By Betty Rosbottom and Betty Rosbottom,TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES | April 25, 2004
Recently, I planned and held a small cocktail party in record time for friends from Washington, D.C. I made spring the theme of the party and used some of my new computer skills to create colorful invitations printed in bright shades of green, pink and orange. Next, I worked on the menu. Champagne, the lone beverage I chose to serve, proved to be a smart choice because I didn't have go to the trouble or expense of stocking a full bar. For finger food, I offered skewered scallops on a bed of watercress with a sweet and sour sauce.
August 15, 1996
IT TAKES CHUTZPAH to accept an early-retirement buy-out from a $68,400-a-year Baltimore City job and then take a similar high-paying position in another municipal department. Retiring recreation superintendent Bob Wade, the former Dunbar High and University of Maryland basketball coach, almost succeeded in that double-dipping scam. Who can blame a guy for trying?Even more infuriating than Mr. Wade's audacity are the roles his boss, parks and recreation director Marlyn Perritt, and his would-be boss, school superintendent Walter G. Amprey, played in this scheme.
By Ted Shelsby and Ted Shelsby,SUN STAFF | December 1, 1998
Maryland consumers tightened their purse strings and sat out the surprising new-car buying frenzy that swept much of the nation in October, according to figures released yesterday by the state Motor Vehicle Administration.The 1.2 percent decline in new-vehicle sales in the state during October contrasted sharply with the 10 percent boost in car and light truck deliveries nationally."Dealers that I've have talked to said that October was a pretty good month," said Robert C. Russel, president of R&H Motor Cars Ltd. in Owings Mills and chairman of the Maryland New Car and Truck Dealers Association, a trade group representing 320 new-car dealers in the state.
WASHINGTON - New budget projections from congressional analysts and the White House show that the Bush administration is almost certain to violate its promise not to dip into the Social Security surplus to pay the government's bills, prominent economists said yesterday. A White House report last week made clear that only an assortment of accounting changes - described by Democrats as politically motivated gimmicks - would prevent the use of Social Security to make ends meet in the budget during the rest of President Bush's four-year term.
By Tina Danze and Tina Danze,UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE | May 6, 1998
In the early days of dips, every party had the requisite pairing of potato chips and Lipton's Onion Soup mix in sour cream. Now, with so many dip and dipper options, the chips/soup-mix combo is the exception.Dips come hot, cold, sweet, savory, low-fat or unspeakably fattening, and they're paired with everything from apples to zucchini.To help with your spring entertaining, we've rounded up a slew of dips ranging from light and herby to rich and desserty. We even threw in a couple of baked casserole dips.
By Lisa Kawata and Lisa Kawata,SPECIAL TO THE SUN | August 12, 2004
The Melting Pot restaurant in Columbia offers a delectable dip into fine dining. So lush is its mood, service and cuisine that it is hard to believe that the popular fondue restaurant is part of a chain of franchises throughout the United States. The Melting Pot in Wilde Lake Village Center elevates the fondue pot to haute cuisine, offering a variety of cheese, meat and seafood, and chocolate fondues. Begin and end dinner with a specialty coffee, or sample one of the restaurant's 140 wines.
By Kate Shatzkin | May 2, 2007 This site from the California Avocado Commission has ideas for Cinco de Mayo entertaining, including a "Guacamole Central" page with plenty of recipes for the holiday's ubiquitous dip. Kate Shatzkin
August 28, 2014
I live a short distance away from Wabash Discount Liquors in Baltimore's Ashburton neighborhood. If you drive down Sequoia Street to Wabash Avenue heading toward Liberty Heights Avenue you can see and feel a large and very visible dip in the road. The dip is inverted, which leads me to think that the ground underneath is corroded and sinking in. And similar to the street collapse on East 26th Street, the road runs parallel to both the MTA and CSX tracks. My house and the whole neighborhood rumble when the CSX trains go by. Is that a coincidence or is it related to the dip on Wabash Avenue?
By Justin Fenton and Justin Fenton,Sun reporter | February 11, 2008
Anne Arundel County detectives investigating the fatal shooting of a Baltimore man in a neighborhood near Arundel Mills mall last month had two solid leads: In the minutes before his death, according to charging documents, Derrin Davon Thomas had been in contact with someone identified in his cell phone as Dip, and records showed Dip's phone had connected with nearby cell towers at the time of the killing. The next step was to figure out who Dip was. Detectives, tipped off that the shooter might have been from Prince George's County, turned to officers there, who searched a database of nicknames and other identifying features of known criminals and their associates.
By John Lindner, Special To The Baltimore Sun | August 14, 2011
Martha & Mary's stands along Reisterstown's bustling Main Street, a corridor packed with small shops offering everything from antiques to ski equipment. The strip bristles with signs. It's impossible to read them all while driving the posted speed. But this restaurant's name stands out in blue and white on a sign large enough to be seen for at least a couple of blocks. On days when weather permits outdoor dining, wrought-iron tables and chairs are topped with very visible canopy-class umbrellas.
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