By Chris Kaltenbach and Chris Kaltenbach,Sun Staff Writer | February 20, 1995
Nobody's going to mistake Jason Jones for a Power Ranger or a Ninja Turtle. But he can kick and scream and punch with the best of 'em.And right now, the 7-year-old from Randallstown wants to show off. While his classmates wait patiently in line for their chance to perform a midair leg kick in front of their karate instructor, Jason jumps up and down, thrusts his leg in the air, shakes his head violently, spins around, and generally expends enough energy to...
By Edward Lee | October 31, 2011
Bernard Pollard confirmed The Sun's report on Friday that the NFL had fined the strong safety $10,000 for a hit on Jacksonville Jaguars running back Deji Karim in the third quarter of the Ravens' 12-7 loss a week ago. Although it was not a helmet-to-helmet hit, an NFL spokesman said that Pollard was fined specifically for striking a defenseless player in the head and neck area on a pass play. Pollard, who was already irritated at an official's ruling that he had taunted Arizona Cardinals tight end Jeff King after pushing him out of bounds Sunday, didn't require much prompting to sound off on the fine.
By LIZ F. KAY .. and LIZ F. KAY ..,SUN REPORTER | January 27, 2006
The 11 newest cadets in Patapsco High School's U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps have their reasons for enrolling. Some said they want discipline, and a few said they have friends in the program or need a way to stay busy. Others have military aspirations. One girl added that she likes the uniform. Even more students could get the chance to sign up next fall. Given the level of interest among local middle and elementary school children, school officials want to hire another retired military officer to expand Patapsco's JROTC program from about 105 to 160 students.
By Joe Burris and Joe Burris,Sun Reporter | July 15, 2007
In 10 years of fatherhood, I've often observed parent-child relationships in public, in part to gauge how other adults dole out discipline and set boundaries. Some of what I've seen out in the open makes me cringe at the thought of what might be going on behind closed doors. Never mind the preschooler in the department store who hauled back and slapped his mother twice after she vowed not to buy a coveted toy. Or the father in church who just sat there while his toddler dashed up and down the aisle, bumping into parishioners and nearly knocking over chairs.
By Gary Gately and Gary Gately,SUN STAFF | December 20, 1996
The Baltimore Convention Center's deputy director has abruptly resigned, claiming that he's been stonewalled in repeated attempts to root out incompetence and improve service at the expanded center.Jim Kelley, who quit last Friday, said yesterday that he had become increasingly frustrated by what he called Director Peggy Daidakis' mismanagement of the center, particularly her refusal to make mid-level managers more accountable for results.Kelley, who came to the center as deputy in July 1995, said he had insisted on the dismissals of at least a half dozen of 18 key supervisors for "gross incompetence."
By Peter Hermann and Peter Hermann,SUN STAFF | August 15, 1996
Responding to complaints that black Baltimore police officers are treated more harshly than their white colleagues when charged with misconduct, the city's police chief is vowing to make changes to ensure "equal discipline for equal infractions."Last week, members of the City Council and several current and former black officers accused Commissioner Thomas C. Frazier of tolerating a double-standard in how black and white officers are disciplined.Yesterday, Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke agreed that the department has a problem and put Frazier on notice that he needs to do more -- and do it quickly.
By Glenn Graham and Glenn Graham,Sun reporter | November 7, 2007
Kara Brosmer was looking for a school activity to get involved in when she entered Mount Hebron as a freshman. Despite never running before or playing many sports while growing up, she turned to cross country. Now, she is a senior leader for the Vikings. Brosmer said the discipline and dedication required for cross country have helped her in other areas, particularly in the classroom, where she maintains a B average. Along with cross country, Brosmer has been on the varsity outdoor track and field team the past two seasons, specializing in the two-mile event.
By Pat Montley | May 23, 2013
There were giants in those days. And some of them were only five feet tall. With her wide serge sleeves rolled brazenly beyond her elbows and a shiny baton in each hand, she stood at the edge of the St. Bernardine's School stage in West Baltimore in the spring of 1950, and - indifferent to our rehearsal fatigue - narrowed her eyes under the starched white headband and challenged us for the umpteenth time: "Again!" Once more we twirled our batons in sync three times, then threw them in the air and … up, up … down, down … thump, thump, thump, thump.
WASHINGTON - Responding to growing pressure over Enron's collapse, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed yesterday to have a group of outside experts discipline accountants rather than relying on the industry to police itself. Harvey L. Pitt, SEC chairman, said antiquated rules on corporate disclosure and accounting ethics had allowed investors to suffer from a series of auditing lapses over the past decade. "We simply cannot afford a system like the present one that facilitates failure rather than success," he said at a news conference yesterday afternoon.
By Lini S. Kadaba and Lini S. Kadaba,Knight Ridder/Tribune | March 28, 1999
Call it the discipline wars. On one side stand no-nonsense parents, as firm as Patton, refusing to excuse misbehavior as child's play, and meting out punishment from an arsenal that includes grounding, curtailment of privileges, additional chores, even a good spanking.The traditionalists, as they like to call themselves, rail against parents such as Karen Gatewood of Bucks County, Pa., who has twin 3-year-old girls.Gatewood, 30, once spanked and called "time out." Now, she talks about her children's feelings.
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