission from the top of the chain of command to grow whatever lip fuzz they can muster during November - which for the last decade has been known as "Movember," an effort to raise awareness and research funds for men's health. It is Midshipman Mustache Month at an institution that forbids facial hair on students, but for the first time in its history is allowing it because of the persistence of a Mid who spent months petitioning his superiors.
By Edward Lee, The Baltimore Sun | September 24, 2013
Loyola's 3-1 loss to No. 21 UMBC Saturday night was somewhat curious due to the absence of several members of the team, including the Greyhounds' starting goalkeeper. Senior Thurman Van Riper will miss the remainder of the season after suffering serious facial injuries during the team's 2-1 decision against Princeton last Wednesday. "He was in a collision with a forward from Princeton late in the second half, and he got taken to [Maryland] Shock Trauma," coach Mark Mettrick said Monday.
By Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun | August 28, 2013
A former Baltimore police officer won a $60,000 settlement from the city on a claim that his civil rights were violated when he was handed a plastic Bic razor and forced to shave for a visit by then-President-elect Barack Obama. Anthony Brown, a former Warrant Apprehension Task Force member and 17-year veteran of the Police Department, and the city agreed to settle the $17 million lawsuit rather than go to jury trial, according to a memo presented Wednesday to the city's spending panel.
By Jill Rosen, The Baltimore Sun | December 13, 2012
When did the holidays become an exercise in anxiety, tension mounting with each fa, la and la? Shopping stress. Baking stress. Light-stringing stress. Relatives. And that "Are you ready for Christmas?" thing. Hardly helping. But the year is winding down - shouldn't we take a cue? To that end, it seemed a good, scented rubdown couldn't hurt. I took on the not particularly arduous task of searching area spas for a moment or two of Zen, to see if a massage, scrub or perhaps a paraffin pedicure could straighten the star atop the tree and help the Hanukkah oil burn an extra night.
By Gwendolyn Glenn | July 25, 2012
A growing number of people looking for less invasive procedures than plastic surgery or Botox injections to do away with wrinkles and sagging jawlines are turning to the ancient Chinese-rooted practice of acupuncture. And they are starting to come to Laurel's Main Street for the treatment. Since late 2011, acupuncturist Janet Young, of Laurel, has offered facial rejuvenation treatments at the Neighborhood Acupuncture center in the 300 block of Main Street. A master's-degree graduate of the Tai Sophia Institute in North Laurel, Young said using acupuncture to slow the aging process is not a quick fix like Botox, which relaxes the muscles and provides immediate results, but it does work.
By Jonathan Pitts, The Baltimore Sun | April 21, 2012
She enters the clinic on a walker, slow yet remarkably steady, and as Pauline Wood hails her host for the day, she gives him a bag of lemon tarts she rose early that morning to bake.  With her white hair and glasses, Wood, 89, is every inch the lovable but tough grandmother, complete with her love of puppies, her passion for raising heirloom tomatoes and her predilection for waving away offers of help with the words, "Oh my goodness, I ...
By Modena Wilson, M.D. and Alain Joffe, M.D. and Modena Wilson, M.D. and Alain Joffe, M.D.,Special to The Sun | July 5, 1994
Q: When my toddler takes a nap, she sleeps on her stomach. When she wakes up, her face and eyes are red and swollen. Why? Is she allergic to something in the bed?A: A "puffy" face on waking is common. Although we've never seen a formal explanation, we think mild swelling of the facial tissues can be explained by what is known about blood circulation.The smallest blood vessels, the capillaries that wind their way through body tissues, are somewhat leaky. A small amount of liquid from the blood seeps out. It tends to collect where tissues are loose.
By Peter Schmuck and Jeff Zrebiec, The Baltimore Sun | March 7, 2011
It has been pretty obvious for the past few weeks, but it only recently became official. The Orioles are now allowed to wear a little hair on their chins. Manager Buck Showalter confirmed Monday that he has gotten approval from ownership to relax the team's facial hair policy — to a limited extent — but there is a caveat. "It's kind of 'Can they keep it presentable?'" Showalter said. "They're going to police themselves. " Showalter and president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail approached owner Peter Angelos after the club brought in two veterans — Derrek Lee and Vladimir Guerrero — who have long worn goatees.
By Thomas H. Maugh II and Tribune Newspapers | January 1, 2010
The facial cancers that are devastating populations of Tasmanian devils in Australia are a nerve tumor that escaped its original host and became a parasite of the cultural icon, passing from one devil to the next by bites when the animals are fighting or mating, researchers reported Thursday. A genetic analysis of tumors from Tasmanian devils widely separated geographically shows that all the tumors are virtually identical - and distinct from the animals' own genomes, researchers from the United States and Australia reported in the journal Science.
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